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The trading post Hopsjø at Melandsjø, Hitra in Norway - Photo: Handelstedet Hopsjø
The trading post Hopsjø at Melandsjø, Hitra in Norway Photo: Handelstedet Hopsjø

Tour suggestions along the coast of Trøndelag

The landscapes of the islands Hitra and Frøya are perfect for hiking and biking. There are also possibilities for various boat trips.

Hiking and cycling maps can be bought at the tourist information offices on Hitra and Frøya.

The landscape in general on Hitra and Frøya offers good cycling. All in all it is flat or slightly rolling.

The Margrethes Mindes Trail, Hitra

This trail is located at Melandsjø at Hitra, and brings you to tourist cabin. In the 1780s, Niels Rosing Parelius built a hunting and gazebo like residens with a garden in French New Renaissance style to honour his wife Margrethe Elisabeth.

At the cabin you can see the remains from mining, the garden and ruins from a basement that was used for storage for pirates' stolen goods. The cabin is open every Sunday serving light sncks and refreshments. The trail is about approximately four kilometres each way.

Gammelveien - "the old road" over Hitra

This is maybe the longest stretch of the old county roads in Southern Trøndelag. Built in 1846, closed in 1962.

Great hiking route through scenic landscapes with unique areas for berry picking and places to stop. The road stretches from Lakselva to Akset.

Distance: Approximately 10 kilometres.

Eldsfjellet Mountain, Hitra

From the top of Eldsfjellet (326 metres above sea level), you have a great view in every direction. From here you can see Fjellværøya Island, Kopparen Mountain and Sør Leksa Island to the east, the Trollheimen Mountains to the south, Smøla Island and Havmyran Nature Reserve to the west, Titran to the northwest, and Frøya Island to the north.

At Eldsfjellet, which is the second tallest mountain in the region, there is a windmill park with 24 windmills. The use of motor vehicles is not allowed up to the park. However, there is an approximately 10-kilometre long dirt road up to the park, perfect for hiking or cycling.

Hestnesfjellet Mountain, Hitra

From Hestnesfjellet (160 metres above sea level) you can see the islands of Veidholmen, Smøla, Tustna and Frøya. On your right hand side of the road, just before you reach the intersection at Hestnes, is a small car park. It is from this point you start your trip to the top. The Hestnes Cave is located not too far from the car park. About 700 metres from the intersection, on the right hand side of the road, there is a small wooden sign. From here there is an excellent path up to the cave. The walk up to the cave takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. 


Around Tonningen Mountain, Hitra

This is a great little hike around the mountain Tonningen, that is close to Kvenvær. It starts off as a road and then goes over to a trail. Parts of the route goes over moorland. There is a nice beach beside Lake Sagvatnet, not too far from the road. On your trip you can walk up Tonningen from which you will have a great view over the sea.

Hiking on the island of Ulvøya

A six-kilometre long hiking trail on the island of Ulvøya. Drive over the bridge to Knarrlagsund, turn right and drive to Selvågan where the trail starts. The trail goes through varied terrain - from moorland to outlying rocks beside the sea. Benches and places to stop along the way.


The love trail on the island of Frøya

You start in Skarsvågen, go through Stutvassdalen Valley and along the big stream that cuts across Frøya from Skarsvågen in the south to Tungvågen in the north. The trail that follows the lower part of the valley is marked with woolen hearts and cairns.

If you are up for it, you can climb small mountains along the your way. The steap hill by Lake Kjerkedalsvatnet, everybody can get over. There are several places to stop along the way. The trip takes around an hour.

The cultural path on the island of Dyrøya, Frøya

The path is clearly marked with signs and poles along most of the route. At the nice rest areas, you will find benches. The path follows the peak along the island, from northeast to southwest. At times it also follows the road on the island. The path gives great views of cultivated heath, and the terrain is easy to walk on because of animals grazing on it.

Distance: Apporoximately four kilometres.

Historic walk around Lake Hammarvatnet, Frøya

This is the municipality of Frøya's main water source. Follow the dirt road from rv. 714 just by the roundabout at Hamarvika. Park your car next to the petrol station beside the lake. From here there are trails leading around the lake and further inland. 

It was in this area the first person on Frøya Island settled down in prehistoric time, and the area has hardly changed since then. Bring a fishing rod, because there are some amazing trout in the lake. Remember to buy a fishing licence at the tourist office.

Trip to Blåskoghytta (the Blue Cabin), Hitra

This is a great hiking trail which starts southwest of the fire station at Fillan. There is no traffic along the route. At the end of the trail, you come to Blåskoghytta, a tourist cabin serving food and drink. The cabin is open open every other Sunday during parts of the summer, autumn and winter. 

Near the cabin you will find Lake Blåskogvatnet which is a popular fishing spot. Remember to buy a fishing licence at Hitra Tourist Information Office (email: post@kystmuseet.no, pnhone: +47 72 44 40 10).

Tour de Frøya Cycling Race

Each year in May, a 43-kilometre bike race is arranged on the island of Frøya. It starts at Sistranda. On the trip you will see idyllic little bays, charming hamlets and great fishing waters.

Boat trips

Hitra and Frøya have beautiful skerries with thousands of small and big islands along the way. You can dock at one of the many guest marinas or spend a night or two on your own. If you do not have your own boat, you can rent one.

Island hopping with boat: Mausund - Sula - Bogøyvær
To the west of Frøya Island, there are many small and big islands. A lot of boat people choose pub crawl between the islands. Each of these coastal pearls have great pubs and restaurants serving food and drink in unique surroundings. It is recommended that you have a longer stay at Mausund and take part in an eagle and seal safari arranged by the company Mausundgløtt.

The Froan Landscape Protected Area
This was a lively place about 100 years ago. Then around 1,2000 people lived here. Today there are only a of the islands which are inhabited. The fishing village of Halten has sleeping facilities and a festival that is well worth the trip alone. Islands well worth visiting is Gjessingen, Risøya, Sauøya and Halten.

Froan covers a 400-square kilometre large island and coastal stretch from Vingleia Lighthouse in the southwest to Halten in the northeast. This site is the largest contiguous coastal area that has been heritage listed in Norway so far. The reserve was established to protect the local flora and fauna with birds, seals and other mammals. 

Kvennvær, Hitra
At Kvennvær at there is an amazing skerry that offers you to move your boat ashore and go swimming. Great fishing opportunities. You can dock at the traiding post Faxvaag, and enjoy a better meal. You should also take a stop at the closed down traiding place Rørøya. There is also a very short way to Titran on the island of Frøya from here.

The traiding post Hopsjø at Melandsjø on the island of Hitra is a unique cultural pearl. This trading post goes back to the 1700s. Here the Parelius family ruled for 250 years and did very well as shopkeepers. Today there are sleeping facilities, a whaling museum, conference facilities, and the restaurant Landstrykeren here. In the old shop you find a facinating collection of old commercial signs, boxes, tins, sweets, tea, books and local art. 

During the summer months, there are often concerts here, and the Hopsjødagene Festival is held annually in week 29.

Close to Hopsjøbrygga, you will fin the Margrethes Mindes Trail, se description above.

A small and idyllic bay with the unique marina Knarren Pier as the main stop. Here it is lively througout the summer. Concerts are often arranged. Guest marina, sleeping facilities and restaurant.

The island of Hemnskjel
Here you can enjoy good food and visit archeological findings dating back to the older Stone Age. You can also visit the war memorabilia museum that tells the story about German occupants that came to Heimnskjel in 1941 and stayed until the war ended in 1945.

Last updated:  2013-03-26
The windmill park at Eldsfjellet, Norway - Photo: Stein Olav Sivertsen
The windmill park at Eldsfjellet, Norway
Island hopping along the coast of Trøndelag, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life/Innovation Norway
Island hopping along the coast of Trøndelag, Norway
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The traidingplace Hopsjø at Melandsjø, Hitra in Norway - Photo: Handelstedet Hopsjø

Tour suggestions along the coast of Trøndelag

The landscapes of the islands Hitra and Frøya are perfect for hiking and biking. There are also possibilities for various boat trips.

Tour suggestions along the coast of Trøndelag

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