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Lynx at Langedrag Naturpark, Norway - Photo: Thomas S. Mørch
Lynx at Langedrag Naturpark, Norway Photo: Thomas S. Mørch

Attractions in Nesbyen

Visit one of Norway's oldest open air museums and get close to wolves and other animals at E.K.T. Langedrag Nature Park.

Hallingdal Museum

Hallingdal Museum from 1899 is among the oldest open air museums in Norway. There are 29 antiquarian buildings and 30,000 objects representing the entire region on the museum’s premises.

The Staveloft from Ål was build around 1330 and is today one of the country’s best preserved wooden buildings from the medieval period. The history of emigration is represented by the Skratte farm house from North Dakota. A Hallingdal native who emigrated built the house in 1892. In 1998, it was brought to Nesbyen.

There is a permanent exhibition showing the nature and culture of Hallingdal. In addition there are changing summer exhibitions. On activity days, there are demonstrations of old traditional crafts.

A visit to the museum should be combined with a pleasant walk through Old Nes, the old town.

Old Nes - the old town

In Old Nes you will find yourself close to interesting history. The bourgeoisie and the civil servants of Hallingdal lived here, enjoying a lifestyle far superior to the common inhabitants. The owner of Nystugu, Otto Knoph Rømcke, was often host of balls, as his house had its own ballroom. He built the first pavement in
Hallingdal, still complete and recently restored.

Gardnos Meteorite Park

Gardnos Meteorite Park is the result of a meteorite that hit the earth about 650 million years ago. One of Europe’s most easily accessible meteorite craters - drive right into the centre of the crater.

The exhibition in the information building has been created by the Natural History Museum to show what happened. The information building also contains a café and a souvenir shop. Guides will take along the trails in the crater and show you the traces from the impact. Activity programme for children, where they learn in a simple and exciting way about the meteorite. Come along for the children’s nature trail, rock polishing and rock hunting. Gardnos Meteorite Park is a good starting point for a day in splendid nature with exciting geology.

E.K.T. Langedrag Nature Park

E.K.T. Langedrag Nature Park is situated 1,000 metres above sea level just by Tunhovd. This is a wilderness park with approximately 25 different species of animals. Come visit the mountain fox, elk and reindeer. Experience wolves and lynx up close, and see man "talk" to the wolves in their own language. Try milking a goat, riding and hiking.

The Otto Figures

Go on a round trip in Old Nes and experience the colourful scrap metal figures made by the local artist Otto Skaret. Otto has a great social commitment, and is very much concerned with children and young people’s conditions. This is also reflected in his art.

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 - Photo: Nesbyen turist- og næringsservice As

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Thomas S. Mørch - Photo: Lynx at Langedrag Naturpark, Norway

Attractions in Nesbyen

Visit one of Norway's oldest open air museums and get close to wolves and other animals at E.K.T. Langedrag Nature Park.

Attractions in Nesbyen

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About Nes

Tourist information in Nesbyen

The tourist information is centrally located at the culture center, facing the idyllic inner town square.

Key facts about Nesbyen

The village of Nesbyen lies in the municipality of Nes, in the county of Buskerud. It is situated in the Hallingdal Valley.

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