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Viewpoints Borgsjåbrotet.

Viewpoints Borgsjåbrotet. 1485 meters above sea level. Borgsjåbrotet is the highest viewpoint in Nore and Uvdal municipality. This mountain is also a...


Trillemarka Nature Reserve

In central part of eastern Norway, on the border between Sigdal and Numedal valleys, you can find the last of the last big wilderness forest areas of...


Fauskodammen Culture Park

Fauskodammen Culture Park The park consists of a diverse cultural heritage environment with traces of floating timber, charcoal burning, iron product...


Mountain top hiking to Høghovda

Mountain top hiking to Høghovda. 1302 meters above sea level. Great mountain top east of the Uvdal between Uvdal and Raudsjødalen. The summit has grea...


Mountain top hiking to Eidsfjell

Mountain top hiking to Eidsfjell. 1333 meters above sea level The highest of the peaks on the west side of the Nore Fjord / Kravik fjord. From the ca...


The Kjerrat-path

You can walk along the path of the old timber-transport system. The height difference froom lake Steinsfjorden to the last house is around 400 metres....


Esso forrest

Walking trails, nature trails, stoney beach, grass fields. Safety area for the Esso Refinery. Smoking forbidden in the forest....

Os i Østerdalen

Forollhogna National Park

Forollhogna offers a continuous high mountain region and gentle valley sides, which are often referred to as ‘The kind mountains’. Norway’s most produc...


Bjøreggene nature reserve

The natural formations om the east side of the river Glåma north of Tolga are traces of the two glacier lakes Upper and Lower Glåmsjø....
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