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Rorbu, Lofoten - Nordland, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/IN/Nordland Reiseliv
Rorbu, Lofoten - Nordland, Norway Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/IN/Nordland Reiseliv

Where to stay in Nordland

You have a wide spectrum of accommodation to choose from in Nordland – from authentic fishermen's cabins to exclusive hotels.

Fishermen's cabins

Originally built as accommodation for visiting fishermen during the fisheries of Lofotenfishermen's cabins, or "rorbus" as they are known as in Norway, are today immensely popular both amongst Norwegian and foreign holidaymakers. You are advised to book well in advance, especially if you are coming to Nordland in July and August.

Wharf houses

Traditionally the wharf houses had production and storage areas on the ground floor, whilst the upper floors were used as lodgings for the fishermen. Many of the wharf houses have now been renovated and are used as accommodation for tourists.

They normally have a common living room, kitchen and sanitary facilities. In some wharf houses, visitors share kitchens and common rooms.

Today, the term wharf house ("sjøhus") is also used to describe accommodation units that may be quite new. What they have in common with the older ones, is the fact that they are close to the sea and often have architectural features that reflect former building traditions.


There are a number of camp sites in Nordland. Most of them are small-scale, and you can find many sites of high standard and with a range of activities. Several camp sites have facilities for emptying caravan and campervan toilets.


Most of the towns and larger villages in Nordland have hotels. Here are some recommended hotels:

  • Edvardas House, Hamarøy
    A small hotel in the realm of Knut Hamsun, Evardas House offers holiday happiness beside the sea. There is beauty inside too – in the food, library and rooms. You will find neither TV nor background music there, only tranquillity and attentiveness. The hotel consists of two carefully restored buildings from the beginning of the last century. They are called Edvardas Hus (Evarda’s House) and Edvardas Søster (Edvarda’s Sister) and are about 200 metres apart. The former building was originally a bank built in 1924, and the latter was built as a merchant’s residence in 1913. The restoration work has received acknowledgment in the form of the Nordland County Award for the Protection of Cultural Values and the Olav’s Rose from The Norwegian Cultural Heritage Foundation.
  • Landegode Lighthouse, outside Bodø
    Landegode Lighthouse is situated on the island of Landegode, just off the coast of Bodø. The station includes a 29-metre tall cast iron tower. The other buildings are gathered closely together around the lighthouse tower and include a machine house, residences, outhouse and a former blacksmith’s. From the lighthouse you can see Bodø, Kjerringøy, Steigen, Hamarøy, the Lofoten Islands, Helligvær and Karlsøyvær. Landegode Lighthouse has become a great success since Skagen Hotel turned it into an adventure centre in 1994. Here you can gather strength, build team spirit, enjoy magnificent scenery and take part in fun activities. In association with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Landegode Lighthouse has maintained the buildings as they once were and given them back their original colours.
  • Fru Haugans Hotel, Mosjøen
    For over 200 years, hospitality and service have been the very object of Fru Haugans Hotel. You can literally feel tradition and history when you visit Northern Norway’s oldest hotel. 
  • The Sexton’s Residence, Rødøya
    Just north of the Arctic Circle lies the charming island of Rødøya. Here you will find the Sexton’s Residence (Klokkergården), previously one of the first boarding schools in the borough. It was built in 1906.
  • Klokkergården, Rødøya
    After many years of use and many years of subsequent decay, the building was completely restored in 1997 and has maintained much of its distinctive quality. Solid timber walls, beams in the ceiling and historical furnishings help to create the pleasant atmosphere inside. Tasty, traditional fare is served inside, and the premises are fully licensed. You can choose between self-catering or full board.

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Last updated:  2012-12-19
Fru Haugans Hotel, Mosjøen in Nordland - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Nordland Reiseliv
Fru Haugans Hotel, Mosjøen in Nordland
Vega Havhotell, Vega in Nordland - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life/Nordland Reiseliv
Vega Havhotell, Vega in Nordland
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Rorbu, Lofoten - Nordland, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life AS/IN/Nordland Reiseliv

Where to stay in Nordland

You have a wide spectrum of accommodation to choose from in Nordland – from authentic fishermen's cabins to exclusive hotels.

Where to stay in Nordland

Source: Visitnorway

Where to stay in Helgeland

Stay in a traditional Norwegian fisherman's cabin, in an authentic small hotel on the coast or in a historic hotel in Mosjøen or Mo i Rana.

Where to stay

Stay in a historic hotel or in a remote fishermen's cabin along Kystriksveien. But whatever type of accommodation you choose, book well in advance.

Where to stay in Lofoten

Lofoten is known for the old fishermen's cabins ("rorbuer") that have been restored and turned into modern accommodation for travellers.

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About Nordland


Nordland is known for wildlife safaris and stunning scenery. National Geographic Traveller has rated Lofoten among the best islands in the world.

Key facts about Helgeland

Helgeland is a large and majestic region covering 18,000 square kilometers in the southern part of the county of Nordland.



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