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Fjord kayaking with FlatEarth Adventures on the Simafjord in Eidfjord, Norway - Photo: FlatEarth Aktivity Centre, Destination Hardanger Fjord AS
Fjord kayaking with FlatEarth Adventures on the Simafjord in Eidfjord, Norway Photo: FlatEarth Aktivity Centre, Destination Hardanger Fjord AS

What to do in the Hardangerfjord Region

Hiking on Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau, glacier walking on Folgefonna and fjord cruises are popular ways of experiencing this region of contrast.

In Hardanger, a popular way to pass the time is to sit still and let the spectacular scenery fill you with energy. Energy that will bring back your sparkle. Fjord cruising, hiking, skiing - it is all available, summer as well as winter.

Gather impressions and fruit. Create romance and spend time with your family. For a moment, time will stand still. In Hardanger, you can enjoy thousands of little moments - and activities throughout the four seasons of beauty.


Hardanger comprises three excellent walking areas; Hardangervidda National ParkFolgefonna National Park and Kvamskogen. Experience fjords, mountains, waterfalls, glaciers and an abundance of fruit. The contrasts are large and the distances small. You can experience both spring and summer on the very same trip.

Choose between a short walk, maybe a culture trail? Or a day trip, or follow the trails on the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau.

Why not try a Car Walk? This is a  unique combination of car trips with well-prepared and signposted walks of passable duration. Car Walks in Hardanger consist of a touring map with suggestions for round trips by car combined with walks. The touring maps for cars are clearly marked with starting points for the walks, which commence where you park your car.

You will find well prepared nature and culture trails, by the fjord as well as in the mountains.

The network of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) offers cabins and way-marked trails both summer and winter.

Glacier walking

Folgefonna Glacier is the third biggest glacier on mainland Norway, and its access gives great terms for various experiences. The professional Folgefonni Breførarlag offers both educational and guided tours during the season May – October (dependent on weather conditions).

Fjord cruises

The ultimate way to experience the Hardangerfjord is going on a fjord cruise. Every day during May – September you may enjoy the Queen of the Norwegian fjords by joining a fjord cruise with MS Vøringen (operated by Tide ASA), connected with bus from Voss and Bergen. The cruise starts in and returns to Norheimsund and calls on the villages of HerandUtneLofthus, KinsarvikUlvik and Eidfjord.

The MS Peer Gynt, moored at Steinstø quay, will take you breath away on a guided fjord trip through the narrow and enchanting Fyksesund to the roadless hamlet ofBotnen.

An alternative is to charter a boat and guide for the day, or just bring your own picnic bag and explore the beauty of the fjord landscape on your own in a rented boat.

Visit a farm

Visiting fruit farms or a farm with animals (or both), gives the great opportunity to taste or buy some of the local specialities. Maybe you would like to make a delicious homemade "lefse" by yourself and join baking in a "eldhus" cookhouse. Some farms offer horse riding and family activities.

If you would like to discover how real Hardanger cider and apple juice is produced, visit the Juice- and Cider Factory in Ulvik, or the Hardanger Cideri in Jåstad.


Sitting in a kayak or canoe, you will have a unique possibility of encountering wild life at close hand.

On the fjords you normally meet sealssmall whales and some times sea eagles. Sea kayaking on the lakes of the high mountain plateau, paddling towards the glaciers, is another unique experience.

The activity companies offer paddling instruction for beginners, as well as for experienced paddlers.

The instructors will take you on the fjord for training, and you will be paddling two - three different arms of the fjords in one day - depending on the skills of the groups. Or you can choose half a day's combined instruction and sight seeing with a kayak instructor as your guide on the fjord.

Snow fun

Hardanger is a snow and ski eldorado – all year around. Enjoy the pure white snow, in the slopes as well as in the cross-country terrain.

One of the best off-piste ski resorts in Norway lies in Hardanger and is called Røldal. Here you will find a lot of powder snow. 

Other destinations for both downhill and cross-country are the areas of Eikedalenand Furudalen in the Kvamskogen Mountains and Sysendalen at the entrance of the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau along the Hardanger National Tourist Route (road rv. 7).

As the only company in Norway, FlatEarth offers snow kayaking. This special activity is performed on moderate slopes with special adapted WW kayaks. It is great fun both trying it and watching it.

Absolutely a virgin sport with a lot of exploration to be made regarding routes as well as technique. Become one of the early explorers of this sport.

Other snow fun activities; sledging, igloo building, ski trekking and snow picnics/party. The Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau is among the world's best spots for snowkiting.

Do not miss a glacier walk with the Folgefonni Breførarlag  - daily activities during the season May (sometimes from Easter) – October, depending on weather conditions.

Fonna Glacier Ski Resort is situated on the glacier at 1,200 metres above sea level, 19 kilometres from Jondal ferry quay. Fine conditions for cross-country skiing, marked tracks to the top of the glacier at 1,640 metres above sea level.


Choose among cycling the famous Rallarvegen (the Navvies' Road), picnic biking along the fjord, or downhill mountain biking in the Måbødalen Valley.

Rallarvegen is one of the most popular and most scenic bicycle rides from the vast mountain plateau of Hardangervidda right down to Flåm and the Aurlandsfjord, or Voss.

Fishing and hunting

Good fishing possibilities in riverslakes and the fjord. Fjord fishing is free. Fishing cards for rivers and lakes can be bought at the tourist information centre and other tourist establishments.

Small game hunting season: September - February. More information at the local tourist offices in Hardanger.


You will find one six-hole course in Øystese and one in Odda. There is even a golf park even on the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau.

Exploring the culture and visitor centers

Visit one of the interactive experience centres to explore the nature and culture of the fruitful Hardangerfjord.

Feed the fish at Hardanger Aqua Centre in Steinstø, make your own rope atHardanger Fartøyvernsenter, a living museum of boatbuilding, see the spectacular super video by Ivo Caprino at Hardangervidda Nature Center, explore the history of the local culture at Hardanger Folk Museum, and visit Hardangertun Holiday Park in Kinsarvik for some family fun.

Attend the colourful exhibitions in the several museums and galleries around the Hardanger area.

At Kabuso Art House, the Hordaland County's Millennium Site, the legacy of national romanticism up to modern-day art and music can be enjoyed. Here you will find exhibitions, concerts and other events all year round . 

Activity companies in Hardanger

The following companies arrange exiting and tailor-made programmes for individuals and groups:

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Last updated:  2014-03-31
Glacier walking at Folgefonna, Norway - Photo: Folgefonn Breførarlag
Glacier walking at Folgefonna, Norway
Fun at fruitfarm in Hardanger, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Destination Hardanger Fjord AS
Fun at fruitfarm in Hardanger, Norway
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Fjord kayaking with FlatEarth Adventures on the Simafjord in Eidfjord, Norway - Photo: FlatEarth Aktivity Centre, Destination Hardanger Fjord AS

What to do in the Hardangerfjord Region

Hiking on Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau, glacier walking on Folgefonna and fjord cruises are popular ways of experiencing this region of contrast.

What to do in the Hardangerfjord Region

Source: Visitnorway

Fun activities in fjords and mountains

Watch films and read articles from our summer tour in Fjord Norway. River rafting and glacier walking are two of many holiday activities.

Attractions in the Hardangerfjord Region

Take a cruise on the magnificant Hardangerfjord, go hiking over Hardangervidda or explore the Folgefonna Glacier.

Tour Suggestions in the Hardangerfjord Region

Join a cruise on the Hardangerfjord, go glacier walking on Folgefonna or choose a round trip by car.

The Hardangerfjord

The Hardangerfjord, not far from Bergen, is especially known for fruit tree blossoming in spring, Folgefonna Glacier and Vøringsfossen Waterfall.

About Hardanger

Key facts about the Hardangerfjord Region

Hardanger has been an important European tourist destination since the nineteenth century, and is perfect for outdoor adventures or just relaxation.

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What to do in the Hardangerfjord Region What to do in the Hardangerfjord Region
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