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Koigen is a big play and leisure area in the Hamar region in Norway - Photo: Trond Lillebo
Koigen is a big play and leisure area in the Hamar region in Norway Photo: Trond Lillebo

Round Trips in Hedmark

You can experience a lot in a short amount of time in Hedmark. Here are some suggested routes for trips lasting a few days.
Did you know:

The name Hedmark originates from the old Norse "Heiðmǫrk" (woodland of the heathens), and was the name used for the area between Hamar and Elverum.

Family trip with Hamar as starting point

4 days, approximately 260 miles

Hamar – Lillehammer - Enden – Folldal - Alvdal – Rendalen - Elverum – Hamar

In the Hamar region, it is fun to be young. At Tangen Animal Park, children can pet the zebras and say hello to the camels Dolly and Hårek. In Hamar town centre is a playground and a sandy beach with shallow waters ideal for the little ones. If it is raining, Ankerskogen Swimming Pool is within easy reach, and offers Norway's largest indoor pool, a children's pool with slides and a Jacuzzi. The Norwegian Railway Museum is the children's museum. Experience Tertittoget and Norway's shortest railway line, or try Knertitten - the country's only permanent mini-train service. July 2014 will see the opening of a new, child-friendly Prøysen Museum in memory of the writer, artist and individual Alf Prøysen.

The journey continues north to Lillehammer and Maihaugen, where children can enjoy real-life experiences and numerous activities in the open-air museum. Along the E6 is Hunderfossen Family Park with its troll and fairytale theme. Ideal for a full-day outing.

Leave the E6 by Frya, just north of Ringebu. Venabu Mountain Lodge at Venabygdsfjellet mountain by Rondane National Park offers excellent hiking. Horses and ponies are available during summer, and the very young can try horseback riding in the mountain terrain around the Venabu stable. Enden is where Rondane National Tourist Route starts, with Rondane as a beautiful backdrop along the route to Folldal. From Sohlbergplassen viewpoint, you can enjoy the same spectacular views that inspired Harald Sohlberg to paint "A winter's night in Rondane".

Folldal Mine offers guided tours as well as train-rides into the mountain. Continue east along route 29 to the Østerdalen valley. At the Aukrust Centre in Alvdal, you can enter Kjell Aukrust's world of fantasy - a fun experience for young as well as old.

Route 30 through Rendalen leads past the old village communities from which Jacob Breda Bull has drawn inspiration for many of his popular farm tales. The Bull Museum in Rendalen old rectory is the childhood home of the author Jacob Breda Bull. Continue along route 30 through Åkrestrømmen to the village of Koppang. Den Gamle Kongevegen, the old main route from Hamar to Trondheim, runs through the town centre and is signposted. The Hamarkollen viewpoint offers spectacular views of river Glomma.

A visit to the Norwegian Forestry Museum, with its fresh-water aquarium, large playground and forest cabins at Prestøya, is highly recommended when in Elverum. The suspension bridge across Glomma leads to the Glomdal Museum where children can enjoy the open-air play area and a variety of animals. With all the activities on offer, plan a full day out when visiting the museums.

From Elverum, route 25 leads back to Hamar. About half-way, you will come across Løiten Brænderi. Today, this old distillery is home to a café, small speciality shops and a 32000 square feet exhibition of hand-made candles.


From Folldal, it is worth taking a detour to the beautiful, 34 mile long Einunndalen - Norway's longest mountain-farm valley. The area offers excellent bicycling, fishing, swimming and camping opportunities. At Romsdalssetra, traditional farm food is served throughout the summer season.

En route to Alvdal is a sign for Savalen, where adults can enjoy a spa at Savalen Fjellhotell & Spa and the children can revel in indoor and outdoor activities or visit Father Christmas.

Jutulhogget was formed towards the end of the last Ice Age, some 10 000 years ago, and as Northern Europe's largest canyon it is a breathtaking sight. Due to large volumes of ice south of Jutulhogget, a dam was created and Nedre Glomsjø, a lake larger than Mjøsa, was formed. Suddenly the ice-dam in Rendalen broke, and the lake was drained in only a few days. As the fast-flowing water dug into the ground, the 1.5 mile long and 820 feet deep Jutulhogget was formed.

Take a detour to Fiskevollen, and enjoy some peace and quiet. This beautiful spot by lake Sølensjøen is located 18 miles along a gravel road from Bergset in Rendalen. Remember cash for the toll road. In this is old fishing village, which is inland Norway's largest and features 80 old-style boathouses and shacks, fishing has been a way of life for over 1 000 years. Fishing permits are available for purchase, and boats or cabins can be hired at Fiskevollen. Excellent hiking terrain.

In Løten town center, between Elverum and Hamar, you will find the old-fashioned country store Løten Nærstasjon & Landhandleri. Today, this old station building is home to a bakery, a café and a grocery store selling local Løten-produce, handicraft and train-tickets. From Løten, it is only 3 miles to the Munch Center at Klevfos Industrial Museum. Get to know the Munch family's link to Løten, Edvard Munch as a child and a young man and his adventures in the local area. Cycling the Munch route (4.6 miles) is recommended, and bicycles can be hired at Klevfos . Information displays have been erected at locations to which the Munch family had a special connection, such as the farm Engelaug where Edvard Munch was born.

From route 25, turn off towards Budor by Brenneriroa. Follow the toll road for 9 miles, and you will reach Budor Gjestegård. The area offers excellent walking, cycling and swimming opportunities, and in Budorskogen forest children can get to know Risse the Elf.

Historical round-trip with Røros as starting point

4 days, approximately 280 miles

Røros – Femunden – Galten – Koppang – Vingelen – Røros

Bergstaden Røros was added to UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1980, and has kept much of its original character with a road infrastructure from the 1600s and old wooden buildings from the 1700s and 1800s. In 2010, the World Heritage Site was extended to include the surrounding scenery, the most important mining areas around Røros and Femundshytten in Engerdal, which was one of the remote smelting houses and formed part of the winter transport route from Tufsingdal and across lake Korsjøen to Røros.

Although the old part of Røros, with its around 3 300 inhabitants, is a living museum, Røros is also an urban community with friendly and characteristic cafés, galleries and arts & crafts outlets. Join a guided town walk with Røros Tourist Office as starting point. A guided tour of Olavsgruva mine, a stop at the mining exhibition at Røros Museum and a visit to Røros Church are also recommended.

From Røros, continue along route 30 towards Os, and turn off onto route 28 by Narbuvoll. Tufsingdalen has more elks than inhabitants, and is home to some 170 locals who are surrounded by a vast and beautiful scenery. River Tufsinga flows gently through the valley towards Tufsingdeltaet Nature Reserve by Femunden. Continue along route 28 towards Drevsjø, and through the idyllic Sømådalen - a valley rich in cultural heritage dating all the way back to the Stone Age. Located by lake Langsjøen is Johnsgård Turistsenter where you can enjoy fishing, hiking or canoeing. Continue along route 26 towards Drevsjø, past the mighty Isterfossen waterfall. Femunden and Isteren are ideal for fishing, and carry stocks of grayling, powan, pike, burbot, perch, trout and Arctic char.

Blokkoden Villmarksmuseum is an open-air museum located by route 26 at Drevsjø, and provides an insight into what life used to be like at Femundsmarka. This cultural heritage site comprises about ten large charcoal pits believed to date from the mid-1700s. At Drevsjø, you will be able to shop for groceries, sports equipment and souvenirs. Swimming opportunities, a gallery and nature trails are also available. Read more about Femund Engerdal.

From Drevsjø, continue on to Elgå. Approximately 3 miles before you reach Drevsjø, turn left towards Sorken. Look out for domestic reindeer along the road. Elgå is the southern gateway to Femundsmarka National Park. This is where the road, the trails and the old passenger vessel MS Fæmund II meet. Lake Femund is 38 miles long, and stretches from Femundsenden in the south to Nordvika southeast of Røros. During the summer season, Fæmund II offers a daily service between Sørvika and Elgå, and calls at Røa, Femundshytten, Haugen, Jonasvolden, Revlingen and Elgå. It is possible to bring bicycle or canoe on board the vessel. At the National Park Visitor Center in Elgå, you will find exhibitions focusing on Femundsmarka National Park and Gutulia National Park.

It is also possible to combine the boat trip with overnight stays, as the vessel calls at two farms that for generations have offered tourist accommodation in cabins, in fisherman's shacks and at mountain farms. One of the farms is Femundshytten, featuring several cultural monuments as well as a farm museum and a miniature Røros built in slabs. This play-town was created by children when Femundshytten was used as a smelting house. It is also possible to reach the area by car via Jonasvollen, and then walk or cycle the last 6 miles. There is a road all the way, but it is closed with barrier.

Elgå is a natural starting point for walks in Femundsmarka National Park. Along with the bordering conservation areas on the Swedish side, Femundsmarka National Park is one of the largest continuous and unspoilt wilderness areas in southern Scandinavia. The area provides habitat for several rare and vulnerable mammal and bird species. You may well come across elk, lynx, wolverine and bear. Canoes are available for hire, and you can paddle for days along the many watercourses and lakes. Bring a fishing rod as well, and you may catch that big trout.

Return along route 26, and continue past Femundsenden. After approximately 16 kilometres, turn off onto route 217. Continue for approximately 1.2 miles, and then follow the road signposted Galten Gård og Pensjonat. The farm is run by the 5th generation of the same family, and has been a natural meeting point for anglers since the lawyers Smith from London arrived here in the last century. Its buildings are old but have modern facilities, and the farm is situated 650 feet from lake Galtsjøen and in close proximity to river Femundselva. The three mighty peaks of the Sølenfjellet mountain create a spectacular view. Follow route 217 to Åkrestrømmen, and then continue south along route 30 to Koppang.

Halfway between Hanestad and Alvdal is a sign for Jultulhogget. Jutulhogget is a canyon stretching for 1.5 miles through the municipalities of Alvdal and Rendalen in Hedmark, and is among the longest of its kind in Northern Europe. Ample parking, toilet facilities and picnic area are available.

As you arrive in Alvdal, you will see the Aukrust Centre along the road on your right. To get back to Røros, follow route 3 through Tynset and then route 30. The turn-off towards Vingelen is approximately 9.3 miles north of Tynset.

The beautiful Vingelen village has over 25 mountain farms still in operation. Accommodation is available at Vetlnorstuvollen, Storøya, Granslettvollen and Aastrøvollen. Spend your days fishing or hiking amongst Northern Europe's most spectacular wild reindeer population. Enjoy real mountain farm food such as sour cream and local cheese with cured meats and flatbread as an evening meal. In Skraphandlerbua, you will find used items, knick-knacks, local handicraft, books, maps and lots more. Vingelen Church and School Museum hosts a variety of events throughout the summer.


Alvdal – Savalen: 14 miles

Two kilometres after Alvdal, turn off onto route 29 and continue for approx. 9 miles. Then follow the signs for Savalen. By the beautiful lake Savalen, you will find Savalen Fjellhotell & Spa where you can stay in a hotel room, suite, apartment or cabin. A wide range of activities for young and old is available all year round, and the mountains can also be explored on horseback.


From Alvdal, Tron is within easy reach and is visible for many miles from the north, south, east and west. The Tronfjell route has a manually operated barrier, and is approx. 6.2 miles long from Tronsvangen Mountain Farm. From Tronsvangen Mountain Farm, there is a 2.8 miles trail leading to the top.

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The Tertitten train at Norsk Jernbanemuseum (The Norwegian Railway Museum) in Hamar, Norway - Photo: Norsk Jernbanemuseum
The Tertitten train at Norsk Jernbanemuseum (The Norwegian Railway Museum) in Hamar, Norway
Take a rail trip into the mine at Folldal Gruver, Norway - Photo: Folldal Gruver
Take a rail trip into the mine at Folldal Gruver, Norway
The Glomdal Museum is one of Norway's largest open-air museums - Photo: Glomdalsmuseet
The Glomdal Museum is one of Norway's largest open-air museums
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Koigen is a big play and leisure area in the Hamar region in Norway - Photo: Trond Lillebo

Round Trips in Hedmark

You can experience a lot in a short amount of time in Hedmark. Here are some suggested routes for trips lasting a few days.

Round Trips in Hedmark

Source: Visitnorway


Tour suggestions in the Hamar region

In this area you can hike the trail network on Hedmarksvidda, choose between a number of cycle routes or stroll along the banks of Lake Mjøsa.

The mountain and forest tour

Experience the national parks of Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda and the old mining town Røros, among other things.

Rondane National Tourist Route

A peaceful drive on fv. 27 between Sollia Church and Folldal is an excellent alternative to the main routes through Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen.

Tour suggestions in Rondane National Park

The Rondane region offers a great variety of tours. Summit tours on majestic mountains or easy walks in valleys with a rich wildlife.

About Hedmark


Hedmark can offer a wide range of nature and experiences, from hiking, fishing and biking to local foods and cultural happenings.

Key Facts about Hedmark

Hedmark is Southern Norway's largest county, and is renowned for its vast forests and almost 2000 lakes and rivers.

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