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Read more: Langesund Seafood & Fishing Festival


Friday 01 Aug 2014 to Sunday 03 Aug 2014

Langesund Seafood & Fishing Festival

A festival steeped in tradition that brings together 200-300 anglers from all over the world to try their luck at fishing in Langesund. The festival...
Read more: Hagefestivalen


Friday 01 Aug 2014 to Saturday 02 Aug 2014


Wrightegaarden in Langesund announces their own festival; Hagefestivalen. Participants; Highasakite, Oslo Ess, Onkl P og de fjerne slektningene,...
Read more: Motorhome parking, Langesund Bad Photo: Langesund Bad


Motorhome parking, Langesund Bad

Approx. 2 km from port of Langesund and 700 m from city center, the hotel Langesund Bad is situated. Here it's opportunity to park for motorhomes....


The Olav-church ruin

The Olav church ruin (Skeidi church) are the ruins of a stone church built before 1150 in Bamble. The church was probably about four feet longer...
Read more: Herre church - BAMBLE Photo: herre kirke


Herre church - BAMBLE

Herre Church is a broad church which was built in 1905. It's made of wood in the stave church style. The architect was H. Børve from Porsgrunn. It...


Trail around Stokkevannet

The trail around Stokkevannet is adapted and checked Rugtvedt and Stokke well. Stokkevannet is an idyllic water after the ice age was below sea...
  • 2 hours
Read more: Langesund Bad - BAMBLE Photo: Langesund Bad


Langesund Bad - BAMBLE

Langesund bad has traditions dating back to 1898 and is known for its history, quality and great location facing the sea....
Read more: Quality Hotel & Resort Skjærgården - LANGESUND Photo: Quality Hotel & Resort Skjærgården
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Quality Hotel & Resort Skjærgården - LANGESUND

Our resort is located at the very furthest point of the beautiful Langesund skerry archipelago, with direct access to a 4000 square meter indoor and...
Read more: Cycling along the coast of Grenland Photo: Christer L Sørensen


Cycling along the coast of Grenland

Grenland has a long, varied and fascinating coastline stretching from Bamble in the south to Porsgrunn in the north. Enjoy cycling on quiet rural...
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