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Lofthus in autumn - Photo: Hotel Ullensvang/Morten Knudsen
Lofthus in autumn Photo: Hotel Ullensvang/Morten Knudsen

Shopping in the Hardangerfjord Region

Shop local handicrafts, fruit and berries, apple juice and farm products.

Arts and handicraft

You are probably familiar with the most famous paintings from Hardanger, but come and see us and we can promise you a wide range of experiences in the same spirit.

Handicraft traditions and innovative artists leave their mark on many of the memories our guests take with them when they leave. Much of this will live on in people's every day life, either as visual art or as utility articles in the kitchen or living room.

Today Fjord Design (Hardanger Bestikk) is Scandinavia's largest manufacturer of stainless steel flatware. You can buy the flatware at Hardanger Bestikk in  Kinsarvik and several jewellery shops and cutlery shops across the country.

At Mælen Farm in Herand near Jondal, the artist Arne Bakke Mælen has built a modern gallery and workshop in traditional building style, Hardanger Kulturgalleri. Observe the contrast between modern design and old traditions in spectacular surroundings. Here you can also buy his ceramic work.

In the Hjadlane Gallery for Contemporary Art in Osa, Ulvik, you will find various examples of pastel, drawing and painting techniques. Lars G. Polden lives and works in a listed property at Hjadlane, built by Osa Fossekompani in 1917. This is where he finds inspiration for landscapes and life in general.

National Costumes and embroidery from Hardanger

When in Hardanger, what people wear may not be the first you notice, but visit on 17 May and this will change. This is the day when Norway celebrates its independence, and many people dress up in their national costumes (called bunad in Norwegian).

The bunad is a traditional dress dating back to a time when each village had their own distinctive dress customs. With all its delicate handicraft, the Hardanger bunad has intricate embroidery on the apron and colourful chest cloth. It is a spectacular sight.

Do not miss the fantastic exhibition of the Hardanger bunad costumes at the Hardanger Folk Museum in Utne. Here you can also buy accessories to the bunad. 

You can buy the Hardanger bunad and all its accessories at the following places:

  • Bunadsbua in Øystese
  • Bunadsstova in Jondal
  • Hardanger Flid in Eidfjord
  • Bunadsverkstaden at Nå in Ullensvang

Traditional jewellery is sold at several jewellery and souvenir shops in Hardanger and other places in Norway.

Farm produce

People from across the world will tell you about the sweet cherries and the apple juice they got to taste whilst visiting Hardanger. The image left on their minds is often that of orchards in blossom. 

Visit the charming Måge Farm Shop, Bleietunet in Ullensvang, Kjærland Farm Shop in Granvin or Steinstø Fruit Farm and Café in Steinstø for real local farm shop experiences. 
While travelling along the Hardangerfjord, you may during July - September buy fresh Hardanger fruit, such as apples, plums and sweet cherries of different kinds, directly from the local farms.

Isklar  - Norwegian glacial natural mineral water

The six thousand year old Folgefonna Glacier is the ultimate origin of Isklar Water, a natural mineral water. The glacial water is captured the instant it burst naturally from the mountain side, and bottled at source on the shore of the Hardangerfjord.

Last updated:  2014-06-11
Syse Farm shop in Ulvik - Photo: Reinhold Kager
Syse Farm shop in Ulvik
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Lofthus in autumn - Photo: Hotel Ullensvang/Morten Knudsen

Shopping in the Hardangerfjord Region

Shop local handicrafts, fruit and berries, apple juice and farm products.

Shopping in the Hardangerfjord Region

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Key facts about the Hardangerfjord Region

Hardanger has been an important European tourist destination since the nineteenth century, and is perfect for outdoor adventures or just relaxation.

The Hardangerfjord Region

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