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DS Skibladner

"Skibladner" is the pride of inland Norway. Dating back to 1856, she is the world's oldest paddle steamer still in scheduled service. Every summer, she travels the vast of lake Mjøsa, and this venerable old lady is a welcome sight for people in the villages and towns around Mjøsa.


Møsvatn Skipark

Møsvatn Skipark is a friendly, small alpine centre, where all the family can enjoy themselves.


Friday 24 Apr 2015 to Thursday 30 Apr 2015

Show (No.): Vi har tatt a'!

Show by and with employees of Oslo University Hospital. In Norwegian....

Øvre Eidfjord

Sæbø Camping

General information: Sæbø camping is located in Øvre Eidfjord, abt. 300 m from the main road (Rv 7) from Oslo to Bergen. The camping site is situated...


Saturday 23 May 2015 to Sunday 28 Jun 2015

Kirsti Grotmol

The Norwegian artist Kirsti Grotmol shows paintings i Galleri Parken Risør Kunstpark.


Friday 13 Feb 2015 to Sunday 24 May 2015

Traveling Alone

Someone once stated about death that the first time you realise your own mortality, is the moment when childhood is lost. This exhibition starts there.


Saturday 26 Sep 2015 to Sunday 22 Nov 2015

Nils Aas Art Workshop - Petter Hepsø

Petter Hepsø  – 26. september – 22. november 2015 Petter Hepsø (b. 1973) has for years worked with sculptures of animals. From his many versions of t...


Saturday 21 Mar 2015 to Saturday 16 May 2015

Nils Aas "The Sodd Jazz Exhibition" - Mattias Härenstam

Mattias Härenstam - 21 mars - 16 mai. Soddjazzutstillingen 2015 Tree Sculpture and woodcuts. Amanda nominated artist, shows for the first time the sc...


Nesbyen Gullsmed

Jewellery, silverware, watches and accessories....
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