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Røros in Norway offers many possibilities for being outdoors - Photo: Terje Rakke/nordic Life/Innovation Norway
Røros in Norway offers many possibilities for being outdoors Photo: Terje Rakke/nordic Life/Innovation Norway

Tour suggestions in Røros

Go on a two-day wild reindeer safari or join a guided tour around Røros.

Wild reindeer safari with accommodation

Forollhogna is a practically undisturbed high mountain area which is known for its population of wild reindeer and its large bucks. Join ranger Stein Kaasin in Forollhogna National Park for a two-day wilderness walk focusing on wild reindeer, nature and culture.

Day 1: From Vingelen to Bjønntjønnan
The route takes you through birch woods and up to the high mountains. A stop for coffee at an old mountain farm which is still in use. After a good rest, the walk continues across the mountains, where you can observe animals and nature, finally stopping for the night at a hunter's lodge at Bjønntjønnan. You can try a few casts with the rod in the hope of fresh fish for breakfast. The evening is spent around the camp fire. The ranger passes on some of his own mountain and hunting stories.

Day 2: From Bjønntjønnan to Vingelen
The second day is spent roaming around the national park. Lots to see, lots to learn.  Enjoy peaceful days full of experiences and impressions of nature along easy mountain paths.

Price: NOK 1,400 per person
Booking: Contact turskredderen.no or contact Stein Kaasin on phone + 47 456 61 688.

Walking tour of Røros

Join a guided walk through the old mining town. The walking tour provides insight into how people lived and worked, and how the town grew up around the copper mine's first smelting works by the river Hyttelva.

The walk takes you past many houses that are now listed buildings, visiting courtyards that indicate that these were once farms in the centre of town.

You can also visit the slag heaps and Malmplassen, before concluding with a guided tour of Røros Church.

The tour starts at Røros Tourist Information Office, where you buy tickets.

Two days kayaking on the Glomma River

Join the two-day guided tour by kayak. The tour goes through exciting landscapes as you paddle down the Glomma River and through the cultural heritage centre of Røros.

Day 1: Orvos - Røros
The tour begins with instruction in kayaking for beginners and a safety course. During the first part of the tour instruction will be given in basic techniques. Hot lunch by the shore in the open air. Then the tour continues down to the mouth of the Håelven River, where you must paddle upstream for a few hundred metres to the camp for the night. Accommodation in lavvo tent or in Røros Bergstad.

Day 2: Røros - Røste
After breakfast you paddle back to Glomma and continue downstream. There is a lot to see along the way. Hot lunch in the open air. The tour concludes near Røros Power Station. Transport back to Orvos by maxi taxi. All baggage will be transported.

Price: NOK 1,700 per person. Shorter one-day trip: NOK 700 per person
Booking: Contact turskredderen.no or contact Stein Kaasin on phone + 47 456 61 688.

Pilgrim for a day

The old pilgrim's way from Oslo to Nidaros Cathedral has been reconstructed as a major cultural heritage. The route is held together by natural and cultural sites with a religious connection to the Middle Ages. Become spellbound by the beautiful nature and exciting stories whilst the route leads you towards the spiritual.

Nysetra - Tylldalen

Guided five-hour walk along the pilgrim's way from Rendalen to Tylldalen. You join the pilgrim's way near Nysetra and follow it over easy mountain terrain towards Tylldalen. The route passes Kommern (1,168 metres above sea level) before continuing through the Rivdalen Valley, across Rivåsen, past Brønnåtjønna and down to Tylldalen. You stop for coffee and food along the way.

7 pm: You see the open air play "Dei urolege av hjarte" by Ola Jonsmoen and Ellef Røe. The production is presented with the buildings of the old hamlet as an outstanding outdoor stage. The action takes place on a farm in the old mountain hamlet in the twelfth century. A meeting between the people of the farm and pilgrims on their way to Nidaros sets feelings in motion: Yearning and hope, faith and disbelief, fear of the unknown. You can still recognise much of this in ourselves today.

Dates: 27 and 28 July 2008
Price: NOK 500 per person
Booking: Contact turskredderen.no or contact Stein Kaasin on phone + 47 456 61 688.

Boat trip on Lake Femunden

On deck you can enjoy the lovely countryside around the lake and in Femundsmarka National Park. In the past, Femunden was one of the most important transport routes in the area. Logs, charcoal and copper were transported on the lake. Even now there are still farms by Femunden that are only accessible from the lake. The boat has a daily route on Femunden in the summer.

Dog sledging tours

The company Alaskan Husky Tours offers you the chance to go sledging through the mountains behind a team of well-trained dogs.

Husky tours during summer and autumn

Alaskan Husky Tours also offers tours with sturdy dog carts during the summer months, when there is no snow.

You will drive your own dog team of five to six friendly, well-trained Alaskan Huskies through a beautiful wilderness area passing small lakes and sometimes stopping to look at a beaver hut.

The trip starts at the kennel at Narjordet at 10 am and finishes at the same place around 1 pm. Other times can be arranged.

At the kennel there is a dressing room and toilets. You can borrow warm clothes, including rain coats and wellies, at the kennel.

Affter the instruction you will participate in harnessing the dogs. There will be two persons on each dog team. The guide will drive in the front and your dogs will follow. Alaskan Husky Tours uses sturdy, special made carts with brakes on all four wheeels. 

By appointment, you can arrange to have some food and coffee in a lavvo (tepee style tent) in the forest 100 metres from the kennel.

You will get a coffee mug with the dog team logo as a gift from the trip.

Price: NOK 990 per person. Maximum one child under 16 sitting on the cart is half price.

Last updated:  2014-08-22
Røros, Norway, is perfect for hiking and biking - Photo: Terje Rakke
Røros, Norway, is perfect for hiking and biking
Dog sledging tour in Røros, Norway - Photo: Alaskan Husky Tours
Dog sledging tour in Røros, Norway

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Røros in Norway offers many possibilities for being outdoors - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Innovation Norway

Tour suggestions in Røros

Go on a two-day wild reindeer safari or join a guided tour around Røros.

Tour suggestions in Røros

Source: Visitnorway


The mountain and forest tour

Experience the national parks of Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda and the old mining town Røros, among other things.

About Røros

Tourist information in Røros

There are several tourist information offices in the Røros area.

Key facts about Røros

The Forollhogna and Femundsmarka National Parks form a framework around one of Norway’s most exciting areas of natural and cultural history.

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