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Fishing in Sunnhordland, Norway - Photo: Anders Stavland
Fishing in Sunnhordland, Norway Photo: Anders Stavland

What to Do in Sunnhordland

In Sunnhordland you can go hiking in the mountains, fish for trout in the rivers and for pollack in the sea – all in one day.

Glacier walking on Folgefonna

Folgefonna is the third largest glacier on Norway's mainland, and is said to be the safest and biggest plateau glacier in Norway. 

The glacier is up to 37 kilometers long and 16 kilometers broad - covering an area of 219 square kilometers. The ice is up to 450 meters thick and the highest point is at 1,662 meters above sea level.

Folgefonna is accessible for different kinds of tourist activities - depending on which challenge you are seeking. Together with trained authorized glacier guides, you can go for walks on the glacier, as well as climbing in cracks.

Paths lead all the way up to edge of the glacier. Others may enjoy the easy walk up to Lake Bondhus (only 189 meters above sea level) - a walk of approximately 45 minutes. You can also go skiing at Fonna Glacier Ski Resort.


Sunnhordland is truly an adventure for those seeking the big one. In just some hours you can move from the typical inland mountain lakes to the thrilling open sea.

In rivers and lakes you need a general licence, whilst you in some rivers also have to pay an extra 24 hours fee. Open sea fishing is free of charge. You pay the national fishing licence at the local post office and petrol station, or online at Inatur.

Many of the hotels, guesthouses and cabins offer their guests boats. Even if the weather is fine in the morning it does not mean that it will stay that way all day. Check the weather forecast or ask a local before you leave. If the clouds darken and start to gather, it is a good idea to head back. It is smart to tell someone where you are going. Remember lifejackets if you are going out in a boat.

Hiking in the mountains by the coast

Despite the fact that most people think of islands and skerries when talking about the coast, Sunnhordland also provides you with fascinating mountain experiences.

Just imagine how it is to climb up high mountain tops and enjoy the sunset over the North Sea.

All around Sunnhordland you will find routes marked with cairns and red Ts. Walking maps can be obtained from the tourist information offices.


Sunnhordland is a varied area for cycling. Two cycling routes - The Fjord and Mountain Trip (89 kilometers) and the Coastal Trip (138 kilometers) – will surely give you great cycling experiences.

The signposted cycle route from Bergen to Stavanger, which is part of the North Sea Cycle Route, can be combined with the two routes mentioned above.

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Last updated:  2014-03-31
Biking in Sunnhordland, Norway - Photo: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland/ Gro R. Andersen
Biking in Sunnhordland, Norway
Hiking in the Folgefonna National Park, Norway - Photo: Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland, Gro R Andersen
Hiking in the Folgefonna National Park, Norway
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Fishing in Sunnhordland, Norway - Photo: Anders Stavland

What to Do in Sunnhordland

In Sunnhordland you can go hiking in the mountains, fish for trout in the rivers and for pollack in the sea – all in one day.

What to Do in Sunnhordland

Source: Visitnorway


Scenic Attractions in Sunnhordland

Enjoy fjords, mountains and the North Sea coastline, or go on a guided walk on the Folgefonna Glacier.

The Hardangerfjord

The Hardangerfjord, not far from Bergen, is especially known for fruit tree blossoming in spring, Folgefonna Glacier and Vøringsfossen Waterfall.

Scenic attractions in Haugesund and Haugalandet

Enjoy the white, sandy beaches of karmøy, Langfossen Waterfall in Etne and the mountains of Haugalandet.

What to do in Haugesund and Haugalandet

Interested in historical tours, landscape and recreational activities, culture and fjords? At Haugesund and Haugalandet you can experience it all.

About Sunnhordland

Tourist information in Sunnhordland

The main tourist information office for Sunnhordland is located in Leirvik.

Key facts about Sunnhordland

There are 60,000 people living in Sunnhordland. Stord and Husnes are the only two towns in the area. The Hardangerfjord is central in the region.

Key facts about Haugesund and Haugalandet

Haugalandet is a geographical region in the county of Rogaland, in Western Norway. Haugesund is its main town.

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What to Do in Sunnhordland What to Do in Sunnhordland




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