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"Monen" - house in Holum

Høgetveits Naturcamp is the perfect choice when you need a relaxing holiday, far away from the stress and strain of everyday life.


Vangsjøen Mountain Lodge

The Vangsjøen mountain lodge is located 940 m.s.l. in the municipality of Øystre Slidre. This is a beautiful mountainous area where you can sit back a...


Fossdal Gård Farm

Fossdal Gård (farm) offer four log cabins for hire with stunning river and moutain views.


Det Røde Huset

("The red house") Charming renovated timber cottage right on the seaside


Stordalen Fjellstove

In the midst of a wonderful hiking terrain - just 1.5 hours drive from Bergen, you will find Stordalen Fjellstue ("lodge" in english) in Masfjorden....
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Heidal - N31075

Cosy cottage on the owners farm with a beautiful view of the Jotumheim mountains. Marked trails in both summer and winter. Fishing in the Sjoa river.
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Risør - N36554

Lovely holiday home in an idyllic cottage area near Hammeren. The house, which lies in a quiet spot in a beautiful little bay, is very well equipped. Good swimming and not far to the charming town of Risr where there are art galleries, restaurants, various cultual activities and annual festivals such as the Wooden Boat Festival and the Chamber Music Festival. It is also not far to other south coast towns such as Krager, Tvedestrand and Lyngør. The hot tub on the terrace is not available. Neighbour: 10m.
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Lyngdal/Surtevann - N36004

A very pretty vacation home with nice & fancy interior, located peacefully close to a small lake. On the big terrace, leading all around the house, you can relax & sunbathe - and just enjoy the life! Outside the house, there is a lavvu (big tent) which you also may use. The owner has the right to fish in three small nearby lakes, at each of which there is a boat. This region has a rich fauna containing i.a. elk & deer, and in the water there are beaver lodges. Nice hiking terrain. Visit the cosy town Lyngdal and the lighthouse Lindesnes (Norway's oldest).
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Hafslo - N23807

One of seven similar cottages on the Kvamshaugen farm by Hafslovatnet lake in Luster. Central base for excursions to Urnes Stave Church, Nigard glacier, Sognefjellet etc. Trout fishing in lakes and rivers in the area. 5 minutes by car to the fjord where you can also fish. The farm is no longer in use, but some animals are still kept to give it the right atmosphere. Good and safe place for children. The cottages are fairly simple but offer a lovely place for a holiday in very pleasant surroundings. Shared boat and canoe can be hired. Owner: 40 m. The sleeping alcove in the living room is screened by curtains. Neighbour to N23805 and N23806.
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