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Read more: Flaggruten  Bergen - Stavanger Photo: Norled


Flaggruten Bergen - Stavanger

Stavanger - Bergen in 4 hours Flaggruten transports you quickly and comfortably between the two capitals of Western Norway ? from city centre to city...
Read more: Express boats in Sunnhordland Photo: Norled


Express boats in Sunnhordland

Norleds express boats can take you from Bergen directly to the many islands and exciting places around Sunnhordland. Ex. The historical Moster Amfi...
Read more: Bicycle trip combined with coastal cruise M/S Granvin Photo: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Bicycle trip combined with coastal cruise M/S Granvin

Combine your bicycle trip with a beautiful coastal cruise with the veteran vessel M/S Granvin! Bring your bicycle on the Vintage vessel and coastal...
Read more: The Mining Museum - Litlabø Photo: Tor Resser/Venelaget for gruvene


The Mining Museum - Litlabø

The mine at Litlabø was in operation from 1865 to 1968, and had the most up to 400 employees. In the old mining smithy the story is told through...
Read more: Guided fishing trips Photo: Langenuen.com


Guided fishing trips

The guide can teach you on shore, he can go with you on the boat and explain and show you the hot spots. All is possible on request and agreement....
Read more: Round trip along the mines in Litlabø Photo: Jan Morten Wiland Nesse


Round trip along the mines in Litlabø

Roundtrip at the Iron Pyrite Mines of Litlabø Location: Litlabø Map: Stord - Fitjar 1:50.000. Start and end point: The Mining Museum, Litlabø....
Effort level
  • Easy
  • 1 hour
  • Forest
Read more: Roundtrip: Leirvik - Fjellgardane (20km) Photo: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Roundtrip: Leirvik - Fjellgardane (20km)

A lovely walk through beautiful scenery and charming areas of housing development. Surface: Tarmac/gravel path Degree of difficulty; Average Length:...
Read more: Landåsen (4,5 km) Photo: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland


Landåsen (4,5 km)

Easy, short cycling trip suitable for families with small children. Degree of difficulty: Easy Length: 4.5 km Surface: Tarmac and gravel roads Max....
Read more: Sunnhordlandstunet - Leirvik Photo: Bjørn Arve Lunde


Sunnhordlandstunet - Leirvik

Sunnhordlandstunet farm, cluster is situated a few minutes´ walk up the hill from the centre of Leirvik, or by car from Sæ. It consist of eleven old...
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