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Find providers and contact information Attractions & Culture in Brønnøy

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Read more: Cavepaintings Photo: Erlend Haarberg



Cave paintings - in the Skåren-Monsen caves 6 km south of Brønnøysund. The paintings consist of 5 animal figures painted in red colouring (hematite)...
Read more: Brønnøy Church Photo: Magnar Solbakk


Brønnøy Church

The church incorporates a choir wall and entrance that date back to the Middle Ages. Located in Brønnøysund town centre....
Read more: Nevernes Havn Photo: Nevernes Havn


Nevernes Havn

Nevernes Havn - Centre for coastal culture in Helgeland. A multicentre presenting local traditions within agriculture and fishing trades. Situated in...
Read more: Nevernes Harbour Photo: Nevernes Havn


Nevernes Harbour

Permanent exhibition of objects and photographs, exhibition on World War II, special summer exhibition, theme days, etc. Information on Lomsdal-Visten...
Read more: Ellen's Shop & Gallery Trappen Photo: Destination Helgeland


Ellen's Shop & Gallery Trappen

Gallery Trappen and Ellen's shop, situated in Trælnes about 25 km south of Brønnøysund, exhibit and sell large textile art works, as well as textile...
Read more: Hildurs Urterarium Photo: Hildurs Urterarium


Hildurs Urterarium

Enjoy a walk in the garden, and then a meal in the summer café. Hildurs Urterarium is a proud member of Arctic Menu. Private parties in Sagastua by...
Read more: Norsk Havbrukssenter AS -  Experience farmed fish close up!


Norsk Havbrukssenter AS - Experience farmed fish close up!

Fish farming is one of Norway's most important industries. We have a big fruitful coast, and the conditions in the sea lays good for environmentally...
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