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On two wheels through the heart of Hadeland, Norway - Photo: seringerike.no
On two wheels through the heart of Hadeland, Norway Photo: seringerike.no

Tour suggestions in Ringerike

Ringerike's landscape is ideal for cycling and hiking. The central location in Eastern Norway makes it perfect for both day trips and overnight stays.

On foot along the Pilgrim Way

The western Pilgrim Way starts in Oslo and continues over Krokskogen to Bønsnes Church, through the villages of Hadeland and all the way to Nidaros in Trondheim. Pilgrim routes follow as far as possible the original historical routes. The Pilgrim Way is well-marked and is perfect for a time-out and a short break for a day or two, or even longer trips along the path.


  • Sundvollen - Bønsnes Church: About 11 kilometers
  • Bønsnes Church - Norderhov Church: About 12 kilometers
  • Norderhov Church - Klækken Hotell: About 6 kilometers
  • Klækken Hotell – Randsvangen Hotell: About 14 kilometers
  • Randsvangen Hotell via Sløvika to Granavollen: About 26 kilometers
  • Granavollen – Brandbu: About 10 kilometers

Sundvollen is a perfect place to start the Pilgrim Walk. The bus to Sundvollen and Hønefoss departs from Oslo Bus Station. If you are travelling by car from Oslo, you take the main road E16. From Oslo Airport Gardermoen there is a shuttle bus to Sundvollen.

Be prepared for the Pilegrim Way after a good night's sleep at Sundvolden Hotel.

After a short distance along the E16, the route turns off the main road and goes along pleasant lanes and paths to Bønsnes Church close to the lake Tyrifjorden. The church is from the 1100's and the saga says that Olaf the Holy grew up in the area and let the church be built after he survived a storm on Tyrifjorden.

From Bønsnes Church the Pilgrim Way follows the old Church Road to Hole Church. You pass the fairy-tale farm Mo, where Jørgen Moe, the Norwegian storyteller, grew up. Bjørke Farm welcomes tourists to stay overnight in the old storehouse. You will get a glimpse of the Steinsfjord and Halvdanshaugen to your right before continuing on the medieval road to Norderhov Church. Ringerikes Museum is situated next to the church.

A few kilometers after Klækken Hotell, you should stop at Kistefos-Museet. The former Kistefos Wood Pulp Mill is today an industrial museum and the only intact Scandinavian wood pulp mill. Besides presenting an important chapter of Norwegian industrial history, the museum offers annual art exhibitions by both Norwegian and international artists.

Approximately 4 kilometers later, you pass close to Hadeland Glassverk (glassworks) from 1762. Spend a few hours here before walking along the east side of Randsfjorden. Take a stop in Sløvika and go for a swim if you feel for it. Next stop is the Pilgrim center in Granavollen which has been the center of the old Hadefylke. Here you can visit the "sister churches" from the 1100's with their medieval cemetery, stone houses and garden.

You pass beautiful culture landscape with old farms and historical peaks. At Hadeland Folk Museum there is a copy of the Dynna Stone, a rune stone from the mid 1000's. It is the oldest Christian pictorial monument. The path continues along the old roads to Brandbu, the Pilgrim Way goes further towards Gjøvik and Hamar, and all the way to Nidaros.

For more information, see pilegrim.info.

Kjerratstien - an 18-kilometer historical hiking route

The village of Åsa is approximately 8 kilometers from Sundvollen. Around 1850 Mr. Peder Anker built a transport system for timber upwards the river from Steinsfjorden to Storflåtan in Nordmarka with a height difference of around 400 meters. Today it is possible to walk along the path of the old timber-transport system. It starts at Kjerratmuseet and the green information posters along the old foundations are easily seen. The posters are set up along the route to inform about topography and history. There were a total of 12 "kjerrater", but the latter never came into use. The 5th wheel house is built in full size on the old foundations.

The trail stretches from Åsa, down to Åsatangen, and follows the old route to Damtjern. From here the road follows the east side of Damtjern. After passing Vassendvika, it follows the old horse track back to Damtjern. From Tolverdammen you walk along Vikseterveien to Høgåsveien and Vikseterfossen Waterfall and further along the water channel until Vambubekken. Kjerratstien follows old tracks, trails and ski slopes to Østre Vambutjern. From here it is a transport leg in the forest on the footpath and road until Jonsetangen.

Guided hiking up Mørkgonga Canyon

Mørkgonga is a narrow canyon on the edge of the Kroksog plateau. It is a crack in the lava plate covering Krokskogen and it is situated between Steinsfjorden and Gyrihaugen, one of the highest peaks in the forest Nordmarka. The nature here is a piece of wilderness.

There are guided hiking trips through Mørkgonga all the way to Gyrihaugen (682 meters above sea level) and down the old road where they transported timber with horses in old times. Part of the tour goes through Mørkgonga nature reserve. The walk takes 3 - 5 hours. In addition to offer nice scenery, this is a tour of cultural art with an emphasis on old farming and logging.

The tour is medium difficult and not recommended for those with fear of heights. Good footwear, preferably hiking boots is recommended.

The trip costs from NOK 1,500. Additional price for groups with more than 5 persons is NOK 200 per person.

For more information, see tettpanaturen.no or send an email to Bjerkeli@tettpanaturen.no.

Bicycling from Sundvollen - the King's View, about 6.5 kilometers

Starting at Sundvollen, you must be prepared for a steep road upwards for about 5 kilometers up to Kleivstua. From here you have to walk for about 1.5 kilometers up to the King's View. At the view point which is 484 meters above sea level, you are convinced that it was worth the extra walking. The King's View was named after King Karl Johan who visited the site in 1832. Sit down on the bench and enjoy the view of the surrounding landscape and the mountains in the distance. In good weather one can see all the way to Gaustatoppen Mountain. 

The Crown Prince's View
On the way up to King's View you will find both the Queen and Crown Prince's views. The first which is located close to Kleivstua is unfortunately somewhat overgrown. The other is a popular starting place for hang- and paragliding situated on the left side just before Kleivstua. The view over Ringerike makes you understand why some people have the urge to fly like a bird.

Bicycling around the lake Steinsfjorden – about 16 kilometers 

Sundvollen is an excellent starting point for a bike ride around the lake Steinsfjorden. The trip takes about 1.5 to 2 hours depending on how many breakes and detours you take along the way.

Follow the bicycle bridge along the E16 past Vik and Steinsåsen. After the Stein Farm on your right, the landscape broadens out over the farmyards at Steinsletta. Here you will see Halvdanshaugen, which is where, according to the saga, the Viking King Halvdan Svarte is buried. Not far away, on your left-hand side, lies the farm where Jørgen Moe, the Norwegian storyteller grew up. The farm has been in the same family since the 1300's.

The road bends down and along the east side of Steinsfjorden. Take time to stop by the old general store in Åsa, there are not many of these left anymore. It was far more life in Åsa two hundred years ago when Peder Anker built the unique timber transport system from Steinsfjorden and 400 meters up to Storflåtan.

Take a detour to the right when you see the sign Orebråtaveien, it leads to a peaceful beach. From Åsa it is approximately 8 kilometers until you are back at the starting point.

Bicycling from Ringerike to Hadeland Glassverk (glassworks)

This tour which is nearly 40 kilometers long also starts at Sundvollen. The route takes you along country roads without too many challenges. Use the whole day and take time to visit both Kistefos-Museet and Hadeland Glassverk.

At the start just beyond Sundvollen, there is a sign that refers to rock carvings from the Bronze Age. The figures are likely to be boats with people, the water level were higher at the time.

From Sundvollen around Røyse to Norderhov, about 23 kilometers
The road goes around Røyse peninsula to Helgelandsmoen through a cultural landscape with farms and fields. Just before the sign Onsakervika Camping, take a detour to the right to see the rock carvings at Frøshaug. A local gallery, Gallery Klevjer is situated on Helgelandsmoen, look for the tallest building in the industrial park. Later on the road passes Ringerikes Museum which is located along the apple gardens with Norderhov Church as the nearest neighbour.

Norderhov Church - Hadeland Glassverk (glassworks), about 16 kilometers
There are many things to see along the way from Norderhov to Hadeland. After 6 kilometers you reach Klækken Hotell, well-known as a conference hotel, but also for their excellent cuisine. A few kilometers after Klækken Hotell, you should stop at Kistefos-Museet. In addition to being a park area, Kistefos-Museet is both an industrial museum and a gallery with international art exhibitions. At Hadeland Glassverk you must also spend a few hours before looking at the map again and choose your way through Hadeland. 

If you need to hire a bicycle, please contact the tourist information.

Last updated:  2014-05-27
Granavollen along the western Pilgrim Way, Norway - Photo: seringerike.no
Granavollen along the western Pilgrim Way, Norway
Bønsnes Church, Norway - Photo: Per Mandt
Bønsnes Church, Norway
Kjerratstien, Norway - Photo: seringerike.no
Kjerratstien, Norway
Mørkgonga Canyon, Norway - Photo: Rolf Lie
Mørkgonga Canyon, Norway
Go cycling in Ringerike, Norway - Photo: Kari-Anne Bråthen
Go cycling in Ringerike, Norway
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On two wheels through the heart of Hadeland, Norway - Photo: seringerike.no

Tour suggestions in Ringerike

Ringerike's landscape is ideal for cycling and hiking. The central location in Eastern Norway makes it perfect for both day trips and overnight stays.

Tour suggestions in Ringerike

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About Ringerike

Tourist information in Ringerike

Ringerike Reiseliv is your local assistant, and the office is open all year, every day.

Key facts about Ringerike

Ringerike and its main town Hønefoss are nice goals for a day trip from Oslo. Hadeland Glassworks is the biggest attraction in the area.

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