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Geilo offers a selection of family-friendly slopes, some of which are floodlit at night. Hundreds of kilometres of cross-country trails await.

Skiing in Geilo

Morten Knudsen, Foto MK AS

Cross country skiing in Geilo

Cross country skiing in Norway is free of charge, and Geilo has more than 550 kilometeres of tracks waiting for you. Come and try the national sport.

Emil Eriksson

Downhill skiing and snowboarding in Geilo

Geilo is the perfect ski destination for the whole family, with several ski areas and slopes varying from beginner to expert level.

Award for Sustainable Destination

Emilie Holba

Plan of Action for Sustainable Destination Development for Geilo and Hol Municipality 2014–2016

The Plan of Action for Sustainable Destination Development is a comprehensive plan to ensure sustainable destination development in the future.

Terje Bjørnsen

Shopping and dining in Geilo

Geilo offers a wide range of restaurants, services and shopping. Everything is centrally located within a short distance from the centre of Geilo.

Marius Rua

Attractions in Geilo

Experience Geilo as it used to be century ago. Visit stave churches, local museums and learn about the knife and tool manufacturing in the area.

Plan your holiday in Geilo

Visit Geilo this summer

Emile Holba

Hiking in Geilo

Geilo offers endless opportunities for hiking. With two national parks and surrounded by nature, you can easily find a trail that suits you.

Emile Holba

Fishing in Geilo

Sport fishing is an important part of the Norwegian outdoor activity culture. The activity is suited for everyone.

Fun activities in Geilo this winter

Anne-Kristin Aasberg

Tobogganing in Geilo

Many believe tobogganing is mostly for children, while in reality it is at least as fun for adults. Geilo offers long and tough toboggan runs.

Andreas Hällgren

Fatbike Geilo

Snow-biking on fat tires has become very popular in Norway. If you haven't tried it yet you have the chance in Geilo.

Nils Erik Bjørholt

Geilo High Rope Course

Swing and balance from tree to tree. A fun experience for both adults and children.

Geilo Husky

Dog sledding in Geilo

Drive a pack of dogs over sparkling white mountain. Experience speed and excitement, in harmony with nature. Dog sledding is must try in Geilo.

Anne-Kristin Aasberg

Horseback riding and sleigh rides in Geilo

Sit under warm blankets and furs, and experience the winter night to the sound of sleigh bells, the glow of torches and steaming horses.

Anne-Kristin Aasberg

Snowmobile and ice track driving

Take a trip to Dagali to experience snowmobile safaris, snowmobile on a track or driving on ice rinks.

Paul Lockhart

Kicksledge in Geilo

A kicksledge, or "spark", is a traditional way of transportation in Norway in Winter. You can rent a kicksledge at the tourist information.

Where to stay

Whether you prefer a cosy cabin with a private fireplace or a luxury hotel Geilo has many options for you.

What to do

Geilo offers many options for activities and experiences, no matter what season you choose to visit the area.

Morten Knudsen

Events in Geilo

A selection of events in Geilo and its surrounding areas

Emile Holba

Geilo tourist information

Geilo visitor center and tourist information is located in the center of Geilo. Look for the tourist information sign.

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