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The Sørfjord in Ullensvang, Norway - Photo: Reisemål Hardanger Fjord
The Sørfjord in Ullensvang, Norway Photo: Reisemål Hardanger Fjord

Tour Suggestions in the Hardangerfjord Region

Join a cruise on the Hardangerfjord, go glacier walking on Folgefonna or choose a round trip by car.

Round trip by train, bus and express boat

Explore the fruitful Hardanger area on this beautiful round trip. You can start you round trip from both Bergen and Oslo.

If you choose to start from Bergen, you start with a journey with the Bergen Railway from Bergen to Voss. From Voss, the tour continues by coach through attractive farmland to Ulvik, a delightful village typical of Fjord Norway. You can also start the roundtrip by coach from Bergen.

From Ulvik, you travel by boat across the beautiful Hardangerfjord to Eidfjord. In Eidfjord, you can take an interesting sightseeing tour or just relax beside the fjord, wander around, enjoy lunch and visit the excellent Gallery N. Bergslien. If you choose the sightseeing tour, you will visit Vøringsfossen Waterfall and the Hardangervidda Nature Center.

A fjord cruise on the Hardangerfjord is next, with views of towering mountains, waterfalls and idyllic orchards, and plenty of time onboard to digest the many sights before the boat arrives in Norheimsund. If you travel in May, you will probably catch some of the lovely blossoming of the fruit trees in Hardanger.

From Norheimsund, the tour continues by coach to Bergen, passing the impressive Steindalsfossen Waterfall and crossing the Kvamskogen Mountain.

Departures from Bergen: Bergen – Voss – Ulvik – Eidfjord – Norheimsund - Bergen
Departures from Oslo: Oslo - Bergen – Norheimsund – Eidfjord – Ulvik – Voss - Bergen - Oslo

The round trip Hardanger Fjord Adventure is arranged by Tide Reiser. The round trip Hardanger in a nutshell ® is arranged by Fjord Tours.

Round trip with bus and boat, including the Folgefonna Glacier

On this round trip, you start in by bus from Bergen to Norheimsund. From Norheimsund you will take a short and breathtaking fjord cruise on the wonderful Hardangerfjord to Herand. Herand is a small village, but offers a world of adventure, ranging from idyllic beaches, to wonderful hikes on trails and activities on the glacier. 

It is a short trip from Herand to the third largest glacier on mainland Norway, Folgefonna. For a unique adventure, join the professional Folgefonni Breførarlag's team of guides for an unforgettable three or five hour trip over the blue ice.

For more information and booking, please contact Tide Reiser or Folgefonni Breførarlag.

Car Walks

A unique combination of car trips with well-prepared and signposted walks of passable duration. Car Walks consist of a touring map with suggestions for round trips by car combined with walks. The touring maps for cars are clearly marked with starting points for the walks, which commence where you park your car.

The walks are of between 1 - 3 hours duration at normal walking pace. The routes are clearly marked and it is easy to find your way by using the map and information sheets.

Learn more about Car Walks in Hardanger.

Round trip in Hardanger on scenic roads

The road rv. 7/fv.7 crosses Norway's largest national park, Hardangervidda, and follows a part of the Adventure Road on the west side of the Hardangerfjord from Bruravik to Norheimsund (1 hour from Bergen). This spectacular road has status as Hardanger National Tourist Route.  

The rv. 13 starts in the south of Hardanger in the Røldal Mountains, continues down to Låtefossen Waterfall and then follows the Sørfjord to Brimnes. The road fv. 550 goes from Odda on the east side of the Sørfjord via Utne to Jondal. The road fv. 572 goes from Ulvik to Granvin.

From Geilo you drive along rv. 7/fv. 7 against the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau. The glacier Hardangerjøkulen is situated in the west. The Måbødalen Valley is a meeting with the dramatic nature of Western Norway. Down the steep mountain sides, you can see the great Vøringsfossen WaterfallHardangervidda Nature Centre Eidfjord is situated at the bottom of the Måbødalen Valley. The centre has exhibitions from the plateau, as well as Ivo Caprino's supervideograph.

Sima Powerplant, one of the largest hydroelectric power stations in Europe, is situated in Eidfjord. The mountain farm Kjeåsen lies on a mountain ledge 600 metres above the fjord.

You cross the Hardangerfjord with a ferry at Brimnes, and then continue along rv. 7/fv. 7. The Hardanger Fiddle is the trademark for the little village Granvin. Famous fiddlers, as well as fiddle makers origin in this place.

Fruit-growing is one of the most important industries in Hardanger. Hardanger's pleasant, mild climate and the clear, light summer nights are ideal for fruit and berries.

Øystese and Norheimsund have several museums and attractions. The first exhibition facility for Norwegian fish farming, Hardanger Akvasenter, has been established in FyksesundHardanger Fartøyvernsenter is the national competence centre for restoration of old wooden boats. Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall, near Norheimsund, is the only waterfall in this country that you can walk behind.

Side roads from fv. 7: 
Bruravik - Granvin via Ulvik 
Ulvik is the pearl of Hardanger, a spot of beauty hidden in a cove. The olympic-sculpture Stream Nest was moved from Hamar to Ulvik after the Lillehammer Olympics. On your way over to Granvin, fv. 572, you have the most magnificent view to the fjord.

Brimnes - Odda - Jondal 
Continue along fv. 13, The Fjord Road, from Brimnes in the direction of Odda. You pass numerous villages - all of them surrounded by fruit trees. Many people visit Hardanger to see the orchard blossom in spring, or to taste the fruit later in season. On your right-hand side lies Folgefonna, the third largest glacier on mainland Norway.

The industrial towns Tyssedal and Odda are situated at the end of the fjord. The Norwegian Museum of Hydro Power and Industry in Tyssedal, is a cultural historical museum with exhibitions and multimedia programmes from the industrial adventure. In the Odda Valley there are five great waterfalls, where Låtefossen is the king. In the Buer Valley it is possible to walk to the edge of the glacier Buarbreen which is a part of Folgefonna.

From Odda the road leads you along the other side of the fjord. Hardanger Folk Museum in Utne has an open air museum, exhibitions and fiddle makers' workshop. The road between Herand and Jondal is narrow, but rewards you with spectacular scenery. From Jondal it is possible to drive all the way up to the Fonna Glacier Ski Resort and the edge of the glacier. Just imagine skiing during the day and taking a swim in the Hardangerfjord at night?

From Jondal the ferry crosses over to Tørvikbygd, and the road leads you to Norheimsund. Take a look over the fjord, against the mountains - even now you will see Folgefonna.

Last updated:  2014-03-31
Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter, Norway - Photo: Nils Kjetil Torvik
Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter, Norway
Vøringfossen waterfall in Måbødalen valley, Norway - Photo: Destination Hardanger Fjord AS
Vøringfossen waterfall in Måbødalen valley, Norway
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The Sørfjord in Ullensvang, Norway - Photo: Reisemål Hardanger Fjord

Tour Suggestions in the Hardangerfjord Region

Join a cruise on the Hardangerfjord, go glacier walking on Folgefonna or choose a round trip by car.

Tour Suggestions in the Hardangerfjord Region

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What to do in the Hardangerfjord Region

Hiking on Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau, glacier walking on Folgefonna and fjord cruises are popular ways of experiencing this region of contrast.

The Hardangerfjord

The Hardangerfjord, not far from Bergen, is especially known for fruit tree blossoming in spring, Folgefonna Glacier and Vøringsfossen Waterfall.

Attractions in the Hardangerfjord Region

Take a cruise on the magnificant Hardangerfjord, go hiking over Hardangervidda or explore the Folgefonna Glacier.

Hardanger National Tourist Route

Follow the scenic Hardangerfjord in Fjord Norway, where for over a century travelers have come to see mountains, fjords, waterfalls and glaciers.

Hardangervidda National Tourist Route

Drive through Hardangervidda National Park in Eastern Norway and over Northern Europe's largest mountain plateau, where wild reindeer still roam free.

About Hardanger

Key facts about the Hardangerfjord Region

Hardanger has been an important European tourist destination since the nineteenth century, and is perfect for outdoor adventures or just relaxation.

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