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The Sister Churches in Hadeland, Norway - Photo: © Fotograf B.T. Stokke.
The Sister Churches in Hadeland, Norway Photo: © Fotograf B.T. Stokke.


Being on the list of nationally valuable culture landscapes, Hadeland can offer a wealth of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages.

This exciting region Hadeland is the southernmost in the county of Oppland. Hadeland comprises the municipalities Gran, Jevnaker and Lunner, and has a total population of approximately 28,000. 

The names of two of the municipalitiest Gran and Jevnaker, tell us what agriculture means for this region. Gran means grain, whilst Jevnaker means level field.  Archaeological finds indicate that busy hands have cultivated the soil and cattle have grazed here for thousands of years. 

Hadeland is not far away if you are visiting the towns of Oslo (50 minutes away by car via fv. 4), Hønefoss (15 minutes away by car via fv. 35) and Gjøvik (40 minutes away by car via fv. 4). Norway's main airport, Oslo Airport Gardermoen, is located only 20 minutes away by car via fv. 35.


Hadeland Glassverk (glassworks)
Hadeland Glassverk is definitely Hadeland’s greatest draw – and one of Norway's most visited tourist attractions - beautifully situated at the south end of the Randsfjord.

At Hadeland Glassverk, founded in 1762, you can admire glass-blowers practicing their handicraft the same way as they did in the 1700s. The entire area is like a cosy village – with exciting shops and activities for the whole family.

Søsterkirkene (the Sister Churches)
The two medieval churches on Granvollen form an impressive landmark. They were most likely built during the twelfth century. At that time, the churches were quite often given the names of saints. The larger one is named after the saint bishop Nikolaus of Bari, the patron saint of travellers. The smaller one is named Mariakirken after the mother of Jesus.

The former Kistefos Wood Pulp Mill is today an industrial museum and the only intact Scandinavian wood pulp mill. Besides presenting an important chapter of Norwegian industrial history, the museum offers annual art exhibitions by both Norwegian and international artists.

Hadeland Folkemuseum
An open air museum set in a beautiful culture landscape. Exhibitions of 25 restored buildings and a beautiful medieval church, St. Petri, from 1120. Here, you also find the burial ground of the Norwegian viking king Halvdan Svarte. Open for individuals and groups all year. The museum is situated along Kongevegen (The King's Road), five kilometres from road fv. 4 and two kilometres from Granavollen. 

Damask cloths and other textiles are woven here by hand or on old mechanical looms. The products are for sale. Grinakervev is situated on a beautiful farm with historic buildings. Open all year for groups and individuals. The mill is situated five kilometres from road fv. 4, 20 kilometres from Hadeland Glassworks.

Dåpstradisjon (baptismal tradition)
Dåpstradisjon is a charming museum with a dressmaker's workroom and shop. It is situated in the old culture landscape in Tingelstad on the farm Nordre Aschim. 170 objects from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries will enchant you. Among the treasures, you can admire hand-embroidered christening dresses and tiny caps. In the old smithy, they design and produce christening dresses inspired by the older days. You will find baptismal pins in silver, traditional Norwegian wooden toys and other gifts for children. The museum is situated 10 kilometres from the road fv. 4. 

Tegneseriemuseet (comic museum)
Meet the Phantom, Scrooge's office and draw your own comic strips. 
The museum has just about every comic strip that has been published in Norway. The collection comprizes over 100,000 comic strips and objects. Original comic strips by Norwegian and foreign artists are displayed.

Hadeland Bergverksmuseum
There has been mining activity at Grua for 500 years.  Norway's oldest iron mine was registered here in 1538. During summer months, safaris are arranged in the zinc mines from 1887 at Nyseter. For more information check randsfjordmuseene.no 

Solobservatoriet (sun observatory)
Get close to planets, stars, galaxies, nebulae and other heavenly pearls through a telescope. The sun observatory offers courses and experiences to all types of groups. You may make practical observations of different objects in the heavens. Many interesting  indoor activities: Lectures and practices, as well as presentations of slides, films and videos.

Where to stay

Few regions have such a treasure of pleasant hotels and banquet venues as Hadeland. Here the hosts, through generations, have left their mark on the places. You can also spend the night at a camp site, a cottage or a lavvo in the forest, a guesthouse along the Randsfjord or on a farm, all in quiet and beautiful surroundings.

Tourist information

  • Hadeland Reiseliv is you local assistant, and the office is open all year, every day.
    All services are free, except guiding. If you are responsible for a group travel, you can get one invoice from us and you have only one person to contact.

To get info about Hadeland, you can visit one of the seven info stations (computers) at the following places:

  • Hadeland Glassverk
  • Hadeland Gjestegård
  • Lygnasæter Hotell
  • Spar Brandbu
  • Smietorget Gran
  • Granstunet Gran
  • Harestua Senter 

Phone: +47 61 33 11 43
Fax: +47 61 33 11 44
Email: post@visithadeland.no   


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Last updated:  2014-05-27
Art from Hadeland Glassverk, Norway - Photo: Hadeland Glassverk
Art from Hadeland Glassverk, Norway
Canoeing in Hadeland, Norway - Photo: Hadeland Reiseliv
Canoeing in Hadeland, Norway
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The Sister Churches in Hadeland, Norway - Photo: © Fotograf B.T. Stokke.


Being on the list of nationally valuable culture landscapes, Hadeland can offer a wealth of attractions and activities for visitors of all ages.


Source: Visitnorway

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