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Cycling in the mountains around the Lillehammer Region, Norway - Photo: Esben Haakenstad/Lillehammer.com
Cycling in the mountains around the Lillehammer Region, Norway Photo: Esben Haakenstad/Lillehammer.com

Tour suggestions in the Lillehammer Region

Follow the Peer Gynt Mountain Road or discover the scenic mountain landscapes at Skeikampen or Fagerhøi.

In this diverse landscape, visitors have plenty of options to explore the outdoors – by car or bicycle, on foot or skis.

By car

The Bjørnson Route (115 kilometres) 
Turn off the E6 just north of Lillehammer or at Vinstra in the Gudbrandsdalen Valley, and you will reach the scenic rv. 255, the Bjørnsonvegen Route. The drive through the lush cultural landscape leads you from the picturesque farms down in the valley of Vestre Gausdal to the open mountain plateaus of Espedalen.

The Peer Gynt Route (60 kilometres – toll road) 
This mountain road in Gudbrandsdalen passes through the World of Peer Gynt. It is only open during the summer. From the starting point at Skeikampen, the Peer Gynt Route runs via Gålå and Fefor to Espedalen and Skåbu.

Rondevegen (34 kilometres) – Rondane National Tourist Route (42 kilometres)
Turn off the E6 at Ringebu and follow rv. 27 across Venabygdsfjellet Mountain. You will then reach Rondane National Tourist Route that leads from Enden to Folldal. Along this scenic route you follow the border between the Rondane massif and a well-preserved cultural landscape. The towering Rondane Mountains provide a spectacular backdrop, and as the scenery changes with the weather and season there is always a reason to stop and admire the view. 

Skiing, biking and hiking

On both sides of the Gudbrandsdalen Valley, the mountain areas offer exciting walks with views towards the Jotunheimen and Rondane national parks. The Peer Gynt Trail is popular with hikers in the summer and with cross-country skiers in the winter. Hikers can enjoy mountain as well as forest terrain, and have a choice between the Pilgrims' Way or well-marked mountain trails and routes. The region is particularly well suited for trips from cabin to cabin or to mountain lodges or hotels. Cycling enthusiasts will find routes suitable for all, and can choose between a range of clearly marked roads and trails.

The Peer Gynt Trail (around 70 kilometres) goes through the World of Peer Gynt – a beautiful mountain area on the western side of the Gudbrandsdalen Valley. Along the way there are several hotels and mountain lodges providing accommodation and meals. This is also where the Peer Gynt cross-country ski trail runs during the winter season.

The Pilgrims' Way (St. Olav's Route to Trondheim), Lillehammer – Otta (141 kilometres) passes Lillehammer on its way up through the Gudbrandsdalen Valley. It is a varied walk amidst breathtaking scenery and landscapes that abound with cultural heritage experiences. Norske Bygdeopplevelser and Camino Walks arrange organised walks along the Pilgrims' Way.

Venabu Mountain Lodge enjoys a beautiful location at the Venabygdsfjellet Mountain, south of Rondane National Park, and offers spectacular views of the Rondane peaks. Visitors have access to a network of well-marked trails in gentle but varied mountain terrain. A birch forest is close by, and the mountain plateau – with over 30 small and large peaks – is within easy reach. During the hiking season, Venabu Mountain Lodge offers themed guided walks on a weekly basis.

Hafjell to Lillehammer – a gentle family bicycle ride (16 kilometres)
A family friendly and easy ride through the stunning scenery of Gropmarka to Lillehammer town centre. The route starts where the gondola at Hafjell Bike Park ends, and it is possible to get the bus from Lillehammer to Hafjell (buses in the region are equipped with bicycle racks) and then take the Hafjell Gondola to the top of the mountain.

Bicycle adventures to the Øyerfjellet mountain farms
Øyerfjellet has 13 traditional mountain farms still in operation. Several are open to visitors who are interested in learning about life at the farm or want to help out with the animals in the evening. Another adventure is to ride from mountain farm to mountain farm.

Skeikampen round-trip (13 kilometres)
This technically demanding ride is ideal for mountain bike enthusiasts. As the name indicates, the Skeikampen round-trip  starts and finishes at Skeikampen.

Trips with or without a guide and luggage transfer

Norske Bygdeopplevelser offers organised trips all year, with or without a guide and luggage transfer, along popular routes such as the Peer Gynt Trail, Lillehammer to Rondane and the Pilgrims' Way. Camino Walks offers guided walks with luggage transfer along the Pilgrims' Way between Lillehammer and Otta. 

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Last updated:  2013-01-23
 - Photo: Jørgen Skaug
 - Photo: Esben Haakenstad/Lillehammer.com
 - Photo: CH/www.visitnorway.com

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Cycling in the mountains around the Lillehammer Region, Norway - Photo: Esben Haakenstad/Lillehammer.com

Tour suggestions in the Lillehammer Region

Follow the Peer Gynt Mountain Road or discover the scenic mountain landscapes at Skeikampen or Fagerhøi.

Tour suggestions in the Lillehammer Region

Source: Visitnorway


What to do in the Lillehammer Region

Enjoy the outdoor activities on offer – the Olympic bobsleigh track, rafting in Sjoa, downhill biking in Hafjell or guided walks in Rondane.

Attractions in the Lillehammer Region

Have fun in the Hunderfossen Family Park, explore the Olympic Museum and arenas or visit the Maihaugen open air museum.

Winter in the Lillehammer region

Lillehammer is one of the oldest winter sport destinations in Norway and offers excellent opportunities for alpine and cross-country skiing.

About Lillehammer

The Lillehammer Region

Visit Lillehammer and enjoy attractions such as the Olympic arenas, Maihaugen and Hafjell. Explore the area by bicycle, on foot or on skis.

Key facts about Gudbrandsdalen

The Gudbandsdalen area consists of a main valley, with the smaller valleys of Gausdal, Espedalen, Vinstradalen, Heidal and Ottadalen.

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