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Hiking in Harstad, Norway - Photo: Linda Alise Karlsen
Hiking in Harstad, Norway Photo: Linda Alise Karlsen

Tour suggestions in Harstad

Harstad and its surroundings offer exciting excursions regardless of whether you want to go cycling, hiking, or on a drive to the Lofoten Islands.

Cycling route Harstad – Grytøy – Bjarkøy

This is a family-friendly and easy cycling route on roads with little traffic. Compared to the outer coast, the Harstad region is well-sheltered from wind and weather, but the season is still variable.

Before you set off, you should visit the Trondenes Heritage Centre. This is the place to learn about the history of Tore Hund and other Vikings.

En route from Harstad to Stornes, you will pass the historic Røkenes Farm, which is situated in beautiful surroundings. Nearby you will find a nine-hole golf course where you can play golf in the midnight sun. Soon after, you will arrive at the first ferry to transport you to the island of Grytøy. Here, you cycle in a landscape of high mountains and fertile pastures.

You will then reach the second ferry which offers a half-hour voyage to the saga island of Bjarkøy. You will experience an idyllic archipelago here, untouched coastal nature and rich farmland. The ferry also serves the island of Sandsøy if you would prefer to head there.

Practical information:

  • Route: Harstad- Grytøy- Bjarkøy
  • Distance: 30 kilometres
  • Road standard: Good asphalt
  • Traffic conditions: Little traffic
  • Onward connections: To Senja/Tromsø/the North Cape by express boat, ferry and Hurtigruten (The Norwegian Coastal Voyage)

Trondenes Nature and Culture Trail

Take a walk in the cultural landscape on the Trondenes Peninsula. Stroll along a marked trail through lush and green countryside teeming with birds, boat house turfs, several burial mounds, and a 2,000-year-old farm mound.


The nature in the north is characterised by mountains and fjords, but still contains variations from place to place. Around Harstad, the mountains are not so steep, and there are few peaks higher than 1,000 metres. 


In Folkeparken, you will find a network of marked trails and roads enabling you to walk in the mountains above Harstad or in varied terrain in the forest. You will also discover beautiful forest lakes, and small huts where you can take a rest and light a campfire just outside. The best view of the town can be enjoyed from Gangsåstoppen , which is a 15 - 20-minute walk in relatively good terrain.

Aunfjellet Mountain

The Aunfjellet Mountain is a 15-minute drive from Harstad and is an excellent area for hiking. You quickly reach the high mountains and you can look out over the sea from steep cliffs.

Historic walk on the island of Bjarkøy

On the island of Bjarkøy, you can take a historic walk. It is also recommend to hike over the mountain, which runs across the entire island.

The island of Grytøya

Here you will find demanding hiking trails in undulating terrain, best suited for those wanting to wear themselves out. Beautiful mountains offering views of the "end of the world".

Other recommended hikes

These include the trail from the Lake Blåfjellvann to Vilgesvarre in Skånland Municipality and the route from Sand to Sandsvannet and Trollvannet in Tjeldsund Municipality. In Kvæfjord Municipality, the hikes at Melåa, towards Storhornet, and the area around Vik are recommended. 

Day trip by car to Lofoten - via Lofast

Drive southwards from Harstad through the historic Tjeldsundet Sound. Take a break at Tjeldsundbrua Tavern, and enjoy home-cooked food, freshly brewed coffee and a beautiful view. After a rest, drive back over the Tjeldsund Bridge and a further 65 kilometres until you reach Lofast, Lofoten's mainland connection. It goes through completely untouched and uninhabited nature with a mix of mountain and coastal scenery. Once you have crossed the Raftsundet Sound, you are on the island of Austvågøya, one of the many islands that make up the Lofoten group. From here, the road takes you to Fiskebøl and Svolvær.

The nature is wild and majestic, and this is the realm of the white-tailed sea eagle. This is a rare nature-based experience. Svolvær is the administrative centre of Lofoten and is home to many art galleries, as well as being one of the country's main fishing ports.

On the return trip to Harstad, you may take the alternative route northwards along the Gullesfjord, cross the fjord by ferry then drive via Kvæfjord. Kvæfjord is a particularly beautiful area on the island of Hinnøya, which shows the contrasts of Northern Norway.

A guided tour for groups along Lofoten's mainland connection, Lofast, is available year-round by prior booking. Contact Harstad Tourist Information Office for booking and more information.

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Last updated:  2012-12-19
Horse riding in Harstad, Norway - Photo: Beate Kiil Karlsen
Horse riding in Harstad, Norway
Berry picking in Harstad, Norway - Photo: Beate Kiil Karlsen
Berry picking in Harstad, Norway
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Hiking in Harstad, Norway - Photo: Linda Alise Karlsen

Tour suggestions in Harstad

Harstad and its surroundings offer exciting excursions regardless of whether you want to go cycling, hiking, or on a drive to the Lofoten Islands.

Tour suggestions in Harstad

Source: Visitnorway

About Harstad


In the pleasant town of Harstad, you will discover a rich array of culture and nature-based experiences

Key facts about Harstad

Harstad is a charming town with 23,000 inhabitants. It is an important meeting place for the region's population.

Tourist information in Harstad

The tourist information is located in the centre of Harstad, just opposite the express boat quay.

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