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Hurtigruten on the way to Geiranger, Norway - Photo: Kastner Reinhard - Guest image
Hurtigruten on the way to Geiranger, Norway Photo: Kastner Reinhard - Guest image

Classic and short voyages

The Classic Roundtrip Voyage with Hurtigruten is a 12 day journey, but there are also shorter options available.

A journey with Hurtigruten is characterised by the dramatic landscape, the 34 ports en route and the unique atmosphere that stems from the 120-year long history of the fleet. There is no better way to experience Norway’s iconic coastline.

Once you have selected your Hurtigruten voyage, you have a number of arrival and departure options depending on where your journey starts and ends. You also have a choice of departure airports.

The Classic Roundtrip Voyage; Bergen - Kirkenes - Bergen, 12 days
This is the ultimate voyage with Hurtigruten, covering over 2,500 nautical miles. The ship visits the 34 ports twice, so if you miss anything going north you have a second chance on the voyage south.

The Classic Norwegian Discovery; Bergen - Kirkenes - Trondheim, 11 days
This voyage combines many highlights of the Classic Roundtrip Voyage. From Bergen, you cross the Arctic Circle twice, pass the North Cape, visit the turning point of Kirkenes and finish in the medieval city of Trondheim.

The Classic Voyage North; Bergen - Kirkenes, 7 days
From the iconic, sheltered waters of Bergen, you sail towards the border town of Kirkenes. En route you will experience the wonders of Arctic Norway.

The Classic Voyage South; Kirkenes - Bergen, 6 days
The highlights include sailing through the beautiful Vesterålen and Lofoten Islands in daylight, the Seven Sisters mountain range and the Torghatten Mountain, with its legendary hole in the middle.

Fjords, the Lofoten Islands and Paris of the North; Bergen – Tromsø, 5 days 
Experience the spectacular fjords, the beautiful coast of Helgeland and a RIB boat safari in Lofoten. Enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and delicious food. 

Lively Tromsø, the Lofoten Islands and the Magnificent Coast; Tromsø – Bergen, 4 days
On this four days journey you will see the beautiful Lofoten Islands, the mythical coast of Helgeland, the Atlantic road and a visit to the UNESCO islands Vega.

North Cape and magical Finnmark; Tromsø-Kirkenes-Tromsø, 4 days
On this journey you can visit small coastal communities, take in the exotic natural environment along the Arctic coast as well as a visit to the North Cape.

Fjords, sheltered areas and big cities; Trondheim – Bergen, 2 days
On this two-day voyage you visit the big cities along the Norwegian coast with beautiful fjords and sheltered areas. 

Port to port flexibility

Hurtigruten is perfect for shorter breaks. Imagine relaxing for a few days with excellent food and service, spending your time on deck or in the panorama lounge admiring the stunning scenery as you sail gently along the Norwegian coastline. With airports at most bigger cities and ports – and 34 ports of call available, there are plenty of possible combinations, including a tailor-made ‘port to port’ voyage. You can even bring your car and explore the beautiful scenery as part of a road-trip. 

Pre and post voyage programmes

Take the opportunity to see more of Norway’s scenery by adding a few extra nights before or after your voyage with Hurtigruten. Perhaps you want to explore the Norwegian fjords and mountains, or experience life in Oslo or Bergen. Hurtigruten also offers stunning round trips such as “Norway in a nutshell” or “Sognefjord in a nutshell”. If you plan to visit in the winter, you can spend a night in a hotel made entirely from snow and ice.

Last updated:  2013-05-29
Hurtigruten at dock in Ålesund, Norway - Photo: Terje Borud/Innovation Norway
Hurtigruten at dock in Ålesund, Norway
Hurtigruten MS Nordlys in Svolvær - Photo: Trym Ivar Bergsmo
Hurtigruten MS Nordlys in Svolvær
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Hurtigruten on the way to Geiranger, Norway - Photo: Kastner Reinhard - Guest image

Classic and short voyages

The Classic Roundtrip Voyage with Hurtigruten is a 12 day journey, but there are also shorter options available.

Classic and short voyages

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Explore authentic Norway with Hurtigruten

A Hurtigruten voyage is arguably the best way to experience Norway. Discover fjords, waterways and ports that other ships cannot reach.

Go on a cruise with Hurtigruten

Witness stunning scenery with Hurtigruten along the Norwegian coast. Travel the entire voyage from Bergen to Kirkenes, or hop on and off as you wish.

Four seasons with Hurtigruten

Every season has its charm; the northern lights in winter, the Arctic awakening in spring, the midnight sun in summer and the vivid colors in fall.


A journey with the iconic Hurtigruten offers the best views at a gentle pace – it is the ideal way to discover Norway’s varied coastal landscape.

Experience Norway's celebrated 'Hurtigruten Route'

While big cruises only scratch the surface of Norway’s rugged coastline, Hurtigruten travels a vibrant, stunningly beautiful coastal route.

Go on a northern lights voyage with Hurtigruten

One of the best places to see the northern lights is from the deck of a Hurtigruten ship. Read about their Travel Offers.

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