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Bjorli, Norway, is known for large amounts of snow - Photo: bjorli.no
Bjorli, Norway, is known for large amounts of snow Photo: bjorli.no

Winter at Bjorli and Lesja

Bjorli is known for large snow amounts from early October to late April.

Downhill skiing

Both natural and artifical snow ensures that Bjorli is usually the first ski center in the country to open, normally during the second half of October.

Bjorli Ski Center is often used for training for both Norwegian and foreign skiing teams.

Bjorli has eight downhill slopes and four lifts, one of which is the new six-seater chairlift. There is two half-pipes, rails and a terrain park, in addition to a nursery slope with its own two lifts for children and novices alike.

Cross-country skiing

You will find many cross-country ski trails across Lesja with varying courses for both experienced and beginner skiers. Bjorli has many great marked courses in the surrounding forests and mountains.
Bjorli Lesja Reiseliv is responsible for maintaining the ski trails and below you will find some brief details on some of the main courses:

Morkenløypa (8 kilometers)
This trail has the start and finish point at the same place and starts by going eastwards from the ski center. A popular course and one of the easiest with mostly flat terrain through the forests. You should be careful as there are several road-crossings to ski over.
Nystuguberget (8 kilometers)
This course is a little rough in parts but it is still an easy one. The course is almost circular and is nice to follow in a clockwise direction. A pleasant and scenic ski trail.
Einbuløypa (12 kilometers)
The course starts in the Konleberget area and goes above the Einbu Farms through easy terrain. The trail is groomed every Friday morning.
Fjelløypa (18 kilometers)
A great round trip where you must take the ski lift up to the top of the mountain. Once at the top, the trail goes through flat terrain and winds itself down via Lake Bøvervatnet, through many twists and turns. The course is marked with branches in the mountain snow.
Rånåkollen (15 kilometers)
A popular course which goes around Rånåkollen. The round trip is easiest to follow in a counter-clockwise direction, while clockwise is recommended on the way down.
Brøstdalen (14 kilometers)
A little rough but still quite easy. This trail starts at the train station and goes through some nice forested scenery towards Brøstdalen. This course has just one track, with the exception of the winter and Easter holidays when it is groomed with two tracks.
Barneløypa/Tidligløypa (2 kilometers)
An easy course for learners and children, intended to be ready for use as early in the season as possible - using with artificial snow if necessary.
Course are groomed on the following days:

  • Morken: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Rånåkollen: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday
  • Nystuguberget: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Brøstdalen: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Einbuløypa: Friday, unless requested
  • Fjelløypa: From the winter holiday – Wednesday and Fridays (weather permitting)
Last updated:  2013-10-24
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Bjorli, Norway, is known for large amounts of snow - Photo: bjorli.no

Winter at Bjorli and Lesja

Bjorli is known for large snow amounts from early October to late April.

Winter at Bjorli and Lesja

Source: Visitnorway


Winter in Nordmøre and Romsdal

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About Bjorli and Lesja

Bjorli and Lesja

At the very top of Gudbrandsdalen, only a few kilometers from Romsdalen, you will find the municipality of Lesja and the village of Bjorli.

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