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Spring Festivals and Events in Norway

Spring in Norway can be the tail end of winter or the beginning of summer, and all sorts of events and festivals take place in March, April and May.

Music Festivals in Norway

From Kristiansand in the south to Svalbard in the North, here are some of the top music festivals, large and small, taking place in Norway this year.

Typically Norwegian: Music festivals

Whether they celebrate Edvard Grieg or black metal, Sami or Viking heritage - these music festivals are as unique as they are Norwegian.


Especially the largest cities offer classical music festivals. The chamber music festivals in Oslo and Trondheim are recommended.

Folk and Country

Fiddle music and dancing dominate the old Norwegian folk music tradition. Find a concert or festival to learn more about the genre.

Church and Choir

Choose among several international church music festivals taking place in Norway in 2014.

Jazz and Blues

There are many concert scenes and festivals for jazz and blues in Norway. The jazz festivals in Molde and Kongsberg are among the most popular.

Pop and Rock

Top international names stand in line to perform with the hottest Norwegian artists at the many pop and rock festivals in Norway.

Summer Festivals and Events in Norway

Summer in Norway can be a spectacle to behold, with a great many exciting festivals and events taking place in June, July and August every year.

Fall Festivals and Events in Norway

Visit Norway in the autumn and you'll find lots of festivals and events taking place in the country in September, October and November each year.

Winter Festivals and Events in Norway

Winter in Norway can be a busy time for visitors, with all the festivals and events taking place in December, January and February every year.

Music festivals in Southern Norway

Southern Norway is famous for many music festivals in the summer season. Everything from rock, metal, chamber music and beach parties.

Kilden Performing Arts Centre in Kristiansand

Kilden Performing Arts Centre is located on the waterfront in Kristiansand. Kilden is a monumental landmark building for the arts in Southern Norway.
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