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The Innerdalen Valley, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life AS
The Innerdalen Valley, Norway Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life AS

Scenic attractions in Kristiansund and Nordmøre

The region is known for a landscape full of contrasts. The greatest attractions are the Atlantic Road and the spectacular Aursjøvegen Mountain Road.

The Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road, rv. 64 between the town of Kristiansund and the fishing village of Bud, has been voted "construction of the century" by the Norwegians and ranked as the world's best road trip by the British newspaper The Guardian.

The road zig-zags across islands and skerries, bringing you right out to the ocean. Visitors often spend hours here, enjoying the view of the Atlantic Ocean and the many islands and skerries that have made these waters infamous amongst sailors.

From the rocks and bridges, fishing is good, but you can also join an organised fishing trip. Strong currents with clean, clear water attract divers from all over the world.

On the island of Averøy, you can hire cabins and fishermen's cabins (rorbuer) throughout the year. If you are looking for a good meal, why not catch your own fish – or try the restaurants of Håholmen and Bjartmars Favorittkro in Kårvåg?

The Atlantic Road, which is part of road rv. 64 between Kristiansund and Bud, is one of several national tourist routes in Norway.

See a video from attractions in the Krsitiansund and Nordmøre area: 


The Innerdalen Valley

Innerdalen is frequently called Norway's most beautiful mountain valley. There is no road leading to the valley, so you must walk in to the valley from Nerdalen at Ålvundeid (a medium 1 to 1.5-hour walk).

Innerdalen is pleasant and sheltered, and with the majestic Innerdaltårnet Mountain (1,452 meters above sea level), it feels almost like a place of worship, giving the visitor a tremendous experience at any time of year.

Ramblers, skiers, climbers and anglers - Innerdalen has something for everyone. Those who are most captivated are those who just want to enjoy some of the most beautiful nature Norway can provide.

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) has several marked trails that start from the valley, and there is plenty of overnight accommodation available at the Innerdalshytta Cabin and Renndølsetra Summer Farm. If you are looking for guided tours, Contrast Adventure can help you.

The island of Grip

The picturesque island of Grip, formerly one of the most important fishing communities along the Norwegian coast, lies far out in the Atlantic Ocean. Being located midway to the fishing banks of Grip, the island was considered very attractive.

Today, the houses here serve as summer residences. The village, with its narrow streets, colourful, well-maintained buildings and the beautiful, tiny stave church almost appears like a small town. During summer, there are daily boat trips to Grip from Kristiansund.

The passenger ferry Sundbåten

Sundbåten has been transporting people between the islands of Kristiansund for more than a century. Today, Sundbåten still offers an important transport service, but it is also one of the most important carriers of culture and history in Kristiansund. A round trip with Sundbåten is great for sightseeing. During summer, there are guided tours for individual travellers.

The Norwegian Split Cod Museum

Split cod, also known as clipfish ("klippfisk" in Norwegian), has been one of the major exports of Kristiansund. The salt-matured cod has been exported to Southern Europe, Argentina and Brazil under the name Bacalao Noruego for a long time.

The process of making split cod was women's and children's work, a demanding and long process of manual labour. Today, split cod is still an important trade article.

Mellemværftet Ship Yard Museum

One of the best preserved ship yards in Norway is located in Kristiansund. Located down at the harbour in the center of town, the Mellemværftet Ship Yard Museum is easy to find. Charming buildings and surroundings. The museum offers guided tours during the summer. Open all year.

Petrosenteret Oil Museum

Petrosenteret offers displays, models and interesting exhibitions about the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

Kvernes Stave Church

On the island of Averøy, the beautiful medieval stave church of Kvernes can be visited. Its location bears witness to the area's historical importance in terms of power, religion and wealth. The interior is particularly beautiful. The church is open to visitors daily during summer

Kvernes Rural Museum

This is one of the most popular museums of the region. The museum consists of 11 buildings displaying the lives of fishermen and farmers. Guided tours. Open during summer.

The old fishing community of Håholmen

Håholmen Havstuer is located on an island close to the Atlantic Road. Once a fishing village, trading center and an important venue for sailors and fishermen, Håholmen serves today as an untraditional hotel.

The high quality accommodation and restaurant are scattered all over the island, in old houses, barns and fishing wharves. Håholmen oozes charm.

An interesting display of Viking era history can also be found at Håholmen. Amongst the most interesting features is a replica of a Viking ship.

During summer, scheduled boat trips go to Håholmen on a regular basis. Outside summer, visitors must call in advance. Håholmen Havstuer is particularly attractive for conferences/incentive groups.

The island of Smøla and the fishing village of Veiholmen

The flat island of Smøla has a distinct landscape, different from the rest of the Nordmøre region. Vast marsh landscapes offer good walking, habitats for birds and lots of smaller lakes teeming with trout. One of the major attractions is the sea eagle.

Norway's southernmost active fishing village, Veiholmen, is located on the northern tip of Smøla. At Veiholmen you may still experience the fishing boats and the daily life of the fishermen. Why not spend your vacation in old, restored fishermen's cabins (rorbuer)? Or maybe you prefer to spend the night in at Haugjegla Lighthouse ?

Aursjøvegen Mountain Road

The spectacular Aursjøvegen Road is a road to remember. Once you have been there, you will not forget the narrow, windy road that takes you from sea level to almost 950 meters above sea level. Towering mountains will surround you. Waterfalls cascade into little lakes. With some luck, you may even encounter reindeer and a musk ox. Please note that Aursjøvegen is not suitable for caravans and larger buses.


In the valleys of Sunndalen, Eikesdalen and Todalen a number of tall waterfalls can be found. The waterfalls are at their richest during May, June and July. Many of them are easily accessible, either from the road or after a short walk.

In Sunndalen, Vinnufjellfossen Waterfall, the world's fifth highest waterfall, tumbles down the mountain side. At Gjøra, also in Sunndalen, the spectacular meeting of several waterfalls, Åmotan, is worth a visit.

In Eikesdalen, the Mardalsfossen Waterfall, the highest waterfall in Northern Europe and the fourth highest free fall in the world, is yours to experience. After only a 30-minute walk from your car, you are at the bottom of this great waterfall. 

The Naustådalfossen Waterfall is one of the finest, most accessible waterfalls in the region and can be visited in Todal/Kårvatn, close to Surnadal. A short walk (approximately 20 minutes) on a gravel road will be rewarded with the fresh, humid breeze of the Naustådalfossen Waterfall.

Last updated:  2014-11-20
The fishing village of Veiholmen on the island of Smøla, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS
The fishing village of Veiholmen on the island of Smøla, Norway
Feel the power of the mighty Mardalsfossen Waterfall, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS
Feel the power of the mighty Mardalsfossen Waterfall, Norway
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The Innerdalen Valley, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life AS

Scenic attractions in Kristiansund and Nordmøre

The region is known for a landscape full of contrasts. The greatest attractions are the Atlantic Road and the spectacular Aursjøvegen Mountain Road.

Scenic attractions in Kristiansund and Nordmøre

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Kristiansund and Nordmøre

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