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Read more: Becks Brasserie & Bar Osebro, Porsgrunn Photo: Christer L Sørensen


Becks Brasserie & Bar Osebro, Porsgrunn

The 260 year old house has been transformed into a beautiful restaurant both indoors and outdoors. With beautiful wiew over the river one can enjoy...
Read more: Jimmys Restaurant/Bar - PORSGRUNN


Jimmys Restaurant/Bar - PORSGRUNN

Restaurant / bar located in Porsgrunn. Many small meals. Has outdoor seating....
Read more: Exhibition: Living in a hybrid envoirement


Saturday 27 Sep 2014 to Sunday 02 Nov 2014

Exhibition: Living in a hybrid envoirement

Antero Kare (F), Ilkka Haso (F), Cecilia Jonsson (S)....
Read more: Exhibition - Morten Slettemeås


Saturday 15 Nov 2014 to Wednesday 31 Dec 2014

Exhibition - Morten Slettemeås

The paintings to Morten Slettemeås (1975) are monumentals, colorful and easily recognizable. He picks freely from both Albretcht Dürer, as from the...
Read more: Exhibition - Ingrid Torvund


Saturday 24 Jan 2015 to Sunday 15 Mar 2015

Exhibition - Ingrid Torvund

Kunsthall Grenland presenting the works of Ingrid Torvund, in collaboration with Sprite kunsthall in Skien. The exhibition will focus especially on...
Read more: Gea Norvegica Geopark, Porsgrunn Photo: Gea Norvegica Geopark


Gea Norvegica Geopark, Porsgrunn

Faults and zones of weakness South of Porsgrunn, across Frierfjorden and further into Bamble by Herre, there is an extensive fault, the results of a...
Read more: Gea Norvegica Geopark, Siljan Photo: Gea Norvegica, Siljan


Gea Norvegica Geopark, Siljan

Forested ridges and bare rock surfaces at Siljan Siljan is dominated by forested areas with knobby hills around a central valley, the Siljan valley....
Read more: Kulturhuset Ælvespeilet Photo: Marit Kleppe


Kulturhuset Ælvespeilet

The new and excellent culture house Ælvespeilet in Porsgrunn was officially opened on 24th August with a major event, both indoors and outdoors. The...
Read more: Eart Died Screaming


Friday 28 Nov 2014

Eart Died Screaming

(while I lay dreaming of Tom) - a tribute to Tom Waits. Tom Waits is a mythical icon for many. With such diverse backgrounds as jazz and metal, the...
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