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Rjukandefossen in Hemsedal, Norway - Photo: Johan Berge/Innovation Norway
Rjukandefossen in Hemsedal, Norway Photo: Johan Berge/Innovation Norway

Attractions in Hemsedal

Experience Rjukandefossen Waterfall or the Old King’s Road between Bjøberg and Hemsedal.

Rjukandefossen Waterfall

Rjukandefossen is an impressive and powerful two-part waterfall, falling 18 meters through a narrow gulley. There are several pot-hole formations by the falls, as well as a suspension bridge. A few hundred meters downstream from the waterfall is a beautiful spot for swimming.

Hydnefossen Waterfall

Hydnefossen has a sheer 140-meter drop from mountain Veslehorn (1,300 meters above sea level). The falls are at their most impressive in early summer. 

On Tuesdays and Fridays during the period 6 June - 30 August 2013 you can join a guided walk to Veslehorn and Hydnefossen. The walk is of medium difficulty and children as young as four can take part. Price: NOK 80 for adults, children free.

Hydalen Valley

Hydalen is a protected landscape with a rich and special fauna (toll road NOK 40). Going down from Lake Vavatn into the deep, green valley of Hydalen is a wonderful experience either by bicycle or on foot.

Hydalen is surrounded by steep mountains and old mountain farms. There are good fishing opportunities here - self-service fishing permits beside Lake Hydalsvatn.

The Old King’s Road

The Old King’s Road from Gol, via Hemsedal, to Fjord Norway was improved in the years between 1825 and 1844. The road was an important east-west route and was used by both tradesmen and salmon lords. Kaiser Wilhelm came this way from Lærdal on his way to Bjøberg.

The Old King’s Road can be enjoyed either on foot or by bicycle. Information boards have been set up at four points along the road between Bjøberg and Hemsedal: at Venås, Vårstølen in Heimdalen, Ershovd and Eldrehaugen.

Hemsedal Bygdatun

The country courtyard at Øvre Løkji is the parish museum. There are furnished houses from the early 1700s right up to the present day and a games chest with old outdoor games. Beautifully located on a steep, south facing slope at Ulsåk.


At Ulsåkstølen you can see what life is like on a mountain pasture farm in picturesque surroundings below the mighty Skogshorn Mountain (1,728 meters above sea level).

Old traditions and modern methods show how life on the farm has changed in the last 100 years. The milk is sent off to the dairy in a tanker, but some is kept at the farm to make sour cream, butter and cheese just as they did a century ago.

Life on the farm also includes caring for cows, calves, goats, pigs, hens, rabbits and a cat. Traditional food is served in the house "Hallingstugu". 

Last updated:  2013-05-29
Farm activities in Hemsedal, Norway - Photo: Nils Erik Bjørholt
Farm activities in Hemsedal, Norway

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Rjukandefossen in Hemsedal, Norway - Photo: Johan Berge/Innovation Norway

Attractions in Hemsedal

Experience Rjukandefossen Waterfall or the Old King’s Road between Bjøberg and Hemsedal.

Attractions in Hemsedal

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Tour suggestions in Hemsedal

Hike one of Hemsedal’s top mountain peaks, enjoy the scenery from the comfort of your car, or take a trip on the mighty Sognefjord.

Winter in Hemsedal

Hemsedal is one of the top ski resorts in Northern Europe. Snow conditions are stable, and the resort boasts plenty of ski lifts and slopes.

What to do in Hemsedal

The Hemsila River offers top opportunities for fly-fishing. Hiking, cycling, horse-riding and golfing are other popular activities in Hemsedal.

About Hemsedal


Hemsedal is a small mountain village known for some of Norway's best skiing and fly fishing.

Tourist information in Hemsedal

Hemsedal Tourist Information Office is located in the center of Hemsedal.

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