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Rallarvegen, Norway - Photo: Thomas Linkel
Rallarvegen, Norway Photo: Thomas Linkel

What to do in the Fjell & Fjord region

Cycle from the mountains to the fjords or experience wild animals up close. With the Adventure Card you will get advantages on more than 40 activities


Thanks to the short distances between the mountains and fjords, you will find many fascinating areas for walking in the region. You can walk in the mountains, along rivers and lakes, through valleys, along sea-green fjords and in leafy orchards.

If you want to experience the diversity of glaciers, mountains and fjords, make sure you do not miss the “10 Iconic Walks” hiking trips.

Read more about hiking in the Fjell & Fjord region.


The Fjell & Fjord region is a paradise for those who want a cycling holiday. There is a multitude of prepared trails and roads for all cycling levels and types – touring, terrain and downhill. Cycling from the high mountains through panoramic views to the majestic fjords is an adventure and an unforgettable experience.

The scenic Rallarvegen (the Navvies’ Road) , that goes from the vast mountain plateau of Hardangervidda down to Flåm and the Aurlandsfjord, is one of the most appreciated bike routes in Norway. 

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If you are after a wilderness experience out of the ordinary, a trip on horseback in the mountains is highly recommended. There are plenty of horse riding adventures on offer at the Fjell & Fjord region's official website.


Whether you try your luck as an angler in one of Norway’s best trout and salmon rivers, camp by one of the mountain lakes in Norefjell and Hallingdal or go saltwater fishing in the fjords, you will find plenty of fishing opportunities in the Fjell & Fjord region.

The Adventure Card

Do you want an extra exciting adventure holiday? The Adventure Card entitles you to discounts on many activities for both young and old. Information about opening hours, prices, discounts, tour suggestions and holiday packages is available on the Fjell & Fjord website

You can download the Adventure Card free of charge here.

Children's favourites

  • Vassfaret Bear Park, Flå: Experience Norway's fauna. Cuddly animals, an obstacle course, climbing and nature trails plus close contact with bears, elk and roe deer.
  • E.K.T. Langedrag Nature Park, Nesbyen: Experience wild animals up close! More than 25 different species, among them wolves, lynx, arctic fox, elk, reindeer, horses and goats.
  • Tropicana Badeland, Gol: Norway's largest combined indoor and outdoor bathing facility. Super-slides with spiral tunnels and intense light effects. 
  • Fjordsafari on Nærøyfjord, Flåm: An exciting safari in rapid, rigid-hulled, inflatable boats where you can explore the wonderful Nærøyfjord
  • Mikkelparken, Kinsarvik: Bathing facilities with water slides and pool, a jumping castle, a racetrack and crash boats.
  • Blaafarveværket in the municipality of Modum comprises a museum, cobalt mines, glassworks and art exhibitions.

Other adventures

  • Become a junior geologist at the Gardnos Meteorite Crater, Nesbyen
  • Activity day at the Hallingdal Museum, Nesbyen
  • Blow your own glass at HallingGlass, Gol
  • Horse riding trip at Storefjell Resort Hotel, Golsfjellet
  • The children's farm at Oset Høyfjellshotell, Golsfjellet
  • High mountain farm activities at Ulsåkstølen, Hemsedal
  • Via Ferrata climbing routes, Hemsedal
  • Trout Safari, Hemsedal
  • Ceramic painting at the ceramics workshop – Witteveen, Vats/Ål
  • In the footsteps of Eivind the Outlaw – a storyteller theatre walk, Ål/Hol
  • "Searching for Huldra" – a guided family trip near Hallingskarvet, Geilo
  • Geilolia Climbing Park – ladders, climbing, nets, ropes - Geilo
  • Forge Hulder steel at Høve Støtt, Geilo
  • Rafting on Numedalslågen with Dagali Opplevelser, Dagali/Geilo
  • Rafting with Serious Fun, Dagali/Geilo
  • Hardangervidda Nature Centre, Øvre Eidfjord/Hardanger
  • Glacier hiking with Folgefonni Breførarlag, Jondal – Hardanger
  • Skiing on Folgefonna, Folgefonna Summerskicentre, Jondal
  • River paddling with Flat Earth Adventures, Upper Eidfjord/Hardanger
  • Waterfall jumping with Flat Earth Adventures, Eidfjord/Hardanger
  • The Flåm Railway
  • Flåm Panorama – panorama film of the fjord and its animals
  • The Rallar Train, Flåm
  • The Eldhus – Undredal Visitor’s Centre
  • The Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre, Laerdal

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Experience bears and other animals close-up at Vassfaret Bear Park in Flå - Photo: Thomas Mørch
Experience bears and other animals close-up at Vassfaret Bear Park in Flå
Have fun among the trees in Geilolia Climbing Park - Photo: Vegard Breie
Have fun among the trees in Geilolia Climbing Park

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Rallarvegen, Norway - Photo: Thomas Linkel

What to do in the Fjell & Fjord region

Cycle from the mountains to the fjords or experience wild animals up close. With the Adventure Card you will get advantages on more than 40 activities

What to do in the Fjell & Fjord region

Source: Visitnorway

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About the Fjell & Fjord region

Ål in Hallingdal

In Ål you can enjoy enjoy outdoor activities and a number of cultural events.

Gol in Hallingdal

Spend some days in the small town of Gol, and enjoy activities such as hiking and fishing during the summer, and skiing during the winter.

The Fjell & Fjord region

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