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Rafting on the Numedalslågen River, Norway - Photo: Serious Fun
Rafting on the Numedalslågen River, Norway Photo: Serious Fun

What to do in Numedal

Numedal makes a great backdrop for outdoor family activities. Try rafting down the Numedalslågen River, riding, walking and cycling.

Hiking and cycling

Numedal is a wonderful destination for anyone who loves the outdoors, and is a great starting point for excursions. Whether you are going for an hour or a day – you will find a path suitable for you. A wide choice of signposted footpaths make it possible for visitors to experience something new every day, whether on foot or on a bike.

National cycle route no. 5 goes through Numedal, and has been voted one of the 10 most beautiful cycle routes in Norway. The old trade route Nordmansslepa is excellent for off-road cycling as well as hiking. With the great Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau just around the corner you will never tire of nature in Numedal.

Hardangervidda, Europe's largest mountain plateau, and one of Norway's best known national parks, is also within easy reach. Blefjell is another mountain area popular for hiking. Both have signposted tracks that make it easy to find your way.

At Vegglifjell (Veggli Mountain) you can go off-road cycling, and from Veggli Vertshus you can rent draisines – a bike that runs on the old train track. Take in the beautiful scenery, stop for a picnic or a swim as you pedal along the Norefjord. Draisines can also be rented from Rollag Station and from here you can cycle to Rollag Stave Church and Open Air Museum.

Get up close to wolves and reindeer

Langedrag Nature Park has magnificent views of the lakes and mountains between Hallingdal and Numedal. Here you can encounter rare, wild animals such as wolves and lynx as well as elk and reindeer.

On the farm, visitors can interact with all the animals, join in on feeding rounds, help in the dairy or just pet one of the many furry inhabitants. At Langedrag there is a variety of activities for children – riding, fishing and tours by horse-and-carriage. In winter there is also dog sledging. The farm is open to visitors all year round.

A bit of history and culture

On the hillside at Kirkebygda, only 10 minutes from the center of Rødberg, you will find the Nore og Uvdal Bygdemuseum (open air museum). The site used to be a rectory, but is now a collection of 17 historic buildings from the area. Visitors can step inside an old school, the original rectory food store, a barn and a grain house from the valley, among others.

Also on site is Uvdal Stave Church from 1168. The museum and the churches are open from June until the end of August. Throughout the summer there is a wide variety of activities, guided tours and concerts.

Rollag Open Air Museum, situated by the Numedal River, and Dåsettunet, three miles from Flesberg, are also worth a visit. In summer, these three open-air museums host a week-long event, the "Week of the Middle Ages" featuring art, music and activities inspired by the period.


Try whitewater rafting on the Numedalslågen River. Serious Fun offers rafting in different categories; extreme, normal and family. The guides are of an international standard and have the right experience and knowledge to ensure that all guests have the experience of a lifetime. New this year are the duckies (a two person raft) – try them for an extreme experience. Serious Fun also offers wilderness camps, abseiling, canoes and paintballing.

Horse riding

Numedal has two excellent equestrian centers, located in the northern end of the valley.

Stall Numedal has a number of safe and friendly ponies, perfect for young children. Stall Numedal can take you out on one of the many treks in the surrounding area, as well as teach you about dressage and jumping.

Uvdal Activity Farm is a western style center and offers riding lessons as well as tours on horseback in the forest and horse-and-carriage rides.

Events and festivals

The Numedal Valley has a number of exciting events every year. The Numedal Rally in March, where rallycross cars brave icy and wintry conditions, takes place in Numedal. At the beginning of June visit Lampeland for the local fair, and at the end of the month stop by Rødberg, where stall fill the streets and there is music, entertainment and activities.

The famous "Week of the Middle Ages" (see above) takes place in July, with activities and entertainment across the entire valley. Fentetrøkket is a mountain hike for “girls of all ages” at Dagalifjell, and takes place in August every year. If you would like to challenge your tastebuds, come to Fjellmatfestivalen at Torsetlia in November, where the Norwegian speciality "rakfisk" is celebrated, along with a selection of other local produce.

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Last updated:  2013-09-18
Riding at Stall Numedal, Norway - Photo: Grazyna Skarpås
Riding at Stall Numedal, Norway
Cycle on a rail tricycle on the old Numedal railway, Norway - Photo: Ulf Skauli
Cycle on a rail tricycle on the old Numedal railway, Norway
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Rafting on the Numedalslågen River, Norway - Photo: Serious Fun

What to do in Numedal

Numedal makes a great backdrop for outdoor family activities. Try rafting down the Numedalslågen River, riding, walking and cycling.

What to do in Numedal

Source: Visitnorway


Attractions in Numedal

In Numedal you are surrounded by nature, history and tradition. See stave churches, go hiking on the Hardangervidda or meet wolves at Langedrag.

About Uvdal


Located midway between Kongsberg and Geilo, Numedal blends Norwegian nature, culture and traditions into a pleasant experience.

Tourist information in Numedal

To make the most of your stay in Numedal, make sure you come by the Visitor Information Centres in Lampeland and Rødberg.

Key facts about Numedal

The Numedal Valley has a rich history and a unique cultural heritage. The former trading route is also home to four stave churches.

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