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Skrei fishing in April, Troms in Norway - Photo: Troms Explorer
Skrei fishing in April, Troms in Norway Photo: Troms Explorer

Fishing in Troms

There are fish to be caught all year around. Cod fishing is at its best in winter time. Try Senja for a special fishing experience.

Cod is the main catch, but colefish, halibut, redfish, haddock, catfish, wolf fish and monk fish are other species to catch. 

Migrating fish 

There are good salmon rivers in Troms. Sea char and sea trout are also highly praised.

Non-migrating fish

Char is the most widespread fresh water fish, and is found in lakes all over Troms. Trout is also found in many lakes. Pike, perch, grayling, whitefish and burbot are found in some inland lakes and rivers, but are considerably less widespread.


In April 2008 one man caught a halibut of 194 kilos with a fishing rod.
The biggest salmon caught in Målselva was 23 kilos.


It is easier to catch fish in winter, especially when the Norwegian Arctic Cod migrates down the coast to spawn in January to April. Short winter days, however, make most fish enthusiasts prefer the period March to October.

Fishermen usually prefer the summer season, when you can make use of midnight sun. The salmon migrate in July. Autumn is excellent for fishing in lakes. Warm clothes and patience are required for ice fishing in winter, an activity with many addicts.

Guided tours

Winter fishing is recommended with a guide. Some of the bigger resorts offer guided fishing trips for groups.

During the summer season there are regular fishing trips every day from Tromsø and Harstad.

Boat and equipment rental

Most accommodations along the coast offer boat rental. The resorts that specialise on fishing tours usually have some fishing equipment.

Fishing license

In Troms, the same rules apply as in the rest of Norway. Salt water fishing does not require a license.

Fishing licences are required to fish in freshwater in Norway. Numerous fishing rights and traditions are involved in freshwater fishing, so the rules may seem a bit complicated at first. However, local fishing licences can usually be bought at the nearest shop, camping ground, petrol station or post office.

For fishing char, trout and salmon migrating from the sea into rivers, you are required to purchase a National Fishing Licence, which can be bought online at miljodirektoratet.no.

The inland areas have mostly publicly owned lakes are rivers, whereas in the coastal areas most waters are private. Only for the most sought-after salmon rivers should you pre arrange fish licenses, all other licenses are best bought when in Troms.

The following three shops sell fish licenses to many lakes and rivers across Troms, private and public, sell gear and inform well:

  • Andresens Vaabenforretning  Storgata 53, N-9008 Tromsø. Phone: +47 77 68 24 03
  • Parabolflua, Storgata 2, N-9405 Harstad. Phone: +47 77 06 50 22
  • Inter Sport Finnsnes, Bernhard Lunds vei 5, N-9300 Finnsnes. Phone: +47 77 84 09 59

Suggested places for organised fishing 

Mefjord Brygge

Mefjord Brygge lies in Mefjordvær on the west side of Norway's second largest island Senja, and next to some of the richest fishing fields in Norway. 

Getting to Mefjord Brygge
Location: 240 kilometres to Tromsø city and Tromsø airport, and 130 kilometres to Bardufoss airport. Mefjord Brygge offers transfer or a combination with boat and bus gets you to Mefjord Brygge.

Cod, Saite, Tusk, Ling, Halibut, Redfish, Angler Fish, Wolf Fish, and Haddock are the among the fish species available.

Some of the records are: Redfish 12 kilos, Cod 29 kilos, Atlantic Halibut 97 kilos, Catfish 7 kilos, Saite 12 kilos.

The fishing season is from 1 April to 1 October. Fishing in March is available on request only. March and April is when the season for lots of fish and the biggest, mainly arctic cod, but also other kinds of fish. Most of the catch is over 10 kilos. Mai, June and July is the season for different fish like Cod, Saite, Tusk, Ling, Atlantic Halibut, Redfish, Angler Fish, Wolf Fish, and Haddock. August and September is the time for the big saite and all the other kinds that is available in early summer.

Accommodation is possible in two houses with room for eight people, four cabins with room for six people, and two small cabins with room for two people. Mefjord Brygge has a gutting room with freezer room for the catch. The restaurant has a maritime atmosphere.

Sauna with a relax area and a hot tub and a barbeque cabin are among the possibilities.

Guided tours
Mefjord Brygge offers guided fishing trips on request.

Boat and equipment rental
Our boats are 19” and have a 50 horse power engine. The boats are also equipped with fish finder, GPS and chart plotter.

Rules and regulations
Salt water fishing does not require a license. Each fisherman is allowed to take 15 kilos of filet out of Norway.

Malangen Brygger

Malangen Brygger is a new resort located in Malangen in Northern Norway, about 65 kilometres from Tromsø airport. The Malangen Fjord is known as a rich fjord where you can catch big fish.

Getting to Malangen Brygger
Take a plane to Tromso Airport. On the airport you can rent a car or use our transfer bus (on request).

Different kind of fish
Cod, coalfish, haddock, halibut, wolf fish, herring and salmon

Catching record
Halibut 80 kilos catch in June 2008 and one cod on 19 kilos in September 2007.

The whole year, but the best part is from March to October

Luxury fishermen's cabins (Rorbu), three bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom. Restaurant and SPA will open in March 2010.

Other activities
Hiking, biking, downhill (off piste), cross country skiing, dog sledging, inland fishing, sauna and hot tubs. 

19 fot Kvernø Boats with 60 HP, four stroke / echosounder / GPS / chartplotter.  NOK 6.000,-  per week and NOK 1.700,- per day.

General Norwegian regulations 

Hamn i Senja

Apartments, rooms, suites
Hamn i Senja is a comfortable resort offering modern facilities in a maritime atmosphere. Each bedroom has it's own bathroom. Fully equipped apartments for four to six persons in double room

  • Rooms with bath
  • Suites for three persons with mini-kitchen
  • Large suites for two persons with bathroom, fully equipped kitchen and a living room


  • Full pension or self service
  • Outdoor hot tub
  • Lighthouse with panoramic view
  • Freezers both in apartments and separate, gutting facilities, packing/boxes

Boat for hire

  • Boats from 15 feet
  • GPS/echo sounder
  • Deep sea fishing gear is available
  • Bigger boats with skipper can be ordered on request

Species and recommended seasons
Arctic cod - The best time to catch the biggest arctic cod is January to April. The arctic cod, ready to spawn, gradually makes it's way closer to the coast of Senja in the beginning of the year, before it ends up in the fjords.

Other common species outside Senja:

  • Halibut – May to September/October, three to five nautic miles outside the coast. Fishing with handoperated fishing reel trolling line and longline.
  • Saithe – June to October. Comes all the way into the coast looking for bait. Fishing with handoperated fishing reel, deep sea fishing gear.
  • Haddock – July to October/November. You find it in the fjord and out in deep holes outside the coast. Fishing with handoperated fishing reel.
  • Catfish – May to September. Comes into the fjords during summertime to eat sea urchin. Fishing with longline.
  • Cod – all year. Three to five nautic miles outside the coast. Fishing with handoperated fishing reel, deep sea fishing gear.

Freshwater fishing
Fishing license/tours, to fish in lakes for trout and salmon, can be organised from Hamn, with or without guide.

How to get there/travel time

  • Oslo Airport Gardermoen to Bardufoss Airport and Hamn: 3,5 hours by plane and car/bus.  
  • Tromsø City/airport– Hamn: Three hours by car/bus, two hours by the fast ferry and car/bus.
  • Tromsø to Finnsnes by fast ferry : 1 hour 20 min
  • Car/bus from Finnsnes – 40 minutes
  • Hamn i Senja can arrange transfer
Last updated:  2013-08-14
Cod fishing in Mefjord, Norway - Photo: Mefjord Brygge
Cod fishing in Mefjord, Norway
A big halibut catch, Troms in Norway - Photo: Ole Ovesen
A big halibut catch, Troms in Norway
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Skrei fishing in April, Troms in Norway - Photo: Troms Explorer

Fishing in Troms

There are fish to be caught all year around. Cod fishing is at its best in winter time. Try Senja for a special fishing experience.

Fishing in Troms

Source: Visitnorway


Winter activities in Troms

Winters in Troms feature blue light, northern lights and white snow.

What to do in Troms

Nature plays an important role in many of the activities which are on offer in Troms.

What to do in Tromsø

Run in the midnight sun or play a round of golf on the world's northernmost course. Hike, paddle or fish in spectacular Arctic scenery.

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Tourist Information in Troms

Troms Reiseliv runs a year-round tourist information office for Troms County.

Key facts about Troms

Archipelagos, fjords and mountains create the frame for the county of Troms with added colour from the midnight sun and northern lights.

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