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Fishing at Hjertøya, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norway
Fishing at Hjertøya, Norway Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norway

What to do in Nordmøre and Romsdal

Enjoy the great outdoors hiking, sea kayaking, cycling, fishing and killer whale safaris. Explore local caves or dive in the Atlantic Ocean.

The contrasts in scenery and landscape make Nordmøre and Romsdal a region well suited for a number of outdoor pursuits. In the mountains, you can go walking along marked paths, and during the winter you can go skiing. Try a guided sightseeing trip so you do not miss the highlights.


Deep-sea fishing at Smøla island
Smøla island is the mecca of deep-sea fishing in Fjord Norway, surrounded by close to 6000 islands, islets and skerries, and positioned at the very edge of the open ocean. Fishing enthusiasts from all over Europe seek out the island, which features rich and varied fishing opportunities in both deep-sea fishing and freshwater fishing. Very often, accommodations cater to fishing entusiasts, with especially suitable boats, safety equipment, gutting stations, cooling facilities and skilled guides.

For more info on guided fishing trip contact Smøla havfiskesenter, Smøla Havstuer or Betten rorbuer.

Fishing trips on the Romsdalsfjord
There are daily fishing tours from Åndalsnes, with a maximum of six passengers. Sightseeing tours are available on request, with experienced fishermen and guides. Contact Rauma Jakt- og Fiskesafari for more information.

Fjord or deep-sea fishing, the Atlantic Road
Daily departures are available from Strømsholmen, but please note that weather and wind conditions decide whether you go fjord or deep-sea fishing. Available boats are a 52-foot fishing smack or a 27-foot boat, and the the trip lasts for three or six hours. Fishing equipment is also for sale or rent, and it is advisable to book in advance.

For more information about fishing trips, please contact Strømsholmen Sea Sport Centre, Sveggvika, Håholmen (site only in Norwegian), or Rauma Jakt- og Fiskesafari.

Salmon and trout fishing
The best salmon rivers in the region are the Aura river in the Eikesdalen Valley, Batnfjordselva river in Batnfjord, Bøvra, Søya, Toåa and Surna rivers in Surnadal/Rindal, Driva and Litjdalselva rivers in Sunndal, Eira river in Eresfjorden, Hustadelva river at Hustad, Malmeelva river in Malmefjorden, the Moaelva river in Sylteosen, Oselva river in Kleiveosen, Rauma river in Romsdalen, Tressa river in Tresfjord and Visa river in Vistdalen.

Sea trout migrate up Oselva river and freshwater trout can be caught in the Visa, Moaelva and Hustadelva rivers. Fishing permits are sold locally, and you can ask for information at hotels or guesthouses and local tourist information offices.


Smøla Kajakk (website only in Norwegian), Contrast adventure, DID Adventure (website only in Norwegian) and Romsdal Aktiv all offer kayaking courses and guided tours.


Large parts of the region offer opportunities for hunting small game, roe deer, red deer, wild reindeer and moose in specific hunting seasons. Please note that a Norwegian hunting licence (for which you will need to pass a hunting test) is required for hunting in Norway. You also need to buy a hunting permit from the landowner association or local hunting and fishing clubs.
Organised hunting trips are offered by Contrast Adventure and Eikesdal Wild Tours (website only in Norwegian).


Hustadvika, with its multitude of wrecks and its rich animal and plant life is a diver's paradise. Underwater visibility of 130 to 200 feet is not unusual in winter, and there is good visibility during the rest of the year too.

Strømsholmen Sea Sport Centre is situated near the Atlantic Road and rents out diving equipment, organises guided boat trips and diving courses, and fills cylinders with air.

Killer whale safari

In winter, the ocean outside of Kristiansund is rich with herring. Herring is the preferred food for the black and white killer whales also known as orcas. Once you have seen the playful, beautiful whales you will remember them for life. In Kristiansund, orca safaris are available for a short periode during winter, as six-day long expeditions, but no day trips, unfortunately. Following the fisherboats and the herds of herring, the wait to see the whales is exciting and fun-filled. The organisers have been operating orca safaris for almost two decades and are highly skilled in what they do.

Sea eagle safari

Two-hour boat trips from Smøla to see the majestic bird of prey are organised by Smøla Naturopplevelser. This activity company also arranges photo safaries and bird safaries.

Island hopping on two wheels

Bring your bicycle or rent one on arrival, and explore the region from your bicycle seat. There are plenty of routes to choose from, for both short and long trips. Traffic is scarce on many of the stretches. Along the route there are also lots of lovely detoursyou can take if you want to see more of the area. The trips are not signposted for bicycling, so you are recommended to check the route descriptions on the Internet and in travel books.

Recommended trips: Island hopping with bicycle, Around Sekken, Eikesdal-Aursjøen-Sunndal, Smøla Island and Åndalsnes-Trollstigen.

This island hopping cycling round trip starts in Molde and proceeds westwards to the island municipalities of Midsund, Sandøy and Aukra. Between the islands you can relax on ferries or express boats. The tour continues on the mainland to the fishing village of Bud, across small islands and skerries along the Atlantic Road and, and continues through the tunnel Atlanterhavstunellen in to Kristiansund. Take the Hurtigruten (the Norwegian Coastal Express) back to Molde or northwards to Trondheim. The route, which totals 124 miles, is cycled in stages with overnight stops along the way.

Organised bicycling trips are offered by both Romsdal Adventure and Contrast Adventure.


Golf has conquered the hearts of many locals in the Nordmøre and Romsdal region, and green fee players are always welcome here. Golf courses often boast great views and feature natural obstacles. You will find golf courses in Molde, Åndalsnes, Surnadal, Sunndal, Kristiansund and Smøla.

Horse riding

Vestnes is one of the best places in Norway for Icelandic horses, and several local operators, among them Stall Kjersem and Stall Kjellbotn, offer riding trips lasting from one hour to several days.  

Sea rafting

Go sea rafting in a rubber boat, wearing a survival suit, among the innumerable small islands and skerries. High speed and thrills combined with an experience of coastal scenery at close quarters. The trip provides opportunities for forays ashore, barbecued sausages and toasted bread, swimming and seashore discovery expeditions.

Mountaineering, hiking and peak climbing

During the summer you can choose between climbing, abseiling and peak climbing. Romsdalshorn, Vengetind and Juratind are some of the most popular peaks for climbing. The ascent of the Litlefjellet mountain, continuing up the north wall of Romsdalshorn, is the most usual, with climbing the last 984 feet. The Fjordruta hike from Kristiansund and Romsdalseggen ridge from Åndalsnes are the most popular day tours in this area.

Innerdalen is said to be the most beautiful valley in Norway and very popular to walk. The whole area of Trollheimen National Park is a popular hiking area.

There are countless opportunities for walking in Nordmøre and Romsdal, both short walks suitable for families and more demanding summit hikes for more experienced walkers.

More information about hiking in Nordmøre and Romsdal.


Several exciting caves in the region can be explored on your own or with a tour guide. The Troll's Church is recommended, as well as the Naas caves at Eide, Bjørneremshellerne and Franskhelleren in Midsund, in addition to a number of caves in Åndalsnes. Caving trips are offered by Romsdal AktivBergtatt (website only in Norwegian) and DID Adventure. 

  • The Troll Church by Eide, three exciting limestone caves with underground streams and waterfalls. The two lower caves have beautiful waterfalls that cascade 45 feet down into a white marble pool.
  • Franskhelleren at Dryna in Midsund. French POWs fleeing from the Germans lived here during the last six months of World War II in 1944 - 45. From here, there is a good view of the ocean and numerous skerries and islands.
  • Bjørneremshellerne, at Midøya. The first people to settle in Romsdal probably lived in these caves.

Visit summer pasture farms

Learn about the culture, food and traditions of summer pasture farms in beautiful surroundings. Most of the farms sell locally prepared food. Courses in summer farming take place at Gammelsetra. You will also find accommodation available at Renndølssetra, and guided tours of the Torbudalen valley at Torbuvollen (website only in Norwegian).

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Diving in Molde, Norway - Photo: Nils Aukan
Diving in Molde, Norway
Island hopping on two wheels. Harøya in Norway - Photo: Iver Gjelstenli
Island hopping on two wheels. Harøya in Norway
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Fishing at Hjertøya, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Fjord Norway

What to do in Nordmøre and Romsdal

Enjoy the great outdoors hiking, sea kayaking, cycling, fishing and killer whale safaris. Explore local caves or dive in the Atlantic Ocean.

What to do in Nordmøre and Romsdal

Source: Visitnorway

Attractions in Nordmøre and Romsdal

Come visit Norway's national tourist roads; the Atlantic Road and the Trollstigen Road, and the fjord cities Molde, Kristiansund and Åndalsnes.

Hiking in Nordmøre and Romsdal

Enjoy a scenic hike; walk the Fjord Route from Kristiansund or hike the Romsdalseggen ridge in the spectacular Romsdalen valley near Åndalsnes.

Tour suggestions in Nordmøre and Romsdal

Follow these tour suggestions to experience the Trollstigen Mountain Road and the Atlantic Road; the highlights of the Nordmøre and Romsdal region.

The Romsdalsfjord

The Romsdalsfjord is located close to the city of Molde. Take the Raumabanen Railway from the fjord to the mountains, or go on a fjord cruise.

About Molde and Romsdal

Nordmøre and Romsdal

Drive the National Tourist Roads Trollstigen and the Atlantic Road, and see the fjords and islands near the coastal cities of Kristiansund and Molde.

Bjorli and Lesja

At the very top of Gudbrandsdalen, only a few kilometers from Romsdalen, you will find the municipality of Lesja and the village of Bjorli.



Explore authentic Norway with Hurtigruten

A Hurtigruten voyage is arguably the best way to experience Norway. Discover fjords, waterways and ports that other ships cannot reach.

Excursions en route

Hurtigruten’s extensive program of excursions takes advantage of local guides and benefits from calling at ports that larger ships cannot reach.

Classic and short voyages

The Classic Roundtrip Voyage with Hurtigruten is a 12 day journey, but there are also shorter options available.

Four seasons with Hurtigruten

Every season has its charm; the northern lights in winter, the Arctic awakening in spring, the midnight sun in summer and the vivid colors in fall.
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A journey with the iconic Hurtigruten offers the best views at a gentle pace – it is the ideal way to discover Norway’s varied coastal landscape.

Nordmøre and Romsdal

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What to do in Nordmøre and Romsdal What to do in Nordmøre and Romsdal

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