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Fishing in sunset in Rjukan, Norway - Photo: Ove Bergersen
Fishing in sunset in Rjukan, Norway Photo: Ove Bergersen

What to do in Rjukan

Rent a canoe or join a boat trip on Lake Møsvatn, or choose hiking, biking or fishing on the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda.


Tinn is surrounded by 849 square miles of wonderful mountain country and scenic lakes. Around Rjukan you will find mountains which offer good opportunities for walks and outdoor activities. Miles of hiking routes are waymarked

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) maintains a number of mountain cabins/lodges on Hardangervidda. DNT's waymarked routes connect the mountain cabins/lodges.

In the neighbourhood of Rjukan, hiking routes are signposted with information regarding local history, from the heavy water plant saboteurs, tourism 100 years ago and industrial development to sagas and folk tales.

The Saboteur Trail is the route the world famous Norwegian Resistance used during World War II  to get from the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda and down the steep gorge to Vemork to blow up the heavy water factory. The trail is four miles long, well-marked and starts off from Rjukan Fjellstue. There are boards along the way that tell the story. Guided tours along the Saboteur Trail are available during the summer. The trip takes approximately two to three hours.

Biking on Hardangervidda

Cycling on the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda or in the Rjukan area brings you into beautiful nature.


Canoeing in mighty mountain scenery on a mountain lake is an activity well suited for the whole family.

Bungee jumping

The company Telemark Opplevelser organises Norway's highest permanent bungee jump from the suspension bridge at Vemork. Participants throw themselves down into a 275-feet deep gorge. Skilled jumpers describe the experience as very special and very tough because it is like jumping into a funnel.


The Rjukan area offers more than 800 lakes. Some of these are available with a fishing license and you can catch both trout and char. Fishing is fun for all the family and many of the lakes are easy to get to. A fishing guide for Rjukan is available at the tourist information office.

Horseback riding in the mountains

Rjukan's surrounding landscape is ideal for riding. Trek along old country roads, through forests and over mountains. You will find lots of friendly horses of all shapes and sizes. You can go pony trekking in beautiful and varied countryside or ride in the paddock. The pony treks are also suitable for inexperienced riders.

Boat trips

The M/B Fjellvåken will take you on a wonderful trip across Lake Møsvatn from Skinnarbu to Mogen Turisthytte, a distance of 24 miles. The boat passes mountain farms and sails through beautiful scenery on its voyage, which lasts about two hours one way. Mogen is an ideal starting point for hiking on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. The boat can also be chartered for special occasions.

The M/B Mårfjord sails on Lake Mårvatn deep in to the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda. It has daily departures from Synken (near Kalhovd) to Mårbu Turisthytte in the high season.

Water and well-being

Rjukanbadet is a centre for enjoyment and well-being. Here you will find four different sections: The Family Section, The Young People's Section, The Sports Section and Teh Well-being Section.

The Family Section includes a teaching pool and play pool with a slide and inflatable toys, an outdoor sun terrace, a beach and a cafeteria. The short distance between the pool and the cafeteria means that parents can keep an eye on their children while they play in the water.

The Young People's Section has three diving boards and a climbing wall. There are two three-metre water chutes. In addition there is a raised lounge area and a sports pool.

The Sports Section consists of a combined swimming and diving pool.

The Well-being Section is the quietest part of the complex and is screened off from the other areas. Here you will find a warm-water pool with benches and massage jets, a whirl pool with air and water massage, a steam bath, a sauna, a small waterfall, an outdoor terrace and an outdoor hot tub.

At Rjukanbadet you will also find a tanning studio and gymnasium.

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Last updated:  2015-05-07
Biking at Rjukan, Norway - Photo: Ove Bergersen
Biking at Rjukan, Norway
Rjukanbadet, Rjukan - Photo: Rjukanbadet
Rjukanbadet, Rjukan
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Fishing in sunset in Rjukan, Norway - Photo: Ove Bergersen

What to do in Rjukan

Rent a canoe or join a boat trip on Lake Møsvatn, or choose hiking, biking or fishing on the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda.

What to do in Rjukan

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Hiking in Rjukan

There is a variety of marked trails in the mountains of Rjukan. The Gaustatoppen Mountain and the old saboteurs' route are recommended.

About Rjukan


Rjukan is located by the Hardangervidda National Park and is known for Gaustatoppen Mountain and the heavy water sabotages by the heroes of Telemark.

Tourist information in Rjukan

The tourist information office in Rjukan is located in the town center and can offer help with booking accommodation, tours and more.

Key facts about Rjukan

Rjukan is an old center for industry and has approximately 3,000 inhabitants.

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What to do in Rjukan What to do in Rjukan



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