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Storyteller at Maihaugen Open Air Museum in Lillehammer, Norway - Photo: Trine Grønn Iversen/Lillehammer.com
Storyteller at Maihaugen Open Air Museum in Lillehammer, Norway Photo: Trine Grønn Iversen/Lillehammer.com

Attractions in the Lillehammer Region

Have fun in the Hunderfossen Family Park, explore the Olympic Museum and arenas or visit the Maihaugen open air museum.

Whether you prefer action-packed adventure parks, history or culture, you can be sure to find suitable attractions in Lillehammer.

Hunderfossen Family Park

The adventure park Hunderfossen is one of Norway's largest tourist attractions, and features a fairytale castle, a high ropes park, Ivo Caprino’s Fairytale Grotto and a racetrack. Close to Hunderfossen you will also find the Children's Farm with animals and farm activities.

Lilleputthammer Family Park

At Lilleputthammer Family Park, young as well as old can enjoy trains, cars, boats, a Ferris wheel, a rollercoaster or the stomach-churning Ola's frog leap. Children will also love the climbing tower, the obstacle course, the bouncy pillow and the trampolines. Lilleputthammer Family Park is ideal for children between 0 and 10 years old.

Olympic arenas

The Olympic Park at Lillehammer is home to the Lysgårdsbakkene Ski Jumping Arena. From the open-air terrace at the ski jumping tower, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of Lillehammer, Mjøsa and the jumping arena. It is a highly popular vantage point for photos, and souvenirs and snacks are available from the kiosk. Ski jumpers are in action both summer and winter.A chairlift will take you up – and also back down, if you would like to experience how ski jumpers feel when soaring through the air. A more energetic option is to walk up and down the 954 steps.

Not far from the Hunderfossen Family Park you will find one of the region's most adrenaline-fuelled attractions – Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track. Experience the G-force in a wheelbob (in the summer) or in bob and skeleton rafts (in the winter).

The Norwegian Olympic Museum

This is the only museum in Northern Europe that presents a comprehensive history of both the Summer and Winter Olympics from the very beginning in 776 BC to today's modern games. This national cultural treasure has fascinated Norwegians for over 100 years. With over 7,000 artefacts on display, it is Norway's most extensive sports exhibition. There are three areas in the Norwegian Olympic Museum: a history section, Lillehammer ‘94 and the Olympic Room.


The open air museum Maihaugen provides an insight into life and work in Norway over the past 500 years. The Rural Collection is a typical representation of life in the Gudbrandsdalen valley. With a church, a school building, a refectory, cotter's farms and fisherman's shacks, a complete rural community has been recreated.

The Town illustrates an inland urban community, and features apartment buildings from Lillehammer, intimate backyards and shops as well as a pharmacy, a hairdresser, a bakery and a post office. A residential area with detached family homes from the 20th century has also been created.In the main building, visitors will find the Old Workshop, an art exhibition with local arts and crafts from Gudbrandsdalen and the historical exhibition We Won the Land as well as a museum shop and café. 

Lillehammer Art Museum

Lillehammer Art Museum enjoys a central location and features a vast collection of important works by Norwegian artists. It is considered one of the best of its kind in the country, and was voted Museum of the Year a few years ago. The museum boasts a permanent collection comprising paintings and drawings by artists such as J. C. Dahl, Hans Gude, Adolph Tidemand, Erik Werenskiold, Eilif Peterssen, Christian Krohg, Frits Thaulow and Edvard Munch. Works by local Lillehammer painters, for example Kristen Holbø, Thorvald Erichsen and Lars Jorde, are also on display. During the 1994 Olympics, Lillehammer Art Museum served as the main cultural arena.The museum café is a popular meeting point in the heart of the town, and the museum shop offers handmade jewellery and books on art.

Skibladner – the world's oldest paddle steamer

A trip with Skibladner is an experience not to be missed. Norway's largest lake Mjøsa is at its most spectacular when experienced from the deck of the white swan. Since she was built in 1856, she has carried passengers, post and goods to the surrounding towns and villages, including Lillehammer, Moelv, Gjøvik, Hamar and Eidsvoll.

Ringebu Stave Church

Ringebu Stave Church was built around 1220. It is one of only 28 remaining stave churches in the country, and one of the largest. In 1980-81, an archaeological excavation was carried out under the stave church. Among the finds were 900 coins and other artefacts, some of which are on display in the rectory.

Ringebu Rectory houses a unique permanent exhibition of works by the artist Jakob Weidemann. The collection comprises 42 paintings. During the period May–September, temporary art exhibitions featuring a variety of artists are also available. 

Festivals and events

The Gudbrandsdalen Valley is the home of Peer Gynt, Henrik Ibsen's world renowned creation. The open air stage in the World of Peer Gynt is ideal for performances of the famous play, which is set up as part of the Peer Gynt Festival in July/August every year. However, the theatre performance on the banks of lake Gålåvatnet is only one of many exciting events visitors can enjoy at this traditional festival.

Gardmillom (from farm to farm), an event involving the heritage farms in Gudbrandsdalen, is held towards the end of July. Among the attractions are cultural experiences, farm visits, barn pubs, walks and activities suitable for the whole family.

As home to two of the country's best preserved author's residences, once occupied by Nobel Laureates in Literature, Lillehammer is the obvious venue for a literature festival. The Norwegian Festival of Literature – the Sigrid Undset Days is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries. The festival is held in May every year and focuses on Nordic contemporary literature and the interaction between literature and society. 

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Last updated:  2013-01-23
Lysgårdsbakkene ski jump arena in Lillehammer, Norway - Photo: n Haakenstad/Lillehammer.com
Lysgårdsbakkene ski jump arena in Lillehammer, Norway
Lillehammer Art Museum is one of Norway's leading visual arts venues - Photo: CH/www.visitnorway.com
Lillehammer Art Museum is one of Norway's leading visual arts venues
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Storyteller at Maihaugen Open Air Museum in Lillehammer, Norway - Photo: Trine Grønn Iversen/Lillehammer.com

Attractions in the Lillehammer Region

Have fun in the Hunderfossen Family Park, explore the Olympic Museum and arenas or visit the Maihaugen open air museum.

Attractions in the Lillehammer Region

Source: Visitnorway


What to do in the Lillehammer Region

Enjoy the outdoor activities on offer – the Olympic bobsleigh track, rafting in Sjoa, downhill biking in Hafjell or guided walks in Rondane.

Winter in the Lillehammer region

Lillehammer is one of the oldest winter sport destinations in Norway and offers excellent opportunities for alpine and cross-country skiing.

Tour suggestions in the Lillehammer Region

Follow the Peer Gynt Mountain Road or discover the scenic mountain landscapes at Skeikampen or Fagerhøi.

Lillehammer and Gudbrandsdalen 360 SkyCam

Get a bird's eye view of Lillehammer and the Gudbrandsdalen Valley with these amazing 360 panorama photos.

About Lillehammer

The Lillehammer Region

Visit Lillehammer and enjoy attractions such as the Olympic arenas, Maihaugen and Hafjell. Explore the area by bicycle, on foot or on skis.

Key facts about Gudbrandsdalen

The Gudbandsdalen area consists of a main valley, with the smaller valleys of Gausdal, Espedalen, Vinstradalen, Heidal and Ottadalen.

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