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Read more: Guild Hall - Oset Høyfjellshotell


Guild Hall - Oset Høyfjellshotell

Entering Gildehallen, the guild hall, at Oset is like going hundreds of years back in time! Gildehallen has a spectacular collection of around 3000...
Read more: Boat rental - Oset Høyfjellshotell Photo: Odd Arne Gjerden


Boat rental - Oset Høyfjellshotell

Rental of 13 foot Pioneer boats with 6 hp engines. The boats are situated at Tisleiafjorden. Prices: • 24 hours NKR 600,- • Day rental NKR 400,-...


Tuesday 16 Dec 2014

Lecture about Choices of value - innovation regarding treatment of health problems in the future

Pensjonistuniversitetet in Larvik at The Culture House Bølgen Tuesday 16 December 2014 11am
Read more: Concert in Rjukan Church Photo: Hans Dieter Fleger


Sunday 21 Dec 2014

Concert in Rjukan Church

Christmas concert in Rjukan Church with Anne Gravir Klykken og Iver Kleive....
Read more: Elgstua Guest House Photo: Rica Elgstua Hotel


Elgstua Guest House

Elgstua Guest House serves traditional food based on local ingredients such as elk and is also well known for it´s home made meat cakes....
Read more: Nøstetangen Norsk Glassmuseum


Nøstetangen Norsk Glassmuseum

Nøstetangen Museum is based on the cultural heritage Nøstetangen Glasværk (1741-77). Nøstetangen Glasværk, Norway's first glassworks, was established...


Friday 10 Oct 2014 to Saturday 22 Nov 2014

Carroll Dunham: Watercolors

Gerhardsen Gerner Oslo presents works by Carroll Dunham, an American painter who lives and works in New York and Connecticut. Dunham’s career reached...
Read more: Lecture about Marcus Thrane and Larvik Photo: Fanen er utstilt på Larvik museum


Thursday 20 Nov 2014

Lecture about Marcus Thrane and Larvik

Larvik Museum, Verksgården Thursday 20 November 2014 7pm to 8pm


Friday 29 Aug 2014 to Sunday 14 Dec 2014

Through Nature - a rough guide

In relation to the project Through nature, which is currently shown at the Munch Museum and the Museum of Natural History, the Stenersen museum has...
Read more: Eidestranda - guest harbour Photo: Eidestranda


Eidestranda - guest harbour

Guest harbour 4 km from the center of Aure. Very attractive marina. Pub/cafe/restaurant during summer. Disel and propane gas. Fresh fish. Reasonable...
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