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River rafting down the Otta River, Norway - Photo: Visitjotunheimen.com
River rafting down the Otta River, Norway Photo: Visitjotunheimen.com

What to do in Jotunheimen

Hiking, glacier walking, river rafting and summer skiing are actitivites you can participate in whilst visiting Jotunheimen.

River rafting, canyoning and caving

The Otta River is a popular rafting river, especially for family tours. The Sjoa River is also popular, and regarded as the best river for rafting in Northern Europe.

Rafting companies offer raft paddling, swimming and other pleasant pastimes in safe surroundings.

The main rafting season is from mid-May until the end of September.

You can also try canyoning. Follow a river through gorges and canyons – an experience in nature that will no doubt impress you.

In Jotunheimen you also find one of the largest cave systems in Norway. Come along and see fish and waterfalls inside the mountains.

More information is available at Lom og Skjåk Adventure.


Jotunheimen offers many excellent climbing opportunities. Both the Galdhøpiggen Climbing Park and Brimiskogen Climbing Park offers exciting experiences. In Lom there is a new climbing tower, Lomseggen, and close to the centre of Lom there is a climbing path/ladder (via ferrata) which takes you from Nissegard to the top where you have great views of the national parks Jotunheimen, Rondane, Dovrefjell and Reinheimen. At Jotunheimen's official website you will find an overview of companies that offer climbing activities.

Glacier hikes

Guided glacier hikes are offered by many companies. The glaciers offer an amazing experience on blue ice and snow. There are guided hikes on Smørstabbreen, Bøverbreen, Styggebreen, Svellnosbreen and other glaciers. Go to Jotunheimen's official website for a list of glacier tour suggestions in the area.

Hunting and fishing

Hunting wild reindeer and small game is available in some areas. Contact the local tourist information offices or local municipal authorities for further information.

There is excellent trout fishing in numerous lakes and rivers in the area. Fishing licenses can be bought at the local tourist information offices or online at Inatur.

Horse riding

Jotunheimen offers horseback riding for everyone, on calm and safe horses. In Raubergstulen, you can go riding in the high mountains.

Summer skiing

The Galdhøpiggen Summer Ski Centre is located below Norway's highest mountain Galdhøpiggen (2,469 metres above sea level) and on the Juvbreen Glacier. Experience powder snow in the summer at the summer ski centre with the highest altitude in Norway. The centre has a slope for snowboarders, downhill skiers and Telemark skiers.

For many decades, Sognefjellet has been considered Scandinavia's best destination for summer cross-country skiing, and many Olympic and World Champions have started their way to gold here.

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Last updated:  2015-04-07
Riding in Jotunheimen, Norway - Photo: Mari Beate Kleiven
Riding in Jotunheimen, Norway
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River rafting down the Otta River, Norway - Photo: Visitjotunheimen.com

What to do in Jotunheimen

Hiking, glacier walking, river rafting and summer skiing are actitivites you can participate in whilst visiting Jotunheimen.

What to do in Jotunheimen

Source: Visitnorway


Summer Skiing in Norway

Norway’s biggest summer ski center at Stryn is situated at the edge of the famous Jostedalsbreen Glacier.

Winter in Jotunheimen

In Jotunheimen you have the possibilities for cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and experiences in the snow without skis.

Kayaking and hiking in Jotunheimen

Lake Gjende is a great starting point for hiking and kayaking in the Jotunheimen Mountain Area.

About Jotunheimen

Tourist information in Jotunheimen

The tourist information offices in Jotunheimen will help you book rooms at the mountain cabins and plan your trip in the area.

Key facts about Jotunheimen

Jotunheimen is the most popular national park in Norway. Here you find the highest mountains in Norway, glaciers and a range of outdoor activities.

Key facts about Gudbrandsdalen

The Gudbandsdalen area consists of a main valley, with the smaller valleys of Gausdal, Espedalen, Vinstradalen, Heidal and Ottadalen.

Jotunheimen Mountains

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What to do in Jotunheimen What to do in Jotunheimen

Riding & Sledging


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