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Richard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose

A one-hour special about Norway, from American Public Television, will air on local PBS stations across America throughout 2009 and 2010.

Visitors' recommendations in Flåm

- There were many highlights on the train journey with the Flåm Railway. Kjosfossen waterfall was breathtaking, says Anne Heimann from Germany.

Visitors' recommendations in Oslo

- It's fantastic that you can take your skis on the metro, travel up to Holmenkollen and go skiing, says Anne-Marie Kefi from France.

Visitors' recommendations in Hemsedal

- We drove the Panorama Road from Hemsedal to Ål, which was a beautiful and very scenic tour, says Jon Erik Heeremann from Holland.

Visitors' recommendations in the Sognefjord area

- The best experience I had was the walk up to Molden, because of the view of Jotunheimen, says Alan Barber, on vacation in Norway.

Visitors' recommendations in Geilo

- River rafting at Dagali was our best experience, says the Møldrup family, on vacation in Norway.
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