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The Flåm Railway, Norway - Photo: Visit Flåm/Morten Rakke
The Flåm Railway, Norway Photo: Visit Flåm/Morten Rakke

Getting to the Sognefjord and around

The Sognefjord is very centrally located at the heart of Fjord Norway, and this is where the best routes between Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim meet.

In the old days, travelling on the fjord itself was virtually the only way of getting to this area, but modern roads have made it easy to get here from all parts of the country. Nowadays, if you choose one of the shortest routes to the fjord, it is only a two to three-hour drive from Bergen, four to five hours from Oslo and five to six hours from Trondheim.

By plane

Several daily direct flights are offered by Widerøe from Oslo (45 minutes) and Bergen (30 minutes) to Sogndal Airport all year. Flights from your home country to Sognefjord/Sogndal can also be booked at wideroe.no.

By express boat

Modern express boats depart Bergen city center for Sogndal daily throughout the year. On the trip up the fjord the boats call at several villages including Vik, Balestrand and Leikanger.

From 1 May to 30 September express boat sevices also run daily from Bergen to Flåm. For more info, please visit Norled.

By train

There are several daily connections from/to Bergen and Oslo via the breathtakingly steep Flåm Railway, which runs from Myrdal station up in the mountains all the way down to Flåm station by the Sognefjord. Trains to Myrdal station are operated by the Norwegian State Railways (NSB).

By express bus

Comfortable express buses run daily all year to and from the Sognefjord from and to Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Voss, Gol, Hemsedal, Fagernes and Lillehammer etc. During the summer season there is also a bus connection from/to Oslo or Trondheim via Otta/Lom over the Sognefjell Mountain through the Jotunheimen National Park, the highest mountain pass in Northern Europe. For more information and timetables, please contact the tourist information office or call +47 57 65 95 12.

By car

It is easy to get to the Sognefjord by car from every part of Norway, and you can choose between many different routes. Driving one of the many scenic mountain routes to the fjord gives you the opportunity to experience amazing scenery on route. For car ferry timetables, please visit fjord1.no.

By cruise ship

Many British, German, Italian and American cruise lines offer cruises to Norway and the famous Sognefjord. All the major brands are represented in the Sognefjord, from luxurious options and small expedition ships to large destination ships. The most visited port is Flåm, and the newest is Skjolden - at the head of the fjord. Other tender boat ports are Gudvangen, Vik, Balestrand and Fjærland.

Getting around the Sognefjord area

Once you have reached the beautiful Sognefjord, you can explore this amazing area by car or take one of the many exciting day excursions that you can buy at tourist information offices. 

Round trips by bus, boat and train

From most villages along the Sognefjord, you can go on day excursions to the glaciers, mountains, fjords, stave churches, glacier museums and more. The most popular round trips include both the Nærøyfjord and the Flåm Railway, the highlights of the world famous Norway in a nutshell® tour. Amazing round trips are also available to the Jostedalsbreen National Park on the Jostedal Glacier Bus to the Nigardsbreen Glacier, including guided glacier walks, and to the Bøyabreen Glacier in Fjærland.

Tickets are sold at tourist information offices, where they will also be able to tell you about other exciting round trips. Most round trips, local buses, boats and ferries are operated by Fjord1, but other firms also offer sightseeing trips on the fjords etc. Charter boats are also available, from yachts to small cruise ships. Sightseeing trips by helicopter are available several places in the area as well.

Round trips by car

If you decide to explore the area by car, the tourist information offices have many tour suggestions for you, including glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, fjords and other major attractions. There are also several car rental companies in the area if you are not bringing your own car.

Crossing the fjord with your car is easy because of several regular car ferry services. At the most popular ferry crossing, from Mannheller (Kaupanger) to Fodnes (Lærdal), there is a ferry every 20 minutes during daytime and every hour during the night. We recommend that you also include a longer car ferry trip in your day excursion, such as on the famous Nærøyfjord between Gudvangen and Kaupanger/Lærdal. See fjord2.com for timetables.

By bicycle

Cycling is a great way of getting around the Sognefjord area and you will find everything from challenging mountains to lowland country roads in our cycling itineraries. Rallarvegen is the most popular cycling route in Norway. Bicycles can be rented many places – just ask at tourist information offices. Sognefjord is also the area where you can take part in the famous and challenging "Jotunheimen Rundt" bike race, also known as the "Tour de Jotunheimen".

By taxi

The best way of getting a taxi in the Sognefjord area is to call one, and there are taxi services in every part of the area. Taxi fares vary depending on time of the day, speed, distance and how many you are in the car. Several places have fixed prices for certain routes, so please just call and ask. To find the right number, see the yellow pages gulesider.no or sognefjord.no.

Most taxis normally accept credit cards without any surcharge on the metered fare. Taxis will normally also do long journeys if requested, providing there is a driver available. There are also taxis for people with impaired mobility.

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The Flåm Railway, Norway - Photo: Visit Flåm/Morten Rakke

Getting to the Sognefjord and around

The Sognefjord is very centrally located at the heart of Fjord Norway, and this is where the best routes between Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim meet.

Getting to the Sognefjord and around

Source: Visitnorway

About the Sognefjord area

The Sognefjord area

The Sognefjord is Norway's longest fjord and one of its arms, the Nærøyfjord, is on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

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