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Nenset church

Nenset church is a long church from 1961 in Skien, Telemark county. The building is concrete and has 250 seats. Consecrated in 1997....
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Kilebygda church

Octagonal church built in 1859 in three with 300 seats. Architect G. Kongerød....
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Wednesday 05 Nov 2014

Brahms with friends

Gunilla Süssmann (piano), Atle Sponberg (violin), Lars Anders Land (viola) and Øystein Birkeland (cello) meet to perform Brahms whose music is full of...
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Saturday 01 Nov 2014

"Sinatra" with Christer Sjögren

One of Scandinavia's most popular entertainers, Christer Sjögren, sing one of the world's most popular songs, Frank Sinatra songs. Join Christer...
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Friday 07 Nov 2014

Alexx Alexxander Illusions

Experience the magic when illusionist Alexx Alexxander visit Ibsenhuset in Skien.  This is a spectacular, magical evening with a taste of Las Vegas!...
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Thursday 06 Nov 2014

Monica Heldal with band

Monica Heldal has made ​​great success in a very short time. Now she is one of Norways most upcoming artists. Peer Gynt-room, small tables and bar,...
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Skien Touristinformation

The Touristinformation in Skien is located in The Service senter in the middle of the town. The office is open Monday - Friday from 9.00 am - 4.00...
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Svanstul/Luksefjell recreation Area

Luksefjell and Svanstul in hthe northernmost part of Skien, boasts guaranteed snow, providing opportunities to ski from November to April in the highes mountain areas.
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Snipetorp, SKIEN

Snipetorp is situated below Brekkeparken and is Skiens oldest suburb with timber houses. This suburb in the slopes of the eastern side of the centre...
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