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Go dog sledging in Røros, Norway - Photo: Lasse Berre
Go dog sledging in Røros, Norway Photo: Lasse Berre

What to do in Røros

Røros is proud to offer you an exciting adventure with the very first certified ecotourism business in Norway, Alaskan Husky Tours.

The natural surroundings provide a splendid frame for the cultural and historic heritage of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Røros. Surrounding Røros is a fantastic nature with three national parks. Great mountain plateaus and snow-capped peaks, clean and fresh inland lakes and forest-clad valleys are all there for you to enjoy in summer, autumn and winter.

The very first certified ecotourism business in Norway

Alaskan Husky Tours was certified as an ecotourism business in 2008. Ecotourism is enriching nature and cultural experiences, organised by responsible tourism companies with consideration for their guests, the environment and the local community that they are a part of. Read more about Ecotourism Norway here. 

Dog sledging tours

The company Alaskan Husy Tours offers you the chance to go sledging through the mountains behind a team of well-trained dogs.

Husky tours during summer and autumn

Alaskan Husky Tours also offers tours with sturdy dog carts during the summer months, when there is no snow.

You will drive your own dog team of five to six friendly, well-trained Alaskan Huskies through a beautiful wilderness area passing small lakes and sometimes stopping to look at a beaver hut.

The trip starts at the kennel at Narjordet at 10 am and finishes at the same place around 1 pm. Other times can be arranged.

At the kennel there is a dressing room and toilets. You can borrow warm clothes, including rain coats and wellies, at the kennel.

Affter the instruction you will participate in harnessing the dogs. There will be two persons on each dog team. The guide will drive in the front and your dogs will follow. Alaskan Husky Tours uses sturdy, special made carts with brakes on all four wheeels. 

By appointment, you can arrange to have some food and coffee in a lavvo (tepee style tent) in the forest 100 meters from the kennel.

You will get a coffee mug with the dog team logo as a gift from the trip.

Price: NOK 990 per person. Maximum one child under 16 sitting on the cart is half price.

Visit traditional farms

There are many old farms and summer farms still in use in the Røros region, giving you fine opportunities to see traditional farming up close. At some of them, tasty traditional food will heighten your enjoyment: Trout, "rømmegrøt" (sour cream porridge), salmon and cured meats, or perhaps an exciting meal prepared from the season’s choice ingredients.

Play golf

At 600 meters above sea level, right by the largest desert of Northern Europe with a view of mountains and forests, Røros Golfpark offers a 9-hole golf course. The course is located close to rv. 30, only 2 kilometers from the center of town.

Go boating and canoeing

Boat and canoe trips are a fine way to experience the wilderness, and can be combined with fishing, cycling and walking. The Femunden and Hodal lakes make great starting points for day trips or longer wilderness tours, either on your own or with a guide. Your guides know the area like the back of their hand and they will share fascinating insights about the wilderness and the region’s history. They will guide you safely from start to finish, and provide refreshments along the way.

Try your luck at fishing

The source of the Gaula River lies near Røros, as does Norway's longest river, Glomma. Both offer good trout and grayling fishing, and you may hook a six- or seven-kilo trout in the Hodal lakes and the waters of the Holavassdrag.

With its many lakes and ponds, rivers and streams, Femundsmarka is another paradise for anglers.


Easy terrain and a network of varied roads make the Røros region ideal for cycling for young and old. You decide the length of each leg, the duration and the type of accommodation. This is very different from seeing the landscape flash past your car window.

Buy a tailor-made cycling package (including tour descriptions, maps and accommodation) at Røros Tourist Information Office.

Take a boat trip on Lake Femunden

On deck you can enjoy the lovely countryside around the lake and in Femundsmarka National Park. In the past, Femunden was one of the most important transport routes in the area. Logs, charcoal and copper were transported on the lake. Even now there are still farms by Femunden that are only accessible from the lake. The boat has a daily route on Femunden in the summer.


There are a variety of horse tours in summer and winter. Sheltered birch forests and mountains covered in heather and moss, with paths and tracks once used for mining and farming, are the setting for our riding tours. Ride around the center of Røros in a horse-drawn carriage during summer, or take an exotic sleigh-ride, with torches, bells and something nice to drink through the town streets or into the countryside.

Last updated:  2014-08-22
A tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Røros by horse, Norway - Photo: Esten Borgos
A tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Røros by horse, Norway

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Go dog sledging in Røros, Norway - Photo: Lasse Berre

What to do in Røros

Røros is proud to offer you an exciting adventure with the very first certified ecotourism business in Norway, Alaskan Husky Tours.

What to do in Røros

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Alaskan Husky Tours

Visit the area around Røros and try dog sledding in the wilderness with Alaskan Husky Tours. An Alaskan meal will be served after your trip.

Winter in Røros

Winter in Røros is a sparkling winter dream.

Attractions in Røros

The town itself is the main attraction. By opening up your senses and curiosity, you may find yourself being carried back to life in a different age.

About Røros

Tourist information in Røros

There are several tourist information offices in the Røros area.

Key facts about Røros

The Forollhogna and Femundsmarka National Parks form a framework around one of Norway’s most exciting areas of natural and cultural history.

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What to do in Røros What to do in Røros


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