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The Coastal Museum Norveg and Hurtigruten (The Norwegian Coastal Voyage) in Rørvik, Norway - Photo: Kystriksveien Reiseliv
The Coastal Museum Norveg and Hurtigruten (The Norwegian Coastal Voyage) in Rørvik, Norway Photo: Kystriksveien Reiseliv

Tour suggestion along Kystriksveien

Spend at least five days when driving from Steinkjer to Bodø.

Most people travel Kystriksveien by car or by bike, and below is a tour-suggestion for a five-day trip by car. You will find further suggestions for hiking and cycling tours along Kystriksveien at kystriksveien.no.

To plan the trip below, you will need to get familiar with the ferry-timetables.

Day 1: Steinkjer – Rørvik

Visit Egge Museum in Steinkjer, which was the starting point of the rebellion against the Norwegian king Olav II, known as St. Olav, in 1030. Also visit Steinkjer Church and view some amazing stained-glass paintings by the Norwegian artist Jacob Weidemann, who grew up in Steinkjer.

Make a stop in Namdalseid between Steinkjer and Namsos and visit the small gallery and gift shop På Hjørnet. Along the route you will find several artists and farm shops offering special local products. Read more about shopping and art along Kystriksveien

In Namsos you can visit the mountain Klompen for a great view over the fjord, the town and the salmon river Namsen. From Namsos, follow the road fv. 769. It will bring you all the way to Rørvik. Along the way you will take the ferry between Lund and Hofles. 

In Rørvik you can visit The Coastal Museum Norveg, which describes 10,000 years of local history. Make sure to visit the old trade post Berggården as well.

Total driving time including one ferry crossing:

  • Steinkjer – Namsos: 70 minutes
  • Namsos – Rørvik: 1 hour and 45 minutes 

Day 2: Rørvik – Brønnøysund

Drive eastwards from Rørvik until you come to fv. 17, then go north to Holm. This ferry crossing (approximately 20 minutes) takes you to Vennesund. You have now arrived on the coast of Helgeland and Sømna municipality. 

Along the road just past the hamlet of Berg, you come to an interesting little ceramics workshop and a textile workshop. The day's final destination is Torghatten Mountain, which you get to by driving to Brønnøysund and across the Brønnøysund Bridge and over to the island. The walk up to the famous hole takes about 30 minutes each way along a nice path. On the way out to Torghatten you may visit a modern fish farm facility - an industry which is an important part of the economy in the coastal areas. 

Total driving time including ferry crossings:

  • Rørvik - Holm: 90 minutes
  • Ferry Holm - Vennesund: 25 minutes
  • Vennesund - Torghatten: 70 minutes

Day 3: Brønnøysund – Dønna

Return to Brønnøysund from Torghatten and head north along fv. 17 to Horn. But first, stop at Hildurs Urterarium – a nice herb garden with a chance for guided tours and a visit to the garden shop.

Take the ferry from Horn to Anndalsvåg and after a short drive you come to Forvik, from which you take the ferry to Tjøtta. You can enjoy freshly roasted coffee at Kaffebrenneriet the coffee roasting factory) at the old trading post just beside the ferry quay. The local museum next to Forvik is worth a visit.

From Tjøtta you will head north towards Alstahaug. Just past the ferry landing at Tjøtta is the site of the Tjøtta International War Cemetery from World War II. The Petter Dass Museum and Church are located on Alstahaug. Be sure to join a guided tour and perhaps take a walk to the wharf to visit the local café. 

Continue your drive in to Sandnessjøen where you can take the ferry out to the island of Dønna. The ferry departs from Sandnessjøen town centre and takes you out to Bjørn on Dønna. Drive from Bjørn out to the northern tip of the island to Dønnes. Dønnes Church, Dønnes Farm and Dønnes Mountain are situated here.

Total driving time including ferry crossings:

  • Brønnøysund - Horn: 40 minutes
  • Ferry Horn - Anndalsvåg: 20 minutes
  • Anndalsvåg - Forvik: 20 minutes
  • Ferry Forvik - Tjøtta: 60 minutes
  • Tjøtta - Sandnessjøen: 40 minutes
  • Ferry Sandnessjøen - Bjørn (Dønna): 30 minutes
  • Bjørn - Dønnes: 30 minutes

Day 4: Dønna – Glomfjord

The first leg of today's trip is your return to Sandnessjøen where you will proceed north on fv. 17. The impressive Helgeland Bridge is located just north of Sandnessjøen. Just before the bridge, there is a sculpture entitled "Vindenes Hus" (House of the Winds), which is one of several elements of Artscape Nordland.

Once you reach Levang you will take the ferry to Nesna. This route will take you over the Sjonfjellet Mountain, offering one of Kystriksveien's most impressive viewpoints. The landscape north of Sjonfjellet Mountain is characterised by fjords, mountains and scattered settlements.

A few hundred metres north of Stokkvågen ferry quay is the site of Grønsvik Fortress, which is a nice place to stop. Here you can stroll around the World War II German fortress and enjoy the view. Driving further north will take you through Aldersundet and a fabulous landscape.

The ferry from Kilboghamn over to Jektvik takes 60 minutes, during which you will cross the Arctic Circle. Continue your drive from Jektvik to Ågskardet and take this route's final ferry over to Forøy. From here you will drive to Glomfjord. The road between Forøy and Glomfjord will take you along the Holandfjord, offering a view towards Svartisen, mainland Norway’s second largest glacier.

Total driving time including ferry crossings:

  • Dønnes - Bjørn: 30 minutes
  • Ferry Bjørn - Sandnessjøen: 30 minutes
  • Sandnessjøen - Levang: 30 minutes
  • Ferry Levang - Nesna: 30 minutes
  • Nesna - Kilboghamn: 90 minutes
  • Ferry Kilboghamn - Jektvik: 60 minutes
  • Jektvik - Ågskardet: 30 minutes
  • Ferry Ågskardet - Forøy: 10 minutes
  • Forøy - Glomfjord: 45 minutes

Day 5: Glomfjord – Bodø

Drive north from Glomfjord to Ørnes and continue towards Gildeskål. Just north of Reipå, you will pass Grensen (a memorial statue commemorating the sinking of the World War II submarine "Uredd"), which is also a spectacular view point. Just past this site you will come to Storvika, the most impressive rest area along Kystriksveien.

Look for the sign indicating Inndyr at the Skaugvold junction and exit here if you wish to visit the old church at Gildeskål. A guided tour is recommended.

The trip continues via ferry from Sund to Horsdal. Drive across Sandhornøy Island and back onto fv. 17. From here you continue to Saltstraumen, the world's strongest maelstrom.

Total driving time including ferry crossings:

  • Glomfjord - Inndyr: 60 minutes
  • Inndyr - Sund: 10 minutes
  • Ferry Sund - Horsdal: 10 minutes
  • Horsdal - Saltstraumen: 70 minutes
  • Saltstraumen - Bodø: 45 minutes 

For a list of interesting outdoor sculptures and artwork in Nordland county, please check out Artscape Nordland.

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The Coastal Museum Norveg and Hurtigruten (The Norwegian Coastal Voyage) in Rørvik, Norway - Photo: Kystriksveien Reiseliv

Tour suggestion along Kystriksveien

Spend at least five days when driving from Steinkjer to Bodø.

Tour suggestion along Kystriksveien

Source: Visitnorway

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