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Winter in Henningsvær in Lofoten, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke /Nordic Life/Nordland Reiseliv
Winter in Henningsvær in Lofoten, Norway Photo: Terje Rakke /Nordic Life/Nordland Reiseliv

Winter in Nordland

See the northern lights, join a killer whale safari, experience the Lofoten Fishery or go skiing in Narvik.

Killer whale safaris

Amid the season of polar nights, a fascinating natural phenomenon takes place in Nordland. The herring come here to spawn, and the killer whales come to enjoy a feast of herring.

You too can become part of this natural phenomenon as you study these enormous creatures, which weigh several tonnes, at close quarters. A killer whale safari is a safe affair.

The Lonely Planet Blue List 2007, recommends seasoned travellers, who are on the lookout for new experiences, to try swimming with killer whales.

The Lofoten Fishery

In winter, one of the world’s greatest seasonal fisheries takes place in Lofoten. From their feeding grounds in the Barents Sea, millions of cod come down to the Lofoten Islands on an exodus to the spawning grounds, intent on ensuring the survival of the species. It is teeming with life on land, too, and in late March the World Cod Fishing Championship is arranged in Lofoten.

The greatest adventure is simply being in Lofoten at this time of year. See the fish being hung out to dry on the racks, enjoy life on the quayside in the fishing villages, eat cod, and have a chat with local fishermen at one of the taverns. Sunshine at breakfast, storm at dinnertime and dead calm at suppertime. See the light and colours in Lofoten.

Skiing – rough and tough fun

The snow-covered mountains along one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines are not merely a pleasing background. They are available for winter activities for large parts of the year. You can go skiing across the mountains and still have a view far out to sea.

If you like to explore the snow off the beaten track, you will easily find suitable areas for this all over Nordland. The great mountain regions offer a wealth of opportunity for mountain skiing and the use of snowshoes, but only a few trails are marked during the winter. Most towns, however, have well-prepared, illuminated cross-country tracks.

Experience arctic delights in Narvik. When skiing from the fjord up into the mountains, you have a unique opportunity of skiing in both Norway and Sweden. The area provides you with access to 18 ski lifts and 75 slopes.

There are two alpine ski lifts in Lofoten and the archipelago is like an eldorado for those who enjoy Telemark skiing and ski mountaineering. Have you tried a trip into the mountains beneath the magnificent northern lights or when the sun is barely flirting with the horizon?

The skiing season in Nordland normally lasts from November to May.

Snowmobile safaris

A snowmobile safari in the Sulisfjellene Mountains is an action packed adventure across snow-covered mountain plains outside the city of Bodø. The guides will fit you up with warm clothing and help you focus on safety. Why not combine the adventure with an overnight stay and a spa session at Sulitjelma Hotell?

Sea safaris

The rubber dinghies used are extremely seaworthy and will take you to new heights. Sea eagles at close quarters. There are now quite many companies in Nordland offering boat trips with so-called RIBs, large open and swift rubber dinghies with room for approximately ten passengers.


The following providers offer exciting adventures in Nordland in wintertime:

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Last updated:  2012-12-19
Stockfish production in Lofoten, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke /Nordic Life/Nordland Reiseliv
Stockfish production in Lofoten, Norway
Go on a killer whale safari in Nordland, Norway - Photo: Orca Tysfjord/Lofoten Winter
Go on a killer whale safari in Nordland, Norway
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Winter in Henningsvær in Lofoten, Norway - Photo: Terje Rakke /Nordic Life/Nordland Reiseliv

Winter in Nordland

See the northern lights, join a killer whale safari, experience the Lofoten Fishery or go skiing in Narvik.

Winter in Nordland

Source: Visitnorway

What to do in Nordland

Choose a whale safari in Vesterålen or a sea eagle safari in Lofoten when you are in Nordland.

Winter in Lofoten

If you want to experience the genuine atmosphere of the many fishing villages, you should visit Lofoten outside of the hectic summer season.

Eagle safari

"Of all the things I get to experience, I think this is the big one," says Norway host David Spinx, out to meet sea eagles in the Lofoten Islands.

Winter activities in Bodø

Few Norwegian towns and cities are so close to the wilderness as Bodø. Here winter activities under the northern lights are right on your doorstep.

About Nordland


Nordland is known for wildlife safaris and stunning scenery. National Geographic Traveller has rated Lofoten among the best islands in the world.

Key facts about Helgeland

Helgeland is a large and majestic region covering 18,000 square kilometers in the southern part of the county of Nordland.


Join a nature adventure with M/S Ylajali

Go whale watching, join an adventure of skiing and sailing in the Lofoten islands, or hunt for the northern lights on board a sailing yacht.

After ski and sea in Lofoten

Join an action-packed trip in the Lofoten where RIB-safari, summit skiing, deep sea fishing and culinary experiences are all part of the experience.

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