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Norwegian golfer Suzann Pettersen - Photo: Getty Images
Norwegian golfer Suzann Pettersen Photo: Getty Images

Suzann Pettersen's top 10 travel suggestions in Norway

Norwegian golf star Suzann Pettersen travels the world but thinks few places compare to Norway. Lofoten, Oslo and Brekkestø are among her favorites.

Suzann "Tutta" Pettersen is ranked as one of the world's best female golfers and was recently invited by president Barack Obama to a friendly game. This globetrotter keeps choosing Norway for her vacation. Here are her favorite destinations.

1. There's no place like….Oslo

The first thing Suzann does when she comes home is to go for a jog in the forest paths of Oslo´s Nordmarka area near to her childhood home to the north of the city. Afterwards she hops onto her bike and cycles to the sea or perhaps to one of the urban cafes in Bogstadveien in the Western part of Oslo. – Its that feeling of having easy access by tram or bicycle to both forest wilderness and islands that's so fascinating with Oslo, she says. A perfect day can be rounded off with some Asian food at Hanami in one of Oslo's newest districts Tjuvholmen.

2. Four seasons in a day in Lofoten

After visiting Lofoten in Northern Norway, Suzann was captivated by this island kingdom. – I was fascinated by the constantly shifting light, atmosphere and the raw nature which seems to offer all four seasons in a single day. In addition there are all the different activities you can do. We clambered up some mountains as well as set to sea in a RIB boat. Next time she hopes to experience Lofoten in winter clothing with skis on her feet.

3. Summer memories from Brekkestø

Norwegian summers are forever associated with Sørlandet for Suzann, who has spent many summers at the family cabin at Brekkestø. – No matter how white and long the beaches are in other parts of the world, they still don't beat the combination of shrimps on the jetty, ice cream and a nearby swim. At Sørlandskysten the picturesque white village of Tvedestrand is a favorite, and Suzann recommends traveling there if possible by boat.

4. Ski kicks at Geilo

Sporty Suzann, like many Norwegians, grew up with skis on her feet and one of her strongest childhood memories is skiing at Geilo, a resort where she says she more or less lived on the slopes. Norway has many good ski destinations, but Geilo still remains a favorite.

5. Besseggen

Making the classic Norwegian pilgrimage to Besseggen in Jotunheimen is also an experience that has stayed with Suzann. Like many visitors to this area, Suzann started her journey by boat from Gjendesheim to Memurubu. “I do actually have a fear of heights so getting to the top of Besseggen was a challenge, but I hung on as best I could on the way up, and the view from the top made it all worthwhile”.

6. Pro Golf tips

As a child Suzann lived close to the golf course at Bogstad, which has been celebrated as the best in Norway, but she also has other golf clubs on her list. Larvik Golf Club is a very good course to play on with challenges for players of all levels of ability. Suzann also makes time for a round of golf at Lofoten Links when she visits Lofoten. – The most amazing thing is how the course sits so naturally in the landscape, an that you can actually play golf under the midnight sun. Its completely different to the “perfect”courses you find in the United States, this golf course by the sea is an experience in itself, she says. She also enjoys Borre Golf Course just outside Horten, which is also well positioned for a nature-meets-culture experience as it is close to Semb Herregård as well as Randsfjorden Golfpark.

7. Natural awakening at Runde

A school trip in the 9th grade opened young Suzann's eyes for what her own country could really offer. – We traveled to the island of Runde just outside Ålesund which is known for its bird mountain and west coast nature. This environment made a strong and lasting impact on the nature loving young girl from Oslo

8. Suzann's 17 May

Even if there is rarely time available to celebrate Norway's national day on 17 May at home in Norway, this Oslo girl has kept alive a number of 17 May traditions she would like to share. – I never get tired of telling Americans about 17 May and my own tradition of watching the children's parade on Karl Johan from the vantage point of the Grand Hotel in Oslo, explains Suzann.

9. On two wheels 

The road racing cycle that Suzann keeps at home in Florida is still pretty unused. However Suzann does cycle often in the forests around Oslomarka. – I've also been recommended Hafjell Bike Park and think its great that ski destinations have made it possible for cyclists to use the slopes at places like Vierli, Hemsedal, Vrådal and Hafjell in the summer. 

10. Sleep like Suzann

Even if she hasn't slept there herself, Suzann is proud to have her own room at Grand Hotel in Oslo, where famous Norwegian women have had their own room dedicated to them on Ladies floor. – I like country chic style and the way the room has been decorated absolutely represents me and my tastes, concludes Suzann. In the room you will also find one of her golf bags as well as a putting mat, golf club and balls, should you feel the need for a little practice during your stay.

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Last updated:  2013-07-18
 - Photo: Frithjof Fure/www.visitnorway.com
 - Photo: Chris Arnesen - Visitnorway.com
 - Photo: Snorre Pedersen/Hafjell

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Norwegian golfer Suzann Pettersen - Photo: Getty Images

Suzann Pettersen's top 10 travel suggestions in Norway

Norwegian golf star Suzann Pettersen travels the world but thinks few places compare to Norway. Lofoten, Oslo and Brekkestø are among her favorites.

Suzann Pettersen's top 10 travel suggestions in Norway

Source: Visitnorway

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