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Midnight sun in Kaldfjord, Norway - Photo: Destinasjon Tromsø
Midnight sun in Kaldfjord, Norway Photo: Destinasjon Tromsø

Key facts about Troms

Archipelagos, fjords and mountains create the frame for the county of Troms with added colour from the midnight sun and northern lights.


Troms has a varied coastline. Norway's two largest islands are located here, while the fjords virtually cut into the landscape. Mountains rise wildly and inaccessibly directly from the sea into the sky and are alluring for keen mountain hikers. Rivers and streams flow down the mountainsides and continue through expansive agricultural areas. Troms' many watercourses are ideal for exciting fishing and paddling experiences.


The eldest traces of human settlement in Troms are more than 10,000 years old and originate from a nomadic culture. Troms is also home to the world's northernmost traces from the Viking era.

The rich maritime resources combined with agriculture, created the basis for the first permanent settlement in Troms. The indigenous Saami population has always utilised the coast as summer grazing areas for their reindeer herds and the border areas with Sweden and Finland as winter grazing areas.

The interior of Troms was settled by farmers from places such as the Gudbrandsdalen Valley who took their culture northwards. The Kvens, people of Finnish stock, also settled in the county and their building style and culture is visible in several places.

The City of Tromsø has always been a starting point for polar expeditions and the world's northernmost university gives it an even more international flavour.


The county of Troms has a population of 154,642 and includes three cities/towns. The largest city is Tromsø with a population of 65,286, followed by Harstad with 23,105 inhabitants and Finnsnes with 11,160 inhabitants. The county's 22 municipalities contain many villages and smaller settlements.

Midnight sun
Experience the magical midnight sun in for example Tromsø where it is visible from 20 May to 22 July.

Polar nights
In Tromsø the polar nights are between 20 November and 21 January.

Northern lights
The flickering majestic lights of the northern lights can usually be seen in Troms from September until the beginning of April.

The weather in Troms is influenced by the Gulf stream creating mild, snowy winters along the coastline, with temperatures hovering around 26.6 to 42.8 degrees Fahrenheit. In the inland areas temperatures occasionally drop below -22 degrees Fahrenheit, although the dry air makes it less no colder than 23 degrees Fahrenheit whilst inland areas can get up to minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit but dry.

Summer temperatures vary from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to well over 68 degrees Fahrenheit and make the area very fruitful.

Average temperatures in degrees Fahrenheit

  Harstad Tromsø
January 26.9 24.1
February 27.3 24.4
March 29.8 27.1
April 35.2 35.2
May 43.2 40.6
June 49.8 48,3
July 54.1 53.2
August 53.4 51.4
September 46.6 44.1
October 39.7 36.9
November 32.9 30
December 28.6 26.1

Recommended clothing

Summer: We recommend a mix of warm and light clothing. Wind and water-proof clothing is necessary. Good trainers/hiking boots provide the possibility to explore the countryside.

Winter: Woollen underwear or similar, fleece or wool clothing and a wind and water-proof outer layer. Do not forget gloves or mittens, a woollen hat and scarf. Winter shoes or boots, preferably lined with thin woollen socks (two pairs if there is space).

Last updated:  2012-12-05
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Midnight sun in Kaldfjord, Norway - Photo: Destination Tromsø

Key facts about Troms

Archipelagos, fjords and mountains create the frame for the county of Troms with added colour from the midnight sun and northern lights.

Key facts about Troms

Source: Visitnorway

About Troms

Tourist Information in Troms

Troms Reiseliv runs a year-round tourist information office for Troms County.

Key facts about Harstad

Harstad is a charming town with 23,000 inhabitants. It is an important meeting place for the region's population.

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