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Read more: Thursday-night at SKMU - Sørlandets kunstmuseum ( Artmuseum )

Kristiansand S

Thursday 28 Aug 2014 to Thursday 27 Nov 2014

Thursday-night at SKMU - Sørlandets kunstmuseum ( Artmuseum )

Welcome to SKMU - Sørlandets Kunstmuseum - the last Thursday in month from 17.00-21.00.
Read more: Randøya Photo: Anders Martinsen(c)Visit Kristiansand AS

Kristiansand S


Østre Randøya (previously Randøya Fort) is a magnificent recreation area with smooth rocks ideal for sunbathing, a sheltered bay and excellent paths for walking.
Read more: Grønberg Sport Photo: Grønberg Sport

Kristiansand S

Grønberg Sport

Grønberg Sport is one of Norway’s largest speciality shops for fishing.
Read more: Thon Hotel Wergeland Photo: Thon Hotel Wergeland

Kristiansand S

Thon Hotel Wergeland

Situated in the heart of Kristiansand, with the Wergeland Park, the cathedral and the market as its nearest neighbours. The hotel is only one block away from Markens, the most popular shopping street in Kristiansand.
Read more: Herlig Land Restaurant Photo: Anders Martinsen(c)Visit Kristiansand AS

Kristiansand S

Herlig Land Restaurant

Herlig Land is the town's meeting place for good food and drink. The place that enriches the lives of all who appreciate a night out in merry company. We are a mix of restaurant, café and bar.
Read more: Hertz Car Rental Kjevik Photo: Hertz


Hertz Car Rental Kjevik

Hertz Car Rental has two offices in Kristiansand. A department at the airport Kjevik and a department at Sørlandsparken appr. 12km from down town Kristiansand.

Kristiansand S

Dolly Dimple's Sørlandsparken

Dolly Dimple's is one of the largest restaurant chains and it is not without reason that there are many who are "hooked" on the Dolly good taste.
Read more: Christmas in Kristiansand - Opening

Kristiansand S

Sunday 07 Dec 2014

Christmas in Kristiansand - Opening

Christmas in town - Today there wil be a great opening show at Nedre Torv.  The city of Kristiansand is filled with beautiful and colourful Christmas decorations. The shops are open from 14 untill 18.
Read more: Winter Stolstice at Odderøya Photo: Midt-Agder Friluftsråd

Kristiansand S

Sunday 21 Dec 2014

Winter Stolstice at Odderøya

Walking at beautiful Odderøya.
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