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Kystriksveien, a breathtaking tourist road, offers 650 kilometers of unique coastal landscape.

Plan your trip along Kystriksveien

Olav Breen

Ferries / transportation

The car ferries and expressboats along Kystriksveien are operated by four different companies. Plan your trip.

Terje Rakke

Tourist information along Kystriksveien

The tourist information center in Steinkjer will help you book accommodation and plan a tailor-made itinerary for your trip along Kystriksveien.

Olav Breen

About Kystriksveien

Kystriksveien from Steinkjer to Bodø is believed by many to be the world’s most beautiful tourist route.

Kystriksveien Reiseliv

Tour suggestions

Enjoy the nature up close and visit some of the small, idyllic coastal communities. Peace and quiet best characterize a trip along Kystriksveien.

Kystriksveien Reiseliv

Kystriksveien travel guide

The travel guide is a must for anyone visiting Kystriksveien. This annual guide has information on what to see, where to stay and how to get around.

Tour suggestions

Kystriksveien Reiseliv

Tour suggestion along Kystriksveien

Spend at least five days when driving from Steinkjer to Bodø.



Travel Kystriksveien by public transportation. Tour suggestions for the entire Coastal Route and tours with a theme: walking, kayaking or cycling.

Erlend Haarberg

Cycling along Kystriksveien

Embark on a trek along the entire Kystriksveien route, take a short day trip, or enjoy a weekend trip with friends and family on your bicycle.

Erlend Haarberg

Hiking: De Syv Søstre (the Seven Sisters)

As one of Kystriksveiens most popular natural attractions, the Seven Sisters mountain range offers spectacular views and great hiking terrain.

Explore Kystriksveien

Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/IN

What to do along Kystriksveien

The best place for fishing along Kystriksveien is Saltstraumen. Hiking and biking are other popular activities.

Olav Breen

Attractions along Kystriksveien

Visit the UNESCO protected Vega Archipelago, stop at the Coastal Museum in Rørvik and climb one of Norway's most famous landmarks, Torghatten.

Kystriksveien Reiseliv

Where to stay along Kystriksveien

Stay in a historic hotel or in a remote fishermen's cabin along Kystriksveien. But whatever type of accommodation you choose, book well in advance.

Olav Søla

Eating along Kystriksveien

You will find many places offering good food along Kystriksveien, from fine dining restaurants to corner shops selling local produce.

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