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Killer whales in Lofoten, Norway - Photo: CH-www.visitnorway.com
Killer whales in Lofoten, Norway Photo: CH-www.visitnorway.com

What to do in Lofoten

Explore Lofoten by foot, go rafting in the Trollfjord and visit Lofotr Viking Museum. Taste stockfish and be amazed by the midnight sun.

Join nature safaris

Every autumn the herring and killer whales swim up the Tysfjord and Vestfjord to spend the winter here. From mid-October until mid-January, nature safaris set out from Lofoten in large passenger boats and rubber dinghies to look for the killer whales, sea eagles and to explore the wildlife in Lofoten.

See the northern lights

Lofoten is one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights. Mostly bacause of the mild winter climate and the auroral oval crossing Lofoten. For lectures and more information about the northern lights, visit the Polarlightcenter in Laukvik. To make your chance to see the aurora optimal, you can receive an SMS warning when it appears on the sky.

Travel back in time at Lofotr Viking Museum

Experience the Viking Age as it really was. At Borg, archaeologists have discovered the largest house ever found from this era. It is the house of one of the most powerful chieftains in Northern Norway. The building is 83 metres long and has been reconstructed as a living museum with findings, reconstructions, exhibitions and domestic animals.

Go fishing

Come out to sea and try your luck at fishing. Experience the atmosphere and the excitement at the fishing area. One thing is certain; you will not be bored with the scenery while you are waiting for the fish to bite. Every winter, hundreds of people travel to Lofoten to see who gets the most and the largest arctic cod in the World Championship in cod fishing.

Watch a video from Lofoten:

Try tasty stockfisch

One of the most important culture heritage of Lofoten is the famous stockfish. Stockfisch is made from spawning cod, and is often the base product in many of the food dishes served in restaurants in Lofoten. If you want to try stockfish, visit for example the restaurant Børsen Spiseri in Svolvær.   

Play golf

The proximity to the ocean, the jagged Lofoten Mountains and the ever shifting arctic light make the Lofoten Golf Links course at Hov more than just a round of golf. Few, if any, golf courses offer such a combination of golf and magnificent scenic surroundings. Try golfing under the midnight sun - from mid-May to early August you can play golf all day and all night. You can play 144 holes in 24 hours - if you can manage to stay awake, that is.

Enjoy hiking and biking

Cycling in Lofoten offers unique experiences. With clothing suited to the conditions and good equipment, Lofoten can be comfortably enjoyed not just in the busiest weeks of summer. Lofoten is in general easy cycling country; however the roads can be pretty crowded with cars, caravans and mobile homes during the height of summer. The hiking trails in Lofoten promote all kinds of activities and wonderful experiences in varied and exciting nature.

Get your heart pumping - go rafting

The open sea, steep mountains, narrow straits and luscious islets. Changing light and crystal-clear water. An experience you will never forget. The rubber dinghies are extremely robust and will carry you to new adventures.

Go kayaking

Follow the British newspaper The Guardian's advice and go kayaking in Lofoten. The Guardian has Lofoten on its list over top ten sea kayaking destinations.

- The ultimate experience is the Lofoten Islands. This is a mountainous archipelago with deep blue shimmering seas where kayaking trips can be combined with climbing and mountaineering. Wilderness is just around the corner yet civilisation is reassuringly close at hand, writes The Guardian.

Experience nature and the animal kingdom from the surface of the ocean. You cannot get closer to the ocean and the seals. A kayak gives you the opportunity to move around at your own tempo, and it is an excellent way to relax. 

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Last updated:  2013-04-23
Play golf under the midnight sun at Lofoten Golf Links, Norway - Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik
Play golf under the midnight sun at Lofoten Golf Links, Norway
Kayaking in Lofoten, Norway - Photo: Casper Tybjerg
Kayaking in Lofoten, Norway

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Killer whales in Lofoten, Norway - Photo: CH-www.visitnorway.com

What to do in Lofoten

Explore Lofoten by foot, go rafting in the Trollfjord and visit Lofotr Viking Museum. Taste stockfish and be amazed by the midnight sun.

What to do in Lofoten

Source: Visitnorway

Scenic attractions in Lofoten

Experience the bird rocks outside the island of Røst and the cosy fishing village in Nusfjord.

Lofoten Islands 360 panorama SkyCam

Get a bird's eye view of the Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway, including Reine, Henningsvær and Svolvær, with these amazing 360 panorama photos.

Lofoten National Tourist Route

Discover the beauty of the Lofoten Islands, anchored above the Arctic Circle, by driving from Raftsundet to Å - one of Norway's most scenic routes.

About Lofoten

Tourist information in Lofoten

There are several tourist information offices in Lofoten. Some of them are closed during winter.

Key facts about Lofoten

Lofoten consists of seven main islands with 24,000 inhabitants.


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