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Read more: Open museum: Karmsund civic museum Photo: https://www.google.no/search?hl=no&site=imghp&tbm=isch&sourc


Friday 04 Oct 2013 to Sunday 31 Aug 2014

Open museum: Karmsund civic museum


Thursday 31 Jul 2014

Trubadur Bjørn Hunt - Summer at Tregde Marina

Summer at Tregde Marina. Entertaining - seafood - tapas Reservation: 38 26 88 00 / eila@tregdeferie.no 399,- pr. pers.  3.7 kl 19.00: Jahn Lengervik...
Read more: Hidra Ferry Photo: Adam Read Visit Sørlandet


Hidra Ferry

The Hidra Ferry operates everyday of the year transporting people and cars from Flekkefjord to Hidra. The departure point from the mainland is from...
Read more: Art exhibition at Eddas Låve Photo: TareTv


Saturday 02 Aug 2014 to Saturday 09 Aug 2014

Art exhibition at Eddas Låve

Read more: Cabin at Hågåsen viewpoint in Hidra Photo: Hanne Feyling


Cabin at Hågåsen viewpoint in Hidra

Beside the Hågåsen fort on Hidra are two lookout cabins painted in bright colours that visitors can use. Art installation by Solveig Egelnad. "How...
Read more: Checkpoint: Helldorado + Johnny Hootrock (US)


Saturday 02 Aug 2014

Checkpoint: Helldorado + Johnny Hootrock (US)

No information in English is available, please see the Norwegian version of this...
Read more: Exhibition: The Way I see it Bergen Photo: Kristjan Logason


Thursday 19 Jun 2014 to Thursday 21 Aug 2014

Exhibition: The Way I see it Bergen

The way I see it Bergen is a mirror of life in central Bergen. The photographer Kristjan Logason chooses to take a moment out of the context from the...
Read more: Skeikampen Rundt (13 km) Photo: Skeikampen Resort


Skeikampen Rundt (13 km)

This roundtrip is one of the best skiing experiences at Skeikampen. When the weather is good, climb to the highest point and enjoy some gentle...
Read more: Espedalen, Cross Country Skiing Photo: Strand Fjellstue


Espedalen, Cross Country Skiing

The trails run through a spectacular scenery ranging from pine forests down in the valley to breathtaking mountain terrain with the Ruten peak at...
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