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The charming fishing village of Kalvåg, Norway - Photo: Vestkysten Reiseliv AS
The charming fishing village of Kalvåg, Norway Photo: Vestkysten Reiseliv AS

Tour suggestions along FjordKysten

Visit the charming fishing village of Kalvåg or take the boat out Utvær, Norway’s westernmost island.


Take the express boat to Sollibotn, and then travel by bus, boat or on foot along the "Nordsjøløypa" (North Sea Trail) to Eivindvik. Spend the day in historic surroundings where Norway's oldest assembly, Gulatinget, laid the foundations of democracy in Norway.

Hire a bicycle in Eivindvik or take the Nordsjøløypa to Flolid, the millennium site of Sogn og Fjordane County (3.5 kilometres). Guided tours take place daily at noon (in Norwegian) and 1 pm (in English). Buy a return ticket for the express boat from Bergen to Sollibotn at the pier terminal in Bergen. Get your bus/boat ticket to Eivindvik at Sollibotn.


The production of millstones in Hyllestad started over 1,000 years ago, and used to be a major industry, employing up to 1,000 people. Millstones were exported to Denmark and to the Baltic, as well as to the western islands. Many of the crosses along the coast are made of millstones from Hyllestad, including the crosses in Eivindvik and Korssund.

Kvernsteinparken offers nature trails that present the history of the industry, with debris and broken product as well as half-carved stones still not separated from the rock surface. There are guided tours in summer. The park has been nominated for inclusion on the UNESO world heritage list.


Take a trip to the charming old fishing hamlet of Utvær in Solund – Norway's westernmost point. Let yourself be overwhelmed by the power of the open sea. Once you have arrived safely, you can enjoy the idyllic atmosphere of the traditional fishing hamlet and its beautiful lighthouse.

Follow the trail across Utvær past historical sites, including the place where Vikings used to sharpen their swords before heading west. Enjoy a guided tour of Utvær Lighthouse with its view out to the open sea.

Island hopping

There are many islands for you to discover along the coast of Western Norway. The waters near Askvoll are blessed with some of the most attractive islands in the region, and it is possible to join a guided cruise among those.

Visit Bulandet, an amazing archipelago of 365 islands, and the old fishing village and trading post of Gåsvær. Experience first-hand this wild landscape facing the sea, with a myriad of skerries and islands sculpted by storms. There are organised trips in summer from 1 June to 31 August. 


From the charming town of Florø, a local boat sails out amongst isles and skerries, making its way to the saga island of Kinn. Here stands one of the most beautifully situated churches in Norway. No one is sure when the Romanesque church was built, but it is at least 100 years older than the masterfully carved pulpit from 1250. There are organised trips in summer from 1 June to 31 August.

Take a hike up Kinnaklova, a famous sailing landmark, for breathtaking view over the sea.


Locals consider Svanøy to be the "jewel of Sunnfjord" – and this beautiful emerald island enchants every visitor. Exploring the trails and narrow roads on foot, you will soon see why people have thrived here for over 4,000 years. For more than a thousand years Svanøy was a seat of worldly and religious power.

Beside the churchyard stands St Olav's cross, inscribed with runes from the 10th century. Svanøy has many relics from the early 19th century, when the islanders were fervent followers of lay preacher Hans Nielsen Hauge.

Join a guided tour of Svanøy estate and the deer farm. Svanøy is an enjoyable boat ride from Florø.

Bremanger - round-trip by bus

A memorable round-trip by bus in beautiful surroundings packed with historical highlights. The trip starts in Florø and continues to the village of Svelgen. The village has been an industrial place for many years. Svelgen, however, is surrounded by beautiful mountains and is a popular recreational area.

The trip then continues to Ålfoten, where you might get a glance of the glacier. You will visit one of the most beautiful churches in the area, Rugsund Kyrkje. The bus will pass interesting historical areas as you head out to Grotle. Here you will see beautiful long white sandy beaches. There is also an old graveyard situated here.

You may go to Kalvåg for lunch, where you find Knutholmen, which specialises in local food. After lunch you can head back straight to Florø, or you can take the ferry to Kjelkenes and from there continue on to Florø.


The fishing community of Kalvåg is situated far out with the North Sea as its neighbour in the west and Stad to the north. Here you will find one of the best preserved fishing villages in Western Norway.

Around the bay lies a cluster of picturesque sea houses. You can visit the old herring salting houses, go for a walk along the open-air art exhibition or just soak up the atmosphere.

Visit the local galleries and have a look at the art and crafts you can find in Kalvåg. The shops offer unique products. Kalvåg is also famous for its excellent seafood.

Last updated:  2013-03-25
Utvær Lighthouse, Norway - Photo: Magne Hamre
Utvær Lighthouse, Norway
Utværsvågen, Norway - Photo: Magne Hamre
Utværsvågen, Norway
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The charming fishing village of Kalvåg, Norway - Photo: Vestkysten Reiseliv AS

Tour suggestions along FjordKysten

Visit the charming fishing village of Kalvåg or take the boat out Utvær, Norway’s westernmost island.

Tour suggestions along FjordKysten

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Attractions along FjordKysten

You cannot go further west in Norway. Travel off the beaten track and explore FjordKysten's exciting destinations - a taste of authentic coastal life.

What to do along FjordKysten

The variations in the nature along FjordKysten allows for many different activities. Relax at a spa, or try for example surfing, fishing and cycling.

Top of the fjords

Almost a week is required for this trip where you visit the Jotunheimen Mountains, the Sognefjord and the UNESCO protected Geirangerfjord.

About FjordKysten


There are wonderful adventures to be had along the fjord coast in the county of Sogn og Fjordane.

Key facts about FjordKysten

FjordKysten is the coastal area in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, stretching from Gulen, near the Sognefjord, in the south to Bremanger in the north.

Tourist information along FjordKysten

Along the coast there are several tourist information offices which can provide you with the information you need for travelling in FjordKysten.

Key facts about Stryn and Nordfjord

The Nordfjord region consists of the municipalities of Stryn, Hornindal, Gloppen, Eid, Vågsøy and Selje.

Fjordkysten - Coast of Fjords, Fjordkysten - Coast of Fjords

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Tour suggestions

Tour suggestions along FjordKysten Tour suggestions along FjordKysten



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