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The county of Telemark is known for its canal, old farms, the mountain region around Gaustatoppen and the friendly coastline outside Kragerø.

The Telemark Canal

The Telemark canal is a 105-kilometre long watercourse taking you from Skien to Dalen.

Hiking in Grenland

The Coastal Path in Bamble is popular, as is the hike to Ulvskollen in Skien, but there are many other options if you want to walk in Grenland.

Top attractions in Telemark

Enjoy a cruise on the Telemark Canal, visit Norway's largest stave church, or hike to the top of Telemark's highest mountain, Gaustatoppen.

Top winter destinations and activities in Telemark

The county of Telemark in Southern Norway is known as the cradle of skiing, and is the largest ski region in the country.

Key facts about Telemark

Telemark is a county offering costal towns and archipelago, waving hills, fjord country and mountain plateaus.

Getting to Telemark and around

Telemark in Southern Norway is crossed by two highways, making travel easy between attractions and to Europe, Oslo and the fjords.

Where to stay in Telemark

Stay at Dalen Hotel, voted Norway's best at TripAdvisor, or choose between our other recommedations, from mountain lodges or farmhouses to campsites.

Tour suggestions in Telemark

Telemark can be explored by car, boat or bicycle, but the various means of transport can also be combined to give you the full Telemark experience.

Top summer activities in Telemark

Enjoy a cruise on the Telemark Canal, visit Norway's largest waterpark in Bø, or go cycling, hiking or paddling in Telemark's varied landscape.

Tourist information in Telemark

The tourist information offices in Telemark are at your service for trip planning and booking.
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