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Kristiansand S

Saturday 27 Sep 2014

Morten Harket - Brother-Tour

Morten Harket - Brother-tour - 27.09 at Kilden!
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Kristiansand S

Tuesday 30 Sep 2014

Consert: Liedersongs and arias

Liedersongs and arias at Kilden. Consert with Sissel Irene Sødal and Trygve Trædal.
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Kristiansand S

Wednesday 24 Sep 2014

Dance performance - Carte Blanche - Not here/not ever

The award-winning Tibetan from China, choreographer Sang Jijia, has made ​​an exiting, complex and beautiful performance for ten dancers.
Read more: Kristiansand Canon Museum Photo: Trygve E. Tønnessen

Kristiansand S

Kristiansand Canon Museum

A historical defence museum that features a heavy German coastal defence battery from 1940-45, with the world's largest land-based cannon (337 tonnes). Plenty of other material from WWII. Sale of military surplus material. Viewpoint. In the vicinity of hiking areas and bathing places.
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Kristiansand S

Måltid i Agder

MÅLTID offers a culinary experience based on local ingredients, so called "short-travelled food". These ingredients are not industrially fabricated,...
3 courses menu: kr. 300-400
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Kardemomme By

Abra Havn

Abra Havn is a pirate town where you can spend the night. The home of the one and only "Kaptein Sabeltann"
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Kardemomme By

Dyreparken - Zoo

Great for adults, even greater for children! With animals, entertainment, activities and experiences for the whole family, Dyreparken is the destination you just have to visit.
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Kristiansand S

Thon Hotel Kristiansand

Central hotel with short distance to all of the city’s facilities.
Read more: Cykling to the Cannon Museum Photo: Kristiansand Kanonmuseum

Kristiansand S

Cykling to the Cannon Museum

The road out towards the Cannon Museum follows along the highway where you can make detours to other objects of interest.
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