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Tasting the catch of crabs in Helgeland in Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life/www.visitnorway.com
Tasting the catch of crabs in Helgeland in Norway Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life/www.visitnorway.com

Eating in Helgeland

Helgeland's culinary traditions span fish and seafood, bread, cakes, dairy products and meat. Here are a few places where you can try the local fare.

Scrøders Stue

Cosy restaurant serving a number of fish dishes and other dishes based on local ingredients. The restaurant is located in Thon Hotel Brønnøysund.

Hildur's Urterarium

Don't miss the only food, wine and herb garden in Northern Norway, Hildur's Urterarium. Take a walk in the garden to recharge your batteries. A set menu is on offer in the Vinterhagen Café. Evening meals in the Sagastua Restaurant must be pre-ordered. Member of  the Arctic Menu. Location: About 6 kilometres outside of Brønnøysund.

Vega Havhotell

Vega Havhotell serves home-made food prepared with the finest and freshest ingredients that the sea, land and the Vega Islands can offer. Lavish wine cellar.

Skogsholmen Gjestehus

Skogsholmen Guesthouse serves home-made fare in pleasant surroundings on the island of Skogsholmen.

Gåkkå Mathus Eatery

Delicious dishes such as grilled wild mutton and red fish stew are made from local ingredients and served on the quayside of Gåkkå Mathus Eatery, from where there is a pleasant view.


Eat well in maritime surroundings in Bøteriet. Tasty menu featuring fish dishes. Location: Dønna, about 15 kilometres from Solfjellsjøen.

Handelsstedet Forvik (the Old Forvik trading post)

This has been a trading place since 1792, and here you can enjoy local and international cuisine based on local products. Coffee roasting on site. Handelsstedet Forvik is a member of the Arctic Menu.

Laksforsen Tourist Café

Set in magnificent surroundings by the 17-metre-tall Laksforsen Falls. Salmon is naturally enough the speciality here, but Laksforsen Tourist Café also offers other dishes made from local ingredients.

Sæterstad Gård

Coffee, lunch and dinner made from local ingredients are served for six or more people in the farm's café. Sale of char and goat cheese based on local recipes.

Gryteselv Fjellgård

Dishes made from local ingredients such as char, moose, hare, fjord beef, wild mutton, reindeer and venison are served in the pleasant Spisestua dining room at Gryteselv mountain farm. Advanced booking only.

Ellenstuen and Hagestuen

Located in Fru Haugans Hotell these serve fish, meat and game dishes made from local ingredients. The dishes can be prepared in both the traditional and modern way. Member of the Arctic Menu.

Oksen Ferdinand Mat og Vinhus

This food and wine house serves lunch and dinner in historical surroundings. Comprehensive, varied menu and a pleasant atmosphere. Outdoor tables too. Located in Sjøgata in Mosjøen.

Vikgården Landhandel

Vikgården Landhandel is located in the old country shop dating back to 1884. Offers locally produced food from the Helgeland area such as reindeer and mountain char. The café serves homemade buffet lunch and light snacks. The authentic country shop has been furnished as identically as possible to the old country shops of the time.

Aanes Cheese Factory

At Aanes Cheese Factory you will get to see how goat cheese is made with the help of a traditional family recipe. Sale of white and brown goat cheese, whey cheese spread and butter made from cow's milk. Tasty locally produced food can be bought at Coop Hattfjelldal. Location: Nordfjellmark, Velfjord (near the FV76).


Restaurant with fantastic view from the top of the Dønnesfjellet mountain. Drive up from Dønnes Gård north on the island to get there.

Dønnes Gård Gjestegård

This farm has a café that is open in summer, and serves among other things a lunch platter based on local ingredients. Located in Dønnes, about 28 kilometres from Bjørn.

Lovund Rorbuhotell

On the beautiful island of Lovund, just a stone's throw from the puffin nesting grounds. With everything the Helgeland coast can offer in the way of food just outside your door, you know you are in for a treat at Lovund Rorbuhotell. 

Spiseriet Fabelaktig

Spiseriet Fabelaktig serves local dishes with a focus on seasonal ingredients. The restaurant is located at Sleneset and is built on the water's edge with an incredible view of Lovund and Træna.

Træna rorbuferie

This rorbu hotel is nestled by the Træna mountains, and with the Træna fishing banks supplying the food, you will always get the freshest food.


With the characteristic Rødøy lion mountain formation towering above, the venerable Klokkergården plays host to a steady stream of new chefs eager to experiment with local products. A unique overall experience.


"The Culture Worskhop" serves coffee and homemade hot chocolate together with light snacks such as griddle cakes, cakes, waffles and lots more. Lunch time concerts every Friday throughout the year. Located in Sjøgata, Mosjøen's old town   

Restaurant Søylen

Chef Svein Jæger is the head chef at the Meyergården Hotel, located in the centre of Mo i Rana. The focus here is on local products such as cheese, herbs, fruit and vegetables, you are in for a gastronomic treat. Member of the Arctic Menu.

Bimbo roadside restaurant

Located on the E6 just north of Mo i Rana, this roadside restaurant is an excellent stop for hungry diners. Local products and generous portions give you a good foundation for travelling onwards to the Arctic Circle.


Situated in an old vicarage from the 18th century, Stenneset restaurant pride itself in first-class food combined with an authentic atmosphere. Enjoy light summer evenings with a glass of wine in historical surroundings or make an evening of it and enjoy a four-course meal prepared with only the finest ingredients for a culinary experience to be remembered. Location: Stenneset, Mo i Rana.  

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 - Photo: Erlend Haarberg
 - Photo: Fabrice Milochau
 - Photo: Ellenstuen
 - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life
 - Photo: Rølf Ørjan Høgseth
 - Photo: Cato A. Krykken og Jan Robert Johnsen

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Tasting the catch of crabs in Helgeland in Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic life/www.visitnorway.com

Eating in Helgeland

Helgeland's culinary traditions span fish and seafood, bread, cakes, dairy products and meat. Here are a few places where you can try the local fare.

Eating in Helgeland

Source: Visitnorway


Eating along Kystriksveien

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