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North Cape, Norway - Photo: Beate Juliussen/Finnmark Reiseliv
North Cape, Norway Photo: Beate Juliussen/Finnmark Reiseliv

Round trip in Western Finnmark

Experience the North Cape and Karasjok on this round trip in Western Finnmark.

Distance: 880 kilometers.

Alta - Hammerfest

This trip can start anywhere, but we will begin in Alta, where you enter Finnmark on the E6 or by way of a direct flight from Oslo. As far as the latter is concerned, hiring a car in Alta is recommended.

In Alta, you might like to visit the Alta Museum with its UNESCO protected rock carvings, or perhaps you would prefer a walk to the Alta Canyon. You can also get to know the Sami culture better by visiting Boazo Sami Siida. If you like hiking, take the short trip to the Komsa top, and you can see all of Alta. It just takes 30 minutes to reach the top. If you are an advanced hiker, a day trip to Haldde is recommended. Here you can see all the old buildings from the time Norwegian scientist Kristian Birkeland conducted his research on the Northern lights

Drive along the E6 and rv. 94 to Hammerfest, which is Norway's northernmost town. Here you can pay a visit to, and become a member of, The Royal and Ancient Polar Bear Society.

Hammerfest - the North Cape - Lakselv

Follow the E6 and E69 to the North Cape. At 71 degrees north, this is the northernmost point on mainland Europe. Amongst other things, you can take part in a bird-watching safari here, or visit the North Cape Hall on the top of the North Cape cliff. Whatever the season, in stormy weather or in midnight sun, the North Cape is an experience in its own right.

On the way to Lakselv, you can stop in Trollholmsund – a place with a fascinating history. Proceeding on the E6, you will arrive at Stabbursnes Nature Centre and Museum, where you will become acquainted with the diversity of Finnmark’s culture and natural surroundings.

Lakselv - Karasjok- Kautokeino - Alta

Continue along the E6 until you reach the Sami administrative capital of Karasjok. Experience the culture and history of the Sami people at Sapmí Park and at the Sami Collections. The latter boasts the biggest collection of Sami artefacts in Norway.

Turn off onto rv. 93 to Kautokeino, the Sami centre of education. Amongst other things, you will find Finnmark’s largest silversmith's, Juhls, there. From Kautokeino, you can either drive back to Alta again, or continue along road rv. 93 to Finland.

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Last updated:  2012-12-19
Sami girl in Karasjok, Norway - Photo: Johan Wildhagen
Sami girl in Karasjok, Norway
Rock carving at Alta Museum, Norway - Photo: Peter B. Straumann/Finnmark Reiseliv
Rock carving at Alta Museum, Norway
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North Cape, Norway - Photo: Beate Juliussen/Finnmark Reiseliv

Round trip in Western Finnmark

Experience the North Cape and Karasjok on this round trip in Western Finnmark.

Round trip in Western Finnmark

Source: Visitnorway


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